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Why Sanum - PleoSanum-Pleomorphic Remedies?

Cross reference of Sanum and PleoSanum names


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Sanum - PleoSanum-Pleomorphic Remedies?

Known in the US under the trade name PleoSanum (Pleomorphic Products Inc.), Sanum homeopathic isopathic and immunomodulator remedies have been used by European healthcare practitioners for decades with great success.

Pleomorphism rests on the idea that every warm-blooded organism houses a primal plant germ, which can change in form through environmental influences. Allopathic medicine rests on monomorphism which assigns only a single form and function to microorganisms and does not recognize cyclic developmental changes. Thus pleomorphists believe in the fundamental mutability of form in microorganisms and that microorganisms can abruptly change from an avirulent benign form into a potentially virulent, i.e. pathogenic, form.

  • Isopathics: these are the original isopathic remedies -later called Sanum/PleoSanum remedies - developed by the German scientist Professor Dr. GŁnther Enderlein and produced by Sanum Kehlbeck in Germany. They are able to regulate all nonspecific, general symptoms that pertain to the Endobiosis complex, based on the knowledge of the mutability of microbial forms and the fact of the biological, and essential for life symbiosis between the mammal organism and the Endobiont.
  • Immunomodulators: these Sanum/PleoSanum bacterial preparations raise the immune system's capacity for response through their nonspecific stimulation. Haptens: this newly developed product series of Sanum/PleoSanum SANUKEHL preparations is based on a special production process, in which the polysaccharides of micro-organisms are extracted. The Sanum/PleoSanum SANUKEHLs act as 'antigen absorbers', and they are therefore able to bind pathogen antigens and toxins.

It is the purpose of this website to inform about the use of Sanum/PleoSanum isopathic / homeopathic medicines for a wide range of health problems. However, conditions can be highly unpredictable, and the best possible expertise should always be consulted. The authors and the publishers accept no liability for any claims arising from the use of any remedy or strategy discussed here.

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