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Help for "Fall and Cat Allergies"

Hi Dr. Z,
Eight or so years ago I had severe fall allergies and allergies to cats. My homeopath prescribed Pleo Rec and Pleo Rub. I was told to take these two remedies every day and I would no longer have these allergies. I used Pleo Rec and Pleo Rub for almost a year and I didn't have these allergies for seven years.

I have recently noticed some fall allergies as well as some allergy to cats again. Thank you for having these two remedies available. I will once again follow the protocol so that I can be allergy free.

Susi T, Texas

Louise's Experience with Flu Nosode Drops

Dear Dr. Z

I began using Flu Nosode drops about 8 years ago, when a friend recommended it to me when I began experiencing flu symptoms. I was on my way to pick up a bottle she had purchased for me from her Naturopath, and was feeling nauseous, achy and feverish, as well and having a sore throat, stuffy nose, and a woozy headache. I was quite sure I was getting the flu which was rampant in the community, and didn't know if the Flu Nosode would help, but took my first dose immediately in the car.

This really happened! As soon as I took the dose I took a breath and all the symptoms disappeared. My physical body is quite sensitive, and responds well to appropriate measures, but this was pretty impressive. My nose cleared, along with the headache, sore throat was gone and i felt much better. I dosed myself frequently as directed for several days and did not get the flu.

Since then I have taken Flu Nosode drops every year, beginning around October when seasonal illnesses seem to start appearing, and use it through the winter until the season is over. I take it as directed, more frequently when the flu appears more prevalent and I am in public, and have not gotten sick.

I have remained healthy even when being around many other people who were ill, and I have not had a flu shot since discovering the Flu Nosode.

I have recommended it to a number of friends who are also impressed with its effectiveness in helping to prevent the flu.

Thank you for making it available,

Louise S. in California


"Gentle" Help for Glaucoma

A couple years ago, I was told I was in beginning stages of the high-pressure eye disease, glaucoma. My ophthalmologist was ready to place me on a heavy standard eye treatment that has many side-effects.

My family medical doctor recommended your Pleo Muc Eye Drops 5X homeopathic remedy instead. I use it twice a day. All of my subsequent eye exams have shown that I have no further signs of glaucoma or any abnormal pressure in the eye.

I have never been more happy to find such a wonderful gentle treatment in my life. Thank you for being there and helping me protect my vision.

Dale in Nevada


Help for optic neuritis, dry eyes, flashing, distorted vision and blurriness

I am writing this testimony not only as a courtesy to Dr. Z, but also to create awareness for someone struggling with their eyes.

My story begins eleven years ago when I was diagnosed with optic neuritis. This left me with damage to my optic nerve. I was told by the doctors that nothing could be done to treat or prevent this condition. Well in the past eleven years I have dealt with optic neuritis a total of four times, two occurrences in each eye.

In addition to optic neuritis I have also experienced dryness, flashing, distorted vision and blurriness. Finally in 2013 my prayers were answered by God leading me to an amazing natural practitioner that introduced me to the Pleo Muc Eye Drops 5X.

After a year of using them my eyes have none of the symptoms I was previously suffering from especially no more episodes of optic neuritis. These eye drops are truly incredible and not only help your eyes but your overall body and I would recommend them to anyone.


Donna in Colorado


A heart-felt note from Patricia

And I want you to hear this....thank you!!!! very best to you dear Dr./friend....for all you have done for me in the past and all you do now, for us all.......

Patricia in New Mexico

At last Help for Dry and Painful Eyes -> Pleo Muc Eye Drops

For the past several years I have been dealing with dry and painful eyes. I have used every otc eye drops and ointments that have been available to buy. I found that they had to preservative free, but still they did not cure or solve the problem of my painful eyes.

The past few months I have been going to an eye doctor who said my eyeballs were extremely dry. I have used several steroid drops and creams, which all were painful to use. I also used restarts, which was very painful to my eyes and also caused my eyes to be very bloodshot.

I read a testimonial of someone who sounded so much like she had been through all the pain I had gone through with my eyes for the past several years. She said she used Pleo Muc Eye Drops 5X.

Although I was skeptical, I was also hopeful. I ordered the drops from like she said.

*** The first day I put the Pleo Muc Eye Drops in my eyes about every hour and by that afternoon my eyes felt like normal eyes for the first time in several years. I know God led me to use those drops and I am so thankful to feel normal again.

Thank you, Dr Z for offering a solution for my eye problems - after many doctors had told me that there was no cure.

Jane G, Alabama

A nA number of years ago, my eyes started to become very dry.  It got to the point where I was putting store bought eye drops in about every five minutes just to keep my eyes open.  When closed I had to use drops to get them open again.  I was a mess.  

I decided to go to an Eye Care Specialist and figured this would be the answer to my problem, wrong!  Everything they told me to do and what to buy to alleviate my dry eyes, didn't work. 

I then contacted a Nutritionist and he's the one that told me to get the Pleo Muc Eye Drops made in Germany.

*** Within a period of two months, my eyes improved dramatically.  I continued to use the drops for years to follow with great success.  I can  close and open my eyes with ease.  They no longer dry out during the day when I have them open most of the time.  And then to my surprise, they stopped selling the eye drops.  That is when I went on the Internet and found Dr. Z. who sells them at the present time.  As of now, my eyes are perfect but I don't want to stop using the Pleo Muc Eye Drops with the thought that the dry eye could come back again.  It's just not worth taking the chance.

Dolores D., Wisconsin

ores Dettmann

Help for recurring Pneumonia and Colds -> Pleo Not and Pleo Quent

Dear Dr Z:

First let me tell you about our special needs daughter. Her name is Ashlee and she has Rett Syndrome which is a rare chromosome disorder.

Her immune system was non-existent. Every cold or virus which she came close to she would become very ill. She was hospitalized with pneumonia several times. She is nonverbal which makes her understanding limited. This makes her a perfect "Test Person" because she is totally unbiased about results from medication of any kind.

When she was younger, the doctors' gave her life expectancy would be less than age 13. She will celebrate her 20th birthday next month.

When she was approximately 7, we found a naturopathic doctor which gave her homeopathic remedies, namely Pleo Not Suppositories and Pleo Quent Suppositories. Prior to these remedies, Ashlee was very ill.

Before she starts school every fall, we put Ashlee on these suppositories for 2 weeks. Then every day she gets at least one suppository.

Since we started this regimen, Ashlee has not been hospitalized for pneumonia and she has not had a bad cold for at least 4 years.

These suppositories truly have been a miracle for her. We feel we owe her health and her life to these suppositories. Thank You!!

Bonnie F, Utah


Help with Glaucoma and Cataracts -> Pleo Muc Eye Drops

I had an intensive eye exam today and everything is OK again.
Eye pressure back down to normal (18 in both eyes, down from 25 6 months ago).
Eye nerve looks very healthy and no sign of glaucoma and my vision for distance is still 20/20. Of course, I use reading glasses. Normal for 74.

Also my mild cataracts have not gotten worse over the past 7 years since first diagnosed, and I strongly believe this has to do because I use the Pleo Muc Eye Drops faithfully every day for years now.

Karin J, Virginia


Weight Loss Help

I found myself last summer, not overweight, but wanting to lose the 5 to 10 pounds I had put on over the winter months. I was eating very little and working out rigorously, but still not losing those stubborn pounds.

I was aware that Thorne Research had come out with new weight loss support supplements and decided to try them. My starting weight was 124 lbs. At the beginning of August I started taking Appestacin and Satiecin. After muscle testing with Dr. Z showed I needed Iodine & Tyrosine, I started taking that as well. I have lived inland for decades and only use sea salt that has no iodine added.

I lost a few pounds and noticed my cravings for carbohydrate foods were diminished. I started having the VegaLite protein powder for lunch. It was satisfying and kept me going until dinner.

I continued losing weight slowly, even over the holiday season, and by early January had lost 12 pounds.

It is now the middle of February, and I have maintained my new weight, even though I usually gain weight this time of year. I am still mostly using the VegaLite for lunch, and at dinner I take my time eating a very low carbohydrate dinner, enjoying conversation with my family between bites.

It is now Feb. I am down to 112 pounds and have stayed there for over a month. This never happens for me in the winter months…I usually put weight on as I crave the carbs in the colder months. But this year is different!

I continue to take the Appestacin, Satiecin, and Iodine & Tyrosine on a regular basis and work out at least three times a week at the gym and walk in between.

I feel great; I look great, thanks Dr. Z for your Weight Loss Express!

Victoria, North Idaho


Hi Dr. Z,

I ordered the ADD/ADHD formula for my 15 year old son as we discussed on our call. It has now been 3 weeks on the remedy and it is a true miracle.

He has drastically improved in so many areas its truly amazing.

The school the he is attending even made comments about his performance in school and behavior, he is doing so well....

Thank you so much!!!

Jonnette, California

Help with Long-Standing Asthma

"I have had asthma since the age of 5, intermittently, throughout my life.  It exacerbated this year, to the point that I had to use an inhalator, which would leave me feeling hungover and depressed each morning.  

Thus, it was a great blessing to purchase Dr. Z's 'Personal Portable Oxygen Bar', and be free of the necessity to use medication

I no longer feel 'drugged'; rather, more energized, able to exercise, and breathe more freely.  It was money well spent!  

I also appreciate the supportive customer service offered by Dr. Z and his wife Victoria, to get my health back on track.  He has a way of making seemingly complex medical issues simple and easy to understand."

Robert H., New Mexico


Leah ... feels almost Human - 5 Days into the Program

Hi Dr. Z

Well I have been on the the Four Week Health Express - cleanse for 5 days.  I am/was a smoker/drinker/midnight toker and I have done none of that business this past week with no craving what so ever, surprisingly.  I wake up for work at 6:30am M-F and didn't go to bed before midnight always.  My eyes have been closed before 11pm all week.  I am almost starting to feel human.

I do like reading the testimonials, I get so much from them.  I was going to comment on the amount of oil/butter in Mrs. Z's Candida Cookbook recipes.  It is way more than I am used to, but I read that high fat is part and parcel with the high protein diet.

My 11 year daughter has been enjoying the meals also which means I don't have to make more meals, which in a bonus.

I know the challenge has just begun.  I look forward to further results.

Thank you,

Leah, British Columbia



More Oxygen - Better Sleep and Less Stress

  Hope for Lyme Disease?

Hi Dr Z

Here's my story:

I spent a lot of time researching O2 machines before I finally found the right one on Dr. Z's website. My wife has advanced Lyme Disease and it has effected her brain by killing off cells in her frontal lobe region.

Oxygen can help rejuvenate the cells and have a positive effect on her recovery. That's the reason why I wanted the best unit available.

I decided to try the Personal Portable Oxygen Bar myself and I noticed how much better I sleep at night. With the stress of being a care giver, I have been having a problem with sleep.

Since I started using the Personal Portable Oxygen Bar I have been getting more sleep and my stress level is down. That's why I know my wife is also getting some positive help too. Unfortunately she can't talk but by using the Personal Portable Oxygen Bar I'm confident down the road she will be able to tell me herself.

It can only help you...

Russ S from New Hampshire

Oxygen, Your Brain and Your Blood Pressure

Hi Dr. Z,
I have been using my Personal Portable Oxygen Bar for several months now. I love it and am so glad I bought it. 

I wanted to write and tell you about my experience with it. I did not buy the Personal Portable Oxygen Bar to help my blood pressure but, was excited to find that it did drop points off the BP readings.

I am finding a higher level of constant available energy to use everyday.

My thinking is sharper and clearer.....less mental fatigue.

My skin is glowing and  soft.  All and all I have found my experience with the Personal Portable Oxygen Bar to be one of a great health benefit.
With deep appreciation,

Clara,  New York


Dr. Z's comments:

I'm so thrilled that Clara discovered this truth without knowing anything about the neurological mechanism. Good for her.

Your brain literally governs all functions, without exception. Your brain governs your

  • thinking
  • moods
  • movements
  • sense of balance
  • your hearing
  • your vision
  • your taste
  • your capacity to experience touch, etc.

Your brain also governs all automatic/autonomic functions such as your

  • digestion
  • breathing rate
  • heart rate

and of course your blood pressure.

When your brain doesn't work optimally, all human functions decline.

  • Your blood pressure goes up.

That's why, statistically speaking, your blood pressure tends to increase when you get older - why, because your brain function declines.

  • High blood pressure is NOT due to medication deficiency.

  • To lower your blood pressure you must make your brain work better.

Your brain, more than any other part of your body, must have adequate oxygen to function optimally.


Oxygen and Lyme Disease

As someone who has been struggling with chronic Lyme disease for about three years now, I have had ongoing difficulties with fatigue, chills, joint pains, and clogged sinuses, among other symptoms.

I purchased Dr. Z's Personal Portable Oxygen Bar a few months ago and have found it to be an incredibly helpful addition to my overall treatment plan, both because of the way in which using the oxygen bar helps strengthen and regulate the immune system, and because the Lyme disease bacteria doesn't seem to like extra oxygen. I still have a lot more work to do to put the Lyme disease into remission, but thankfully all of my symptoms have noticeably improved since I started using the portable oxygen bar.

I had previously tried other ways of taking in extra oxygen, including hydrogen peroxide IVs and a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, but I have found that Dr. Z's Personal Portable Oxygen Bar seems, at least for me, to be the safest, most convenient and affordable, and most effective method that I've tried. I use it daily while riding an exercise bike for 15-20 minutes, and I like the fact that it has also motivated me to exercise every day!

EK, Hoboken, NJ

Perseverance and Going-All-Out paid off big-time

Hi Dr. Z!

My name is Krista and I am 38 years old.  I believe that I have been suffering from Candida all of my life.  It has taken me this long to put all of the pieces together and get the help that I need, but I am on the road to recovery.  Dr. Z's instructions and products have been instrumental in my journey. 

Growing up, as far back in my earliest memories, I was sick.  I suffered from sore throats and often strep throat, ear infections, and an entire litany of strange illnesses.  I remember every family trip and vacation by which illness I had and how severe the strep throat was at that time.  I was given antibiotics routinely, sometimes even monthly as a child.  My illnesses continued into my teenage years, where the thrush, yeast infections and migraines came into play.  I had severe sinus infections and polyps form in my sinuses, which were removed a number of times by surgery and more antibiotics.  I was given every headache medication and/or shot that was available to try to control the migraines, but nothing seemed to help.  High school is a blur because of all of the drugs I was given. 

When I was eighteen, I was given a book called Fit For Life.  It more or less said that we should all follow vegetarian diets and live on fresh juices and foods.  I tried that at the time and actually began to feel a lot better.  I now know that this was not the best choice for me, but what it did was start me on the road to "natural living".  I was vegan for a year and had my first child at the tender age of twenty.  At that point, I started craving meat and went back to an animal based diet, but I kept reading and learning as much as I couuld about herbs, natural remedies and cleansing.  I had another child at the age of twenty-two and was determined not to give them antibiotics, as I had learned that they can cause many problems.  Over the years, I saw different doctors in the naturopathic field and tried a lot of different therapies, but I guess I never realized that I had this huge underlying problem with the yeast that would be with me until I made some drastic changes in my life.

I have always used homeopathic remedies for my children's illnesses with great success.  My doctor told me years ago that every good mother keeps Pleo-Not in her medicine cabinet at all times.  That was very good advice.  I did just that and my children never needed medication and always bounced back from their illnesses very quickly. 

The doctor that I got it from for many years stopped carrying it, so I went online on a quest to find it for my newest edition, Orion, who is now two years old.  I found Dr. Z when I searched Pleo-Not Drops and began purchasing them from him

I have been doing so for about a year and finally decided to take his Self Evaluation online.  Of course, I kind of knew what it would say, but seeing it in print in front of me really cemented the fact that I have to beat it or I will continue suffering for the rest of my life.  I have been having trouble with low blood sugar issues all of my adult life, but just over the last few months it had gotten really really bad. 

So five weeks ago, I decided to take the plunge.  I ordered the recommended products and did as much research as I could on dietary information so that I would be armed with plenty of recipes. 

I went cold turkey. 

  • No sugar of any kind. 
  • No grains. 
  • Pretty much just meat, green and white vegetables, nuts, seeds, eggs, oils and butter.

The first few days were hell.  The headache was terrible and I really couldn't muster up much strength to do even normal daily activities.  I went through horrible cravings and withdrawals for a week or two.  Whenever I felt like I was going to cave, I gave myself a pep talk and told myself that I could do this and I would feel so much better in the long run

I am the only one in my family on the diet right now, so I am still surrounded by all the "normal" foods that are found in most pantries.  Somehow, some way, I have been able to fight through the rough patches.  I feel like I have been afflicted with this my entire life and it probably won't go away without a fight.  I am taking the supplements and staying strict with my diet for a full six weeks.  I will most probably slowly add a few more foods in after that point, but my goal is to stay away from sugar and flour and most grains and dairy indefinitely.  

I feel AMAZING now!  I have lost eleven pounds, my aches and pains have all but disappeared and I sleep like a rock now.  My hormones have leveled out and my period came and went with no warning

My mood has lifted from a pretty deep depression into a much healthier, lighter mood.  The blood sugar control is much better and I would say close to normal.  I even wake up with a start in the morning and have a clear head and energy to boot.  I'm sure there are probably other benefits that I have not thought to mention.  It has been worth the struggle and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Stay to course and God bless you

Krista F, Missouri


*** Glaucoma Relief with Pleo Muc Eye Drops

Hi Dr. Z

When I was about 15 years old my brother accidentally shot me in the eye with a BB gun. I went to the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Hospital where they operated and took care of me.

After that I had high eye pressure. As I got older my eye pressure got higher. When I got in my 40s, my eye pressure was in the high 20s, at times even to over 30, and it was considered at that point dangerous and glaucoma.

I was put on glaucoma eye drops right away. I read the side effects, one of which was skin discoloration around the eye - the skin could turn dark permanently. I took their medication but I also looked on-line and found you.

I ordered the Pleo Muc Eye Drops and started them right away. For awhile I took both the pharmaceutical glaucoma drps and Pleo Muc Eye Drops.

After a while I decided to just use the Pleo Muc Eye Drops. I took them as recommended, morning and night.

I went back to the eye hospital and they said my eye pressure was 14. I told them that I was not taking their glaucoma drops anymore, that I had been taking a holistic method.

The doctor said "just keep doing whatever your doing, right now with the pressure at 14 you don't have glaucoma anymore".

The Pleo Muc Eye Drops had softened the scar tissue that was blocking the drainage and the eye was now working properly, without the side effects of pharmaceuticals, not to mention that pharmaceuticals do not cure anything, they only treat symptoms.

Thank You So Much

Phillip, Wakefield, Massachusetts


Relief from Tinnitus, Ear Pain and Pressure, Insomnia with Low Level Laser Therapy - LLLT

Dr. Z

This is my status report after nine Low Level Laser Therapy - LLLT treatments at your office.

I suffered severe acoustic trauma in January of 2000. I was operating a power tool with a 9 inch grinding wheel and a very loud electrical motor. Typically I use earmuffs with 29 dB hearing protection. In addition I also use ear plugs with 29 dB hearing protection. That makes for a total of 58 dB hearing protection.

I thought that I was done with the project so I removed the 28 dB earplugs.  It turned out that I had to use the power tool a little longer. I was under a lot of stress to get this job done. Consequently, I failed to put back the earplugs.

Now, I had only 28 dB of hearing protection with the earmuffs. In addition, I had stereo music on quite loud inside the earmuffs.

When I turned on the power tool, I was quite uncomfortable with the volume. When the grinding wheel touched the metal it was about 6 inches from my left ear and 8 inches, right ear. The combined sound of the grinding wheel and electric motor became unbearable. I experienced sudden sharp excruciating pain, especially my left ear. It felt like somebody stuck a screwdriver into my ear.

The pain dropped by approximately 25% after the first half second or so. So I kept working. When I was done and removed the earmuffs, I noticed the sound in the room to be very different.

During the next year I experienced pressure and continued sharp pain, especially in the left ear, along with greatly reduced hearing capacity.

The next time I listened to my quad stereo sound system, it sounded tragically reduced in fidelity and sound quality. I love music so much, this was a great loss.

I experienced a loss of hearing, especially in the high-frequency range, the sound of wind for example, and other subtle sounds, such as leaves blowing.

In addition, I developed a constant high-pitched ringing in the ears, especially in the left ear.  That was quite annoying. I've not been able to sleep deeply and well for 10 years.

Through extensive Internet research I discovered that, given my symptoms, I suffered from tinnitus caused by severe sound levels.

After six months, I decided to go to the Lahey Clinic in Burlington, Massachusetts, in order to seek a professional opinion on my condition.

I was seen by an ear nose and throat specialist. The diagnosis was permanent hearing loss with accompanying tinnitus. I was told I would have to live with this discouraging pain, pressure and ringing in the ears.

I desperately searched the Internet for other solutions and remedies. Some of them proposed adding sound to mask the ringing/tinnitus. It did not make sense to me to add more sound to an already injured ear.

During my Internet research, I discovered the clinic of Dr. Lutz Wilden in Germany. Unfortunately, the financial expense for the overseas trip plus the cost of the Low Level Laser Therapy in Germany was out of my reach.

I kept searching and I came across Dr. Z.'s website several years ago. Dr Z apparently had a setup similar to Dr. Wilden's. It appeared that I had a viable option for what seemed to be a new “miracle” treatment for tinnitus.

The finances, however, were still an obstacle.

I discovered that the FDA had not certified Low Level Laser Therapy as a viable tinnitus therapy. The ear nose throat specialist at the Lahey Clinic actually denied that LLLT existed. He said that he never heard of it. When I showed him the print-out of Dr. Lutz Wilden's website, he said: ”I don't know what to make of this”.

Both my father and my brother-in-law expressed extreme doubts. Consequently they were unwilling to pay for this therapy and to arrange transportation for me to pursue this option.

I became so desperate that my father eventually agreed to finance the travel arrangements and the treatments.

So, I finally arrived in the relaxed and low key setting of Dr. Z.'s office. I was greeted by his very gracious wife/office manager Victoria.

Dr. Z. introduced me to the complexity of the brain and nervous system. He demonstrated how the neurological performance of my body could be interpreted through his special examination techniques. Dr. Z. showed me that I had dramatic decrease of muscle tone on the right side of my body. He also discovered that my blood oxygen saturation was quite low for my age group.

Dr. Z. also showed me what I could do to improve my brain/nervous system function through brain exercises, such as spinning and eye movements.

He insisted that I change my diet drastically: more protein and zero sugar. Poor posture was identified as a source of trouble. Watching TV from my motel room bed kept causing neck, low back and brain problems. Helpful supplements were recommended.

After just one chiropractic treatment and one Low Level Laser Therapy session, in conjunction with Oxygen Enriched Air Therapy with the Personal Portable Oxygen Bar, I experienced a dramatic decrease in pain, especially in the left ear. I had the best sleep in 10 years, going back to the dramatic sound injury in 2000. My sleeping has been good ever since.

Today, after nine sessions, my ear pain has been reduced by 95% or more. The high-pitched ringing in the ears has been virtually eliminated. The pressure in the left ear has been reduced by 90 to 95%.

Thank you so much. I'm a happy man.

Kyle M. Massachusetts

Dr. Z.'s comments:

We enjoyed having Kyle here for nearly 2 weeks. It takes a lot of dedication on the part of a patient to make plans for such an extended stay. Kyle's dedication was even more noticeable. Because he has no drivers license, he made his daily trek from his hotel to our office, close to 4 miles, by bicycle. Most of that trip is uphill, at times quite steep.

Another point: Because of the nature of our human condition, it is impossible to guarantee results. Sometimes Low-Level Laser Therapy works wonders. At other times results are marginal or non-existent. Everybody is advised of this in advance. Some people come anyhow, because they have nowhere else to turn.


Greetings, Dr. Z and Victoria,

It's great to hear that John and Wendy are availing themselves of your extraordinary expertise. I tell EVERYONE about you. No kidding - people I meet on the bus stop and vendors at the Farmer's Market. Let's get America healthy, one body at a time!

Many thanks for a virtually pain-free 24 months, 3 weeks, six days and counting...

Marian H, Gold River, California

P.S. Have you considered cloning yourself?

Dr. Z's comments:

Thank you, Marian, for your vote of confidence. There's nothing like happy clients whose lives have changed for the better by simple, but profound, lifestyle changes. Keep up the good work.


Patricia - Great Results 3 Weeks into Dr. Z's Brain Health Protocol

My husband and I felt we were in good health but needed more energy, weight loss and clearer thought processing.

He had told me about a co-worker's health transformation after becoming a patient of Dr. Z's. To learn more, I suggested we listen to Dr.Z.'s weekly teleseminar on brain health.

We both agreed to his logic on health and so we began the body cleansing diet along with the oxygen brain exercise and vitamin supplements.

Today we have each lost over 10 lbs and have more energy. Our diet change has been fun learning to eat differently. We eat legumes at each meal and have incorporated a variety of new vegetables and fresh herbs into our regime to replace fruit, bread and dairy products.

Surprisingly, since the change in our diet

  • Our bodies do not emit odor even though we perspire
  • My digestive system has improved drastically.
  • I no longer bloat and suffer from constipation.
  • We both walk taller and feel better in our clothes.

I had also suffered for several years from an inability to articulate my thoughts. The words would be there but I could not formulate them into the sentence structure I envisioned. After a few weeks on Dr. Z's program, my work associates complimented me on my speech improvement.

I am now more confident interacting with others and no longer feel at a loss for words, even in the late afternoon!

We are happy with the results and are looking forward to aging gracefully in good health thanks to Dr. Z's care.

Patricia - Yolo County, California

Dr. Z's comments:

Congratulations to both Patricia and her husband for their fast health improvement. Upon the recommendation of my patient Marian H. they came to see me for health help. Both decided to follow my recommendations - that is of vital importance.

As a Chiropractic Neurologist I look at my patients' health issues primarily from the "Brain Health" perspective. Why?

Well, your brain governs ALL aspects of your human expression and experience. Your brain controls your

moods, thoughts, capacity to express your thoughts, speaking, understanding, memory, emotions, balance, vision, hearing, digestive function, sexual function, heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rate, hormone balance, and more.

Consequently, I assist my patients and online clients to do everything necessary to improve and balance their brain function, to give the brain what it needs to be happy.

Dr. Z.'s Three Pillars of Brain Health

1. Oxygen
2. Balanced blood sugar
3. Input/stimulation/activation

To learn the Seven Time-Tested Brain Health Strategies join me for my next "Dr. Z's Three Pillars of Brain Health" Teleseminar.


Donna - 47 - a letter of renewed HOPE

I'm 47 years old, and I've been sick most of my life. Several years ago I found Dr. Z on the internet, when I was searching for hypoglycemia and digestive help. I filled out his on-line questionnaire, and asked to be added to his mailing list. I began receiving his newsletters on-line, and I recognized myself in many of the letters that he shared.

I've had chronic pain, weight problems, breathing problems, and severe digestive problems (because of Crohn's disease). My intestines would bleed daily, making me anemic. I basically lacked the energy to do anything, and I became increasingly depressed. I was on 12 medications.

Finally I told myself, I'm sick and tired of waking up sick and tired. I need help! I made the trip from New York to California to see him. I met with Dr. Z for ten days. He explained that our brains need three things to function properly:

  • adequate oxygen
  • good nutrition
  • stimulation/physical activity.

With his help I discovered that I was sensitive to sugars, grains, polyester, most metals, fluorescent lights, chlorine and the formaldehyde used on new fabrics, as well as most of my medications! I was a neurological mess.

Dr. Z prescribed a strict high-protein "Candida/Hypoglycemia" diet with supplements to support digestive function and to combat candida overgrowth. He introduced me to exercises to help improve and balance my brain function. He suggested that I use the Personal Portable Oxygen Bar Concentrator several times daily at home to help improve the oxygen supply to my brain.

By closely following his instructions, I experienced dramatic results within the first week. The intestinal bleeding, and monster cramps that accompanied it, went away. My constant craving for carbohydrates disappeared. My chronic neck, back, muscle and joint pain and depression subsided! For the first time in a long time I actually felt well enough to exercise.

I noticed improvements in my symptoms each day. Below I've listed some of the symptoms that we were able to turn around in less than two weeks:

  • My intestinal bleeding and severe cramping simply stopped within just 5 days.
  • I had daily headaches, and constant neck and back pain.
  • I used to throw my back out just sneezing or bending over to brush my teeth.
  • I couldn't write numbers or words without transposing the characters. Reading was hard for me.
  • My head and chest were always congested.
  • I wasn't able to lose weight. Instead my weight crept up ten pounds each year, and every year I was forced to buy new clothes.
  • I had terrible foot pain that had me "hobbling" around. My favorite sports and walking for exercise were out of the question.
  • The hypoglycemia had me dizzy, disoriented and passing out, which at one time had caused a severe head injury.
  • I used to have urinary urgency with the occasional accident.
  • I used to have pain in my right lower jaw. Even though I had several teeth pulled, the pain never went away.
  • My eyes were always red and irritated.

I'm very encouraged, and it's all because of a major diet change and some minor lifestyle changes. Dr. Z gave me hope, that I could be happy and healthy without taking a dozen prescriptions every day.

If you have a chance to see Dr. Z, I can assure you the visit would be worthwhile.

Donna P
East Coast

Dr. Z's comments:

Donna flew to California and spent 10 days working with us. She was so desperate that she decided to follow all my recommendations. Within one single week Donna had hope again.

It amazes me, again and again, how fast our bodies and our brains will respond to intelligent changes in dietary behavior and lifestyle choices. P

For Your Health to Change - You Must Change!

This seems obvious, to me at least. You must take full responsibility. There are many people, however, who want the "Silver bullet".

Actually, we are brainwashed into believing that silver bullets do exist. Simply notice the constant bombardment in TV advertising by the pharmaceutical companies. There seems to be a pill for just about any health problem under the sun. The potential and often rather severe side effects mentioned briefly at the end of the ads speak of a very different reality.

There is no Silver Bullet!

When Donna arrived, she was on 12 medications, and getting worse.

I told her that my job as a doctor was not to heal her. I told her that the word "doctor" means "teacher".

My job as your doctor is to teach you that:

  • Ill health is NOT due to medication deficiency
  • There is no silver bullet
  • To change your health you must change your behavior
  • To change your behavior you must take full responsibility
  • My job is to help you discover what is useful and what is not
  • Your job is to put these discoveries into daily action
  • This requires good will towards yourself and some discipline
  • Your rewards will be renewed hope and increased life energy and vitality

Well, Donna was ready to make changes. She knew with certainty that what she had tried over the years did not work. She faithfully followed my recommendations. She changed, her health improved, her outlook on life dramatically improved.

When she left, she had, by her own choice, decreased her daily medications from twelve to two. She was determined to find a way to discontinue the remaining two medications.


Beatrice - 77 - Great Success with Dry Eyes

I am 77 years old and started having symptoms of dry eye at age 50. This condition has progressively gotten worse over the last 5 years.

Symptoms have been feeling of something in the eye upon blinking, redness and burning inside the bottom lids. This discomfort interfered with my everyday life and after trying every OTC drops with no success, "actually many of them backfired and made my eyes worse," decided to resort to Restasis, which my doctor had recommended.

Before filling the prescription, I went on line and found about Pleo Muc Eye drops. I decided to give it a try, and after using it for 3 or 4 days, I noticed that I could actually feel tears in my eyes. Nothing that I had ever tried comes close to these drops, and I would highly recommend anyone with this problem to give it a try.

Not only does this miracle eye drop work, it is affordable, compared to what I would have had to pay for Restasis. Pleo Muc has no side effects, and safe to use as often as needed.

After trying just about every eye drop on the market I was a little skeptical at first, but decided to give it a try anyway.

I am so thankful that I found Dr. Z's website, and now am using an eye drop that actually works.
Beatrice R. Brooksville, Florida

Pat - 48 Years Old - Takes Action and Wins Big Time

Dr. Z - Your website is great.

I'm a 48 year old female who started feeling bad over the last few years. My energy seemed to be fading, I was gaining weight, I had many headaches, stomach problems, PMS and thought I was hypoglycemic (mood swings and feeling faint if I didn't eat in a few hours). So I went to my Dr. for a physical. The only thing she could tell me was that I had a vitamin D defiency and to take Vitamin D supplements. She wanted to give me a pill for each of my other symptoms but I declined. I wanted to why I was feeling bad; I didn't want to take a pill to hide my symptoms.

After doing research on the internet I found that most of my problems may be from a Candida yeast infection. I did the online test and scored very high. Finally I had a possible reason for my symptoms.

After many searches for Candida I ended up on Dr. Z's website. I took the on-line Self Evaluation and Dr. Z sent me comprehensive results and a plan for feeling better. I was very hesitant because of the cost and the very strict diet. I was used to eating many carbs and sweets and foods that I may be allergic to. A few months prior I had already given up all fake sugar (equal, sweet-n-low, splenda).

I decided to give Dr. Z a try and I'm really glad I did. I ordered his Candida kit and a few more supplements and began his eating plan. I'm not going to lie -- the diet was really hard. But every week it got easier for me.

Five weeks later I'm 15 lbs lighter, no more blood sugar problems, no digestion problems, headaches are better, and my energy has returned. A big plus is that I'm sleeping much better (used to wake up during the night).

I just ordered the Personal Portable Oxygen Bar and can't wait to receive it. Dr. Z has been a blessing to me and I would definitely recommend his website.

Thank you Dr. Z

Pat M., Hamilton Sqaure, New Jersey


Elisabeth - 42 years old - There is HOPE - It is Never Too Late!

Thank you Dr. Z  

This is an update after working with you for one week.

I don’t know where to start. I had a lot of different health Issues. Just to mention some of them:

Chronic Fatigue, Allergies, Rashes, Bloating, Depression, Hypoglycemia, Food Craving, Overweight, and arthritis pain in my shoulder.

I felt like an old women at the age of 41, with no power. Everything in life was too much to handle for me. After my blood work came back from my doctor telling me that my Calcium in the Blood is high and they are not sure where it comes from I had enough. I had ordered Sanum/PleSanum Products from Dr. Z on-line before so he was not new to me. I researched more on his website and decided to make an appointment.

Dr. Z right away told me that he is not a Healer, he is here to educate me and show me tools to help me heal. I was totally ok with that, it is my life anyhow. He also asked me what I think about my self, regarding strength; I told him that I consider myself strong!  I was proven totally wrong, I was everywhere weak.

After my initial meeting with Dr. Z, I went home and did exactly as I was told.

Here are some examples:

- got rid of all my polyester clothing, bedding etc.
- changed my diet completely, zero sugar, to eating Protein and Vegetable and Salads

- took the recommended supplements, especially for digestion and Candida
- did not use any of my cosmetics no more
- changed to non-bleached toilet paper etc.
- decided to purchased the Personal Portable Oxygen Bar

- started doing daily EWOT, Exercise With Oxygen Training, with deep breathing
- did my daily prescribed brain exercises such as spinning

On Dr. Z's Self Scoring Test I started out at 99 and dropped down in the first week to a score of 12.

Simply amazing.
I feel like a new person. My mood swings are a lot better, my depression is almost gone. It feels great to know that I have no mental problems.

I had a lot of problems with my health and I m taking care of myself now. My pain in the shoulder is almost gone completely; also my rash and bloating are gone completely. The brain fogs are lightening up a lot.   I lost a couple of pounds and will be losing some more. I had weight problems pretty much all my life.
Thank you so much for everything, what a great improvement in just one week. I'm very grateful for you and your wife’s help.

Elisabeth A, Fairfield, California


Alan - 75 year old - reports on his Anti Aging succcess

I am 75 years young. I've been using Dr. Z's Personal Portable Oxygen Bar Concentrator every single day for more than a year.

I have been a patient of Dr. Z for many years. Whenever I came to Dr. Z's office he noticed that I had very poor muscle tone and strength. He told me that I could not hold any chiropractic adjustments for very long because of that.

Dr. Z would also measure my blood oxygen saturation. It was always low. I had been aware that it was always tough for me to take deep breaths. Dr. Z explained to me that my body could not work well like this, especially my heart and my brain.

In the early summer of 2007 Dr. Z introduced me to his Personal Portable Oxygen Bar Concentrator. To my amazement, my muscle strength would dramatically improve within just a few minutes on the Personal Portable Oxygen Bar. So I decided to purchase one.

In the 1990's I had suffered from multiple pulmonary embolisms. I was in intensive care for 12 days. The doctors finally decided to use a needle to extract the blood that had pooled in my lungs. It took me more than a year to get better.

Late in 2007 I developed prostate problems with passing blood in the urine. I was scheduled for a MRI. It was discovered at that time that my lung capacity was much reduced, because of the pulmonary embolisms I had suffered 10 years prior.

I sing in a choir. Sustained breathing had been always difficult for me. Since using the Personal Portable Oxygen Bar Concentrator I have noticed a definite increase in my breathing capacity.

I have suffered from seasonal allergies for decades. Whenever using the Personal Portable Oxygen Bar I notice a nearly immediate clearing of my head, my nose and my sinuses. I also use Dr. Z's QC Nasal Spray and the Pleo Muc Eye Drops.

Since using the Oxygen Bar my concentration seems much better. I have also noticed a dramatic improvement or sharpening of my senses, especially my vision and my hearing. I paint a lot. It is as if I have a new perspective in colors. My paintings used to be more neutral in color. Now, I use brighter and more vivid colors. I love it.

My skin color used to be sort of gray. Now my skin looks pink and I have rosy cheeks. Several people have recently commented on my great looks. A lady in the planning department whom I had not seen for approximately for 20 years said to me the other day, "Alan, you never change."

Thank you, Dr. Z, for sharing your Personal Portable Oxygen Bar discovery with me.

Alan R., Nevada City, California


Patti's letter - Hyperacusis - Tinnitus Your Ears? You Brain? Your Medications?

"My Experience with Dr. Z

I learned about Dr. Z while researching Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)treatment for my hyperacusis.

I found his name on a Swedish Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) website. I was lucky in that Dr. Z lives in driving distance from me.

When I went for my initial evaluation, I thought he would just consider if I was a good candidate for the Low Level Laser Therapy. However, to my surprise, he looked at me as a "whole person".

He determined that I needed to clean up some systemic problems. It was true, in addition to hyperacusis, I have had

  • migraines for 22 years
  • problems with my digestion
  • food allergies
  • tinnitus
  • depression
  • a bad back since 2000
  • and knee problems.

I was taking prescription medication, Topamax for the last 5 years for the migraines and Klonopin - started 2 months ago - for my hyperacusis. I was also on Valium and Vicodin for pain.

Dr. Z put me on a high protein and low carbohydrate diet and supplements so that when I arrived for two weeks of laser treatment (ten treatments) I was strong enough to handle the energy input from the laser to my ear. I wasn't even sure I would get Low Level Laser Therapy at that point.

He made it very clear that he was educating me, not healing me, and that I was the one who had to make all my choices about healing. I learned that I was sensitive to many things, foods, but also materials, usually man made such as polyester, that touched me. Also electrical gadgets and many other things affected me, making me hypersensitive and depressing my normal brain function, which I would need in order to heal.

He did not look at the hyperacusis as an isolated problem. He also pointed out that much of my hyperacusis might originate in my brain and not be ear-related and treatable by laser therapy.

Dr. Z stressed that my brain needed stimulation, proper nutrition, and optimum oxygenation in order to function at the highest level. And he did what he could do help balance my brain, considering all areas of my body.

After several chiropractic adjustments, custom made orthotics to balance out my feet, and my own decision to withdraw from my medications, I already felt much better. The serious depression lifted. I hardly got any migraines (proving the medication hadn't been helping anyway… in fact, hyperacusis is listed as a side effect of Topamax!).

By the time I left, I felt really good and cleared of my food allergies.

I learned simple ways to balance my brain to overcome left-eye dominance and other structural issues.

Overall, the ten low level laser laser therapy treatments take one to three months to demonstrate whether they are going to work for me. But by seeing Dr. Z, I am much more confident that I will be cured. Why? Because hyperacusis is in part a brain and nervous system problem for me.

I purchased Dr. Z's Personal Portable Oxygen Bar. I use it daily.
I do brain balancing exercises several times a day.
I now have stable feet, adjusted jaw, and a positive attitude among many other things Dr. Z. helped me with.
My diet is much better and I do not get as scared at noises.

I believe I can feel the effects of the Low Level Laser Therapy treatments already in that I am able to hear high tones better and withstand sudden noises much better.

But this is only the beginning of the period. In addition, I have a new awareness about life: what I have done on all levels of my being predisposed me to my hyperacusis, most likely… and that what I do on all levels of my being… in addition to the laser and what it wants to contribute….are what are going to heal me as well.

I am profoundly grateful to Dr. Z. for his wisdom, professional skills, compassion, integrity, and genuine caring.

I returned home a different person.
I have turned a corner in my life.
I have a future that I haven't seen clouded by ailments in many years.
I am starting to introduce more foods and not react, and overall, my positive attitude is helping me in a positive cycle to cure my hyperacusis so it never comes back.

(For many people, they "cure" hyperacusis but it returns unexpectedly.) I feel really good that I have addressed the underlying issues so that my healing will be permanent.

I am patient… I just want to be on the right track in life. I am truly, deeply grateful for the counseling and other services I received.

Patti, Sausalito, California"

Patti's Husband's Comments

Dear Dr. Zeischegg,

I'm writing to express appreciation for the quality and effectiveness of your recent work with my wife, and to comment as a physician researcher on what I learned about paradigms of diagnosis and treatment.

My wife acquired-seemingly mysteriously-an unusual form of tinnitus in late 2006, following a flu-like illness. Her case was unusual in that she exhibited right-sided tinnitus only without apparent ear or head injury or with signs or symptoms of acoustic neuroma (the usual causes for one-sided tinnitus); and that her symptoms were almost entirely reactive-in nearly immediate response to a wide variety of foods and spices, and changes in weather patterns. This occurred against a background of 20 years of often-puzzling neurologic and orthopedic symptoms which were not very responsive to treatment. Her life was becoming increasingly restricted-fewer foods, less intensity and variety of physical activity.

Then in January 2008 she developed hyperacusis-extreme sensitivity to sound-especially in the right side. This new symptom developed following a fairly moderate sound injury, but it dramatically changed her life. Because of sound sensitivity and "reactive" tinnitus and ear pain from sounds and an increasing variety of foods, she was immediately plunged into an extremely restricted life-could no longer enjoy social events, shopping, going to a restaurant, or taking a walk where there might be even a little traffic. Understandably she became depressed.

She visited specialists and audiologists and experimented with some of few treatments said to be effective for at least some people with hyperacusis-sound therapy, devices, neurolo-suppressive medications. These treatments were either not helpful or made her symptoms worse.

On the Internet, she found intriguing discussions of Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) given to patients with tinnitus and hyperacusis, primarily in Europe.

We found two renowned practitioners of LLLT-a clinic in Sweden and the developer of LLLT for tinnitus, Dr. Lutz Wilden in Germany. Though there was some published evidence for LLLT's effectiveness in tinnitus there was almost nothing for hyperacusis. Nevertheless we'd read personal anecdotes of excellent results, and at worst the treatment appeared to be harmless. However, the prospect of a noisy flight to Europe seemed to put LLLT out of reach. Then we were referred from the Swedish clinic to you-within a day's drive.

As a physician (and researcher) I was skeptical, though as a scientist I knew how to keep an open mind. I recognized immediately that you regarded LLLT as one tool capable of promoting healing, but would determine its appropriateness as part of a much larger diagnostic and healing program-one that had to be individualized in ways that go far beyond conventional medical paradigms.

For example, your intake assessment (written pre-visit and initial visit) were very thorough and focused on a wide range of her experience of her health (in addition to the sorts of historical questions any Western physician might inquire about). You were very interested in her nutritional status and her "psycho-biological" details. I recognize from this standpoint that you were seeking patterns, relationships, consistent biological "stories" in these patterns.

Your physical assessment included both components that were very familiar from my training (such as details of the neurological or orthopedic examination), and others completely removed from my training and experience (such as her kinesiologic (neurologically-facilitated muscle tone) response to fabrics, foods, supplements, medications, and odors).

You also said at the initial interview that you didn't know yet whether-or when-it would be appropriate to do LLLT, which, after all, was only one therapeutic tool; but that at that point she was not in a nutritional state adequate for LLLT. This level of integrity impressed both of us. She was given detailed dietary (including supplement) instructions and told to return in a week.

At the second visit, some of her supplements were changed and some neurologic exercises prescribed; and you suggested she might (working with her family physician) explore tapering off medications she was taking that are known neuro-depressants.

She returned a week later. By that point I noticed that while still depressed, she seemed to be "returning to living in her body."

I was very impressed that none of the mostly Thorne Research supplements you recommended upset her digestion or caused tinnitus or migraine-very unusual, since supplements often had in the past.

You surmised she was ready to begin LLLT a few days into the third visit and we stayed for two weeks to complete a ten-treatment course. During this time you carefully re-examined her, seeking (this is my interpretation) shifting patterns, enhanced neuroplasticity, and responses to treatment-so-far.

She had weaned off her migraine medication by the end of the 2 weeks (all this with her family physician's approval and guidance) and was about a third of the way to stopping another neuro-suppressive medication (which her physician advised tapering over several weeks).

By the end of the fourth week (at the close of the ten day LLLT sequence), she was considerably less depressed and her appetite had increased dramatically. A few days prior to leaving Nevada City, she noticed that she was less sensitive to the sound of automobile engines when on walks.

It was in the next two weeks that I noticed a real "tipping point."
Her depression mostly lifted, and she said she could hear high-frequency tones that she had apparently lost the ability to hear. Her reactive tinnitus has reduced, and when she does get it (usually in response to a loud or high-pitched sound) she recovers more quickly. It is now four weeks after the start of the LLLT sequence (note I'm referring to it that way, but recognize that LLLT was but one of many treatment components-including changing to wearing more "friendly" fabrics, taking certain supplements, the neurologic exercises, lighting glasses, and oxygen exposure).

Her diet has liberalized considerably, though she continues (appropriately I think) to introduce new foods carefully and observantly. She has gained four pounds (another several to go) and this weight is spread elegantly, telling me that food is now nourishing her-rather than being her adversary.

She still has a distance to go-and that seems appropriate. She is reversing a very long adverse trend, and of great importance, she is acquiring a new way of feeding her body and psyche.

Your approach is in a different paradigm from that of treating the patient (Latin for 'passive')-to one that combines and integrates diagnosis and treatment with teaching and living with health as a question- a lifelong journey. We are looking forward to her first follow-up visit in two weeks.

I. J., MD, Northern California

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Dr. Z's comments - No comments required

Wonderful letters! These letters speak for themselves. They do not require my comments.

This is what makes our work so rewarding. Every new client is like a closed book.

  • How to open the book?
  • How to find the table of contents?
  • How to start reading the pages?



I have been a patient of Dr. Z's on and off for more than 10 years. At 71 I am still working full time in my electrician business.

Two weeks ago I injured my back - I am not quite sure how this happened. I had terrible pain, could hardly stand and walk. Every breath hurt me. I also have right leg numbness and swelling for quite some time.

When I saw Dr. Z he noticed that I had very little what he calls muscle tone. Dr. Z explained to me that the muscle tone is what keeps my body together and is determined by the way my brain works. Without good muscle tone I would not be able to hold any chiropractic adjustments.

Dr. Z had me breathe oxygen enriched air from his Personal Portable Oxygen Bar for a less than 5 minutes. My muscles felt much stronger afterwards. Dr. Z told me that this was an indication that my brain was working better. I decided to purchase one Oxygen Bar and I have been using it faithfully 2 to 3 times every day.

Now, two weeks later, I have essentially no back pain. I can move and walk and breathe again without hurting. My right leg is much better. It is less stiff, less swollen. I also have much more energy.

Today, in Dr. Z's office, I noticed one other major improvement: As long as I can remember I have had bad balance problems. Whenever I close my eyes while standing I would immediately fall backwards. I tried this today - no problem at all. I closed my eyes and simply stood there. I did not lose my balance.

After so many years this is hard to believe - what breathing better air every day can do.

Clyde S, Grass Valley, California


I absolutely love my Personal Portable Oxygen Bar machine. I use my machine while doing yoga, and once in the morning before getting out of bed and in the evening after I get in bed. This way I get oxygenated 3 times a day.

What I have found is by using this machine, I have increased stamina during the day. I seem to be able to do household projects after I get off work, and on my days off I am able to actually have a longer day. Before I received my machine I felt a lack of energy and sluggish. I am now more mentally alert, I think faster too. My hair is growing faster and so are my nails. I also used to have angina pain, which I no longer have.

Terrie H, Jamestown, California


Hyperacusis? Crazy? The Trouble with "Specialists"

"I was a passenger on my husband's motorcycle. We were going down the freeway at 65 miles per hour. We hit some construction equipment and I flew off the back of the bike and landed on my left side and crushed my left arm. I hit my head. Luckily I was wearing a helmet. I don't remember anything until I woke up in the hospital.

This happened in September 2005 in Concord, CA. The first thing that happened when I woke up I had to have surgery on my left arm. I remember waking up and the nurses standing on top of me and I started dry heaving. They ran me down for a cat scan. They came back and said there is nothing - they cannot see anything. And then the seizures started happening more and more with uncontrollable crying and dry heaving. I don't think anybody knew what they were. Any sound, any movement started the seizures. There was a sign on the wall in my hospital room saying:

  • No cell phones, no talking, no TV, no radio, nothing.

They wouldn't let anybody talk in my room. Because it was a trauma center there was nothing they could do for me. They put me on Adavent for my pain. I was in the hospital for 10 days and I couldn't leave my nephew's house for another seven days.

Then they flew me home. I went to my regular doctor, who put me on Neurontin. I went crazy on this medication. Suicidal.

Then they tried to put me in the mental ward up in Seattle, Fairfax mental hospital. I kept telling them: "I hit my head, I'm not crazy. It's the medicine that makes me feel like this." But the doctor insisted that "the medicine won't make you do that". But finally he took me off it.

The left side of my head was very swollen. It was bad. I remember sitting in the hospital bed and looking in the mirror. I started crying. It was awful. My whole face was off. I called my mother, but I couldn't say anything. I still don't know how I remembered her phone number. She somehow knew it was me calling.

Then they put me on Paxil and I felt terrible. With Paxil I got this really weird sensation all over my body. I didn't cry, but I couldn't even communicate. At that point I had only been to one neurologist who was very mean. She said to me: "I give you two choices. Do you want Paxil or Zoloft?" I said to her: "You are the doctor."

My GP put me on Neurontin. He told me it is good for pain and the seizure type activity. And then he put me on Clonazepam/Klonopin. I have been on Clonazepam for two and a half years.

I have gone to see eight neurologists, a chiropractor, an inner ear specialist, an osteopath, a psychiatrist. The chiropractor asked me if my neck hurt, and I said no. So he decided that my neck was not the problem. He would then try to adjust my neck and I immediately went into a seizure. So he backed off and referred me to another neurologist.

At that point I went to see an osteopath for cranial sacral therapy. He talked to me about the accident and then put me on the table to perform the exam on me. He shined light in my eyes and I immediately went into a seizure. He referred me to another neurologist.

This neurologist said I probably had an inner ear disorder. He started to perform an inner ear test and I immediately went into a seizure. He ran out of the room to get my husband, brought him back and told him: "I think you've got to take care of her." He literally ran out the door and I never heard from him again. He never called me. I called him several times and he never called me back.

Then I went to an inner ear doctor. He actually was the one who told me that I did not have an inner ear disorder. He told me you have a neurological disorder. I went to see another neurologist who told me: "No, you don't have a neurological disorder. You have a psychological problem. So you need to see a psychiatrist."

So I went to see a psychiatrist. He decided that I had a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. But the neurologist insisted that I did not have a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

I had a lot of very expensive and very painful tests. All of them came back with no clear answers.

I ended up at the University of Washington for more testing. They had me sit in a chair and had me look at words and read the words on a poster while they were spinning the chair from one side to the other. Immediately I went into a full fledged seizure. The examining doctor then told me: "I think you have hyperacusis." Hyperacusis was the only thing they could come up with. One of the many labels I was given.

I was a prisoner in my own home. I could not leave, drive a car, go to work, nothing. It was terrible and depressing.

I kept researching on the Internet about inner ear disorders. I found Dr. Z through a Low Level Laser (LLLT) website in Sweden. So I made an appointment with Dr. Z to have at least ten Low Level Laser (LLLT) ltreatments for my hyperacusis. My parents came along to drive me and support me. I had a seizure on the flight to Sacramento.

During the first appointment I went into a full seizure that lasted about 40 minutes. It seemed I was reacting to Dr. Z's voice. So he started to whisper to me, which I could tolerate. He was willing to keep working with me instead of referring me to another specialist.

It was actually very disappointing when Dr. Z told me during my first appointment that I might not have an inner ear problem, and that he would not start with Low Level Laser Therapy(LLLT). I was taken aback, because I had come here for Low Level Laser Therapy.

Dr. Z pointed out that I was not just hypersensitive to sound, but to pretty much everything else, such as touch, vibration, light. Even movements of my arms and my neck would set off seizures. He told me that a part of my brain, the temporal lobe, was not functioning properly.

I had many other symptoms: Nausea, vertigo, motion sickness, constipation, bloating feeling, belching, gas, ringing in the ears, mood swings, anxiety, anger, depression, fatigue, blurred vision, headaches, insomnia, rapid pounding heart beat, stiffness, muscle pain, weakness, poor memory, confusion and more.

I decided to get off Clonazepam after Dr. Z went over the possible side effects with me. Many of these possible side effects described me perfectly. Plus, this medication was not really able to prevent my seizures.

Dr. Z recommended that I try his Personal Portable Oxygen Bar and use it several times a day. I noticed an immediate improvement. My seizures would not last as long or get that intense. He also put me on a no carb, high protein, high fat diet with several nutritional supplements to help with blood sugar, digestion and for brain support.

After just one week I had the best day in 2.5 years. I felt like my old self.

  • Dr. Z was finally able to adjust my neck.
  • He taught me how to stop seizures when they come on.
  • I am much less sensitive now.
  • I can move my neck, move my arms.
  • I can tolerate Dr. Z's normal tone of voice.
  • I have not gotten car sick any more, even on very windy mountain roads.

We stayed a total of 2.5 weeks. I saw Dr. Z five days a week. I had only one other seizure during the second part of our stay. That was after driving on a very rough Interstate 80 to Truckee. The road was so rough that my whole body was shaking. On the way back I decided to lie down so my head would not bounce up and down. It worked beautifully. No seizure. I have learned a lot.

My parents are thrilled. I am so very grateful. Maybe I can get my full life back, go out to dinner, have friends over. Maybe I can even go back to work."

Anita N, Seattle


A motorcycle accident while on vacation with her husband left our 42 year old vivacious, head-strong daughter with a debilitating head injury that changed her life.

No more working at their business, no more parties, movies, TV, driving, going shopping, and even a sneeze would start a seizure and a series of "dry heaves" leaving her completely tired out and in bed.

During the last two and a half years she and her husband have contacted and/or was referred to every head trauma specialist that would give them an appointment. Each time their hope of some help with her problem was broken with another referral and another prescription for medication.

Along with her family and friends she continued checking leads on head injuries resulting in problems like hers. The prognosis from the majority of specialists was probable damage to the inner ear.

While on an internet search she found an article on "laser treatment" for inner ear problems and a link to a Dr. Zeischegg, a Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist, living in California. She contacted him and made an appointment. Her mother and I went with her from Seattle with high expectations that finally something positive could be accomplished.

On our first visit to "Dr. Z", he said it wasn't an ear problem, (this was the type of diagnosis we had heard so many times) but instead of being handed a new prescription and a referral to a specialist he went on to say this was probably a "miss firing" within the nervous system and brain, and he would like to explore further.

Within the first week he had pin pointed the problem area and was able to stop the seizures and "dry heaves."

By the start of the second week we returned to our cabin from an appointment with Dr. Z with the daughter we had lost to an accident over two and a half years ago.

At this time, the second week, she is looking forward to returning home to her husband and friends and using what she has learned from Dr. Z to pick up the life she thought she had lost.

A very happy father in the Seattle area

Dr. Z,

I can't thank you enough for transforming my life.

After just five weeks of following your protocols (Candida diet-supplements, orthotics, Personal Portable Oxygen Bar) my health improved significantly:

  • Chronic Knee and back pain decreased
  • Life long fatigue has been eliminated
  • Muscle tone and flexibility increased
  • An "allergic" condition disappeared
  • My weight dropped to my pre-teen level and stabilized (I struggled with excess weight most of my life)

In addition, my outlook on life is sunnier, my energy is cleaner and I bounce back from normal fatigue much faster. My work schedule is somewhat flexible and for several years I had been calling-in late to work a few days per month, due to morning fatigue. Since beginning my day with 20+ minutes of oxygen enriched air while exercising, I haven't been late once.

In short, I'm a walking miracle! Next incarnation, I'll be practicing healthy options from a young age.

Thank you, thank you!! May you live long and prosper,

Marian H, Gold River, California


Dr. Z's Comments

As you might imagine, I love receiving letters like that. They make me appreciate the power of our clinical work. The capacity of our bodies to heal amazes me again and again... if we just allow them to.

Here is a list of Marian's complaints when she presented to my office:

Major complaints - low back pain 8 years, left upper neck pain several years, fatigue and no stamina most of her life, knee joint pain 6 to 7 years, canker sore on tongue 5 months, menstrual cramping as long as she remembers.

For Your Health to Change - You Must Change!

This seems obvious, to me at least. You must take full responsibility. There are many people, however, who want the "Silver bullet".

Actually, we are brainwashed into believing that silver bullets do exist. Simply notice the constant bombardment in TV advertising by the pharmaceutical companies. There seems to be a pill for just about any health problem under the sun. The potential and often rather severe side effects mentioned briefly at the end of the ads speak of a very different reality.

There is no Silver Bullet!

I told Marian that my job as a doctor was not to heal her. I told her that the word "doctor" means "teacher".

My job as her doctor:

  • to teach her what kind of changes she might want to do to allow her body to heal
  • to monitor her progress over a period of time
  • to recommend further changes as needed
  • to encourage her to stay the course

Well, Marian was ready to make changes. She knew with certainty that what she had tried over the years did not work. She faithfully followed my recommendations. She changed, her health improved, her outlook on life dramatically improved.

*** After just 5 weeks, she was a different person.

I have been one of Dr Z's patients for 2 years now. I am 57. During this time I have been fortunate to have had 2 significant health improvements as a result of his recommendations as my health coach and teacher.

The 1st was what brought me to his office in the 1st place--an enduring sinus infection which he "diagnosed" as Candida-based likely due to a long antibiotic treatment regime. This condition was treated via fairly

  • drastic dietary changes
  • exercises to strengthen my overall mental aptitude and
  • dietary supplements

The resulting improvements to my health were both quick and unmistakably due to his recommended treatment regime.

Between that almost 2 year ago experience and now I've done many additional things to fine-tune my overall health and understanding of my body.

The 2nd and just recent noticeable health improvement appears to be solely due to frequent, routine use of the Personal Portable Oxygen Bar I purchased upon Dr Z's recommendation, combined with daily use of the Eyelights he fitted me with.

The most recent improvement has been a significant, very noticeable increase in my overall strength, endurance and mental aptitude. In our daily workout at the gym and especially in the water aerobics class, I'm like the Eveready bunny--I just keep going and going.

It is not only during our morning exercising though. The strength and endurance lasts all day and is apparent in everything I do.

  • My mental state is sharper too.
  • I feel much more 'wired' and turned on to life as it comes at me every day.
  • It is amazing to feel this good on a daily basis.

Keith M., Orangevale

I am 71. For two years I suffered from debilitating sweats mostly at night (but also sometimes during the day) insomnia, high blood pressure, and hypothyroidism. Because of these conditions, I was not able to participate fully in family events, meet with friends or go back to work. I would not have warning when the sweats would start. When I went somewhere; I had to take towels and extra clothing to change even if it was only for a few hours. During the night sweats, I would have to get up and change anywhere from one to four times a night usually between 12 and 4 AM.

During the past two years, I have had an MRI, Cat Scan, X-rays, sinus scan, premarin, five antibiotics in an eight week period, allergy tests, a consultation with an endocrinologist, and a colonoscy.

I learned about Dr. Z from a former co-worker and decided that perhaps he could help me with my problems. I began Dr. Z's program (Candida/Hypoglycemia) in January and I am feeling better than I have felt in years.

  • I am off my blood pressure meds
  • I am off one of my thyroid meds
  • I have lost about 13 pounds and best of all
  • the sweats are gone

I am so happy; I feel life has started to normalize for me.

Mary C.
Roseville, CA

I have been working with Dr. Z since Feb. 07 on many (too many to list) health issues.

In early April 07 I had my routine dental visit.  My hygenist was very concerned with the condition of my gums and insisted more frequent visits were required.  However, no real solution was offered.

I continued with Dr. Z, balancing my blood sugar, taking suggested CO Q10 supplements, and using the Personal Portable Oxygen Bar daily at home, as recommended by him as well.

I visited my hygenist early Dec. 07 and she almost danced!  My gum problem had completely reversed itself and improved more than 100%!  Something she unfortunately rarely sees.  I explained what I had been doing with Dr. Z and she was very excited about it all.

So, it is possible to reverse a health problem!  The importance of gum health, as many know, is that is can be symptomatic of other underlying health issues.
As with all things, this takes commitment, but it all quickly becomes routine and with unexpected rewards.

Melissa in Nevada

I purchased the Personal Portable Oxygen Bar nearly 2 months ago. I must admit that I have not used it consistently every day. But on the days that I use the Oxygen Bar the difference is striking: My energy tends to stay up throughout the day, compared with the typical energy let down I experience later in the day. I find myself breathing better and more easily. I also notice more clarity in thinking. My entire system appears more energized. Thank you for introducing me to this great little machine.

Tom M, Mount Shasta California


"My name is Amanda and I am 28 years old. I struggled with facial acne for almost a year and at my age it was not easy to deal with physically or mentally. I followed the same routine as a lot of others do, going to the dermatologist, getting a prescription for antibiotics, discovering that my face still looks the same after 8 weeks, and rescheduling another appointment. I did this continually and tried about four to five different antibiotics which never seemed to clear up my skin. My last visit to the dermatologist I was told that the next step would be Accutane. After discovering the side effects of this product I knew I needed to find alternative treatment.

My mom sent me an email the very next day of Dr. Z's newsletter that just happened to be about the treatment of acne. She had visited Dr. Z in the past and said that I should consider making an appointment with him. After reading his newsletter, all of his points seemed very valid and I didn't hesitate to pick up the phone and call for a consultation.

I met with Dr. Z and he said that he could try and help me with my acne condition, but I was the only one who could truly help myself and I had to be willing to commit. That didn't sound too hard at that time so I agreed. I was immediately asked to start a special diet along with supplements to begin a Candida cleansing and detox.

Absolutely no sugar and no carbohydrates! This was the toughest part because there is sugar in almost everything we eat in this country. I planned and shopped ahead of time for meals and continued to stay positive and remind myself of my commitment. Dr. Z also performed Low Level Laser Therapy once a week on my face to contribute to the healing process. After 3-4 weeks I began to notice my face slowly clearing. I was more energetic, less moody, and felt happier. I continued to notice very good changes.

After seeing Dr. Z for over a month I became very aware of my own body, what I put inside of it, and what I wore on the outside. I began to question and pay attention to everything. I also realized that I had failed to mention I was currently using a Nuva Ring which is a form of birth control. It hadn't crossed my mind before because I had been on it for over ten years. I told Dr. Z immediately and he researched the side effects. Surprisingly, acne turned out to be one of them along with a hundred other horrible things. I decided for myself that I wanted to detox my body from the birth control as well and removed the Nuva Ring that evening. I knew that it may take some time for my body to adjust, but I was willing to try.

After six months my face was almost completely clear, I had lost a few un-needed pounds, my digestion was normal, my body felt stronger, I was no longer depressed, and I felt amazing.

There was one issue left. I had a small rash underneath my nose that would not clear up. Dr. Z had tested numerous things on me and he came to discover that it was an allergic reaction to the Kleenex I was using. I immediately switched to recycled, non-bleached toilet paper and tissue. My rash completely cleared up within 2 to 3 weeks.

I continue to visit Dr. Z on a regular basis because it is very beneficial to me (I have also fallen in love with his face wash and non fluoride toothpaste!). Committing to this journey was the best thing I have ever done for myself. You must keep in mind that healing your body takes time and life style changes are not always easy, but it is very rewarding in the long run.

I want to thank Dr. Z and Victoria for all they have done for me and for all they have taught me. I greatly encourage you to visit Dr. Z!"

Amanda, Lake Tahoe, California

I ran across Dr. Zs' website last fall, while suffering in the middle of the night with severe acid reflux, and looking for some type of alternative medical help. It had become worse over a period of six months and I ended up in a hospital away from home being treated for a heart attack. But it was my second ulcer instead. I was unable to take the medication I was given because of the side effects.

My husband read a testimonial on Dr. Zs' website of a story nearly identical to mine and asked if I thought we should visit Dr. Z. His office is about 100 miles from where we live.

I had a host of other complaints as well. Severe mood swings, bone crushing fatigue, insomnia, chronic sinus infections and allergies. Along with chronic back and neck pain.

I first met with Dr. Z the second week of Feb. '07 and was given a complete going over. I was asked to do a special diet for a short period of time along with supplements for Candida and Detox. It was a challenge and I stuck pretty close to home during this time to manage the program. It is overwhelming at first but not impossible.

I am thrilled to say that I am symptom free now, four months later!!! Also, my husband decided to join me on the journey and feels great and has dropped 20lbs.

We have also been using Dr. Z's Personal Portable Oxygen Bar at home and have been pleasantly surprised by the benefits. We are at a high altitude and we seemed to need the extra boost.

There are many facets of treatment with Dr. Z to help with your recovery, a special one being the sweet and grounding presence of his lovely wife Victoria.

I would sincerely encourage anyone to meet with Dr. Z for an evaluation. I am very grateful for his expertise and caring heart.

Melissa in Nevada

Hi Dr. Z

I am writing you to tell you what effects I have felt since using the new Personal Portable Oxygen Bar for the past 3 weeks or so. The changes are subtle but I have noticed that I feel like I have more air in my lungs these days. I feel like I can breathe deeper. On your recommendation I work out while using the oxygen bar. What a difference - when I was walking on the treadmill tonight I actually felt like running. Usually I walk fast but I think the feeling of extra lung capacity gives me more energy when I am exercising. I have been using it for about 10 to 20 minutes twice a day. I notice when I use it later in the day when I am a little tired that my brain fog clears up.

My 16 year old daughter Sabrina has been using it about 10 to 20 minutes once or twice a day. She has had problems with acne for probably 4 years. She has tried virtually everything. Nothing had any lasting effect. She became very frustrated and tried to hide her acne with heavy make up.

To me her skin looks at least 60% better. She uses much less make up. Needless to say, Sabrina is very happy. I am so thrilled to see her feel better about herself.

I am glad that we got the unit.

Linda B, Grass Valley California

I have been using Dr. Z's Personal Portable Oxygen Bar now for several weeks. I work from home so I'm able to use it every hour or so while sitting in front of the computer.

I will tell you this - I feel better at the end of a long day. I no longer feel like I'm pooped. Instead, I feel good and ready to do some work around the house.

My wife has asthma and has also been using it, mostly at night in front of TV. She is also reporting feeling better - and most importantly she is breathing much better. Her sleep quality is immensely improved.

Thanks Dr. Z
Shawn M, Nevada City, Ca

Dear Dr. Z,

My eighty-six year old uncle has had neuropathy for about ten years. When his family doctor sent him to a neurologist to see what could be done, he was given foot braces to hold up his “lazy feet” and told there wasn't much else anyone could do. At the time he received his braces he had no feeling from his feet up to just above the knee.

Last Thanksgiving I realized he was getting much worse, walking with canes and hardly able to keep his balance. About six months ago I discovered the Dr. Z website and did the Self Evaluation for him.

I ordered both the Pleo Muc Capsules and the Pleo Muc Ointment for him and as of today, about six months later, he walks without a cane, keeps his balance, he holds one foot up completely without support and the other has just a small bit of “play” in it. He is so excited at the speed and the degree with which he is improving. He even took a pin to his feet and he could feel it! I hope everyone with this ailment finds you, we both have told anyone who will listen to us.

We now believe he will recover completely, and he has promised to take me to the New Years Ball.

Thank you for bringing hope and mobility to a wonderful uncle.


Sue G., Laguna Beach California


I have suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis for years. One of the nasty effects of this condition, or maybe the side effects of all the medications I am taking, is that my heart is racing pretty much all the time. Nothing I do or take seems to help with that.

Dr. Z recently introduced me to the Personal Portable Oxygen Bar. He showed me how to use it and allowed me to "test drive" it for a few minutes.

Amazing! Within less than a minute my heart rate went down 10 points. I decided to purchase Dr. Z's Personal Portable Oxygen Bar for myself and the rest of my family. I love that head set.

This morning my 89 year old mother woke up with very red and blood shot eyes. Even our caregiver commented. I hooked her up to the oxygen bar for 20 minutes. Her eyes looked normal afterwards. I am not sure how better air made her her eyes look better, but we sure like these results.

Marlene F., Penn Valley California

For quite some time I have not been feeling well. My left arm felt numb and uncomfortable, especially driving and typing. I felt bloated, had little energy. My left ankle has hurt for years. I injured my left knee working with a personal trainer who insisted that I do low squats.

I had headaches often, my neck hurt constantly, my nose was always stuffy and I ate a lot, mostly carbs. I also have had this strange area in my right lower eye where I could not see anything.

I am 34. I did not like to feel this way. I found Dr. Z on the internet. Amazing! He was right in this area.

During my first appointment Dr. Z determined that I was allergic to many things - most foods I was used to eating and to most of my make up, my fluoride toothpaste and even my toilet paper.

Dr. Z put me on his hypoglycemia and candida diet and recommended several supplements. I cheated very little because I was determined to get better. He adjusts my spine. He also has me do spins to balance my brain. Looks funny, but it seems to work.

He insisted that I wear custom orthotics. I love these orthotics. Within two weeks my left knee pain is nearly totally gone and my left ankle feels much more stable.

And then my right eye. I had already considered seeing an eye doctor. Dr. Z recommended that I use Pleo Muc Eye Drops daily, in the morning and in the evening. I love these drops. Within 2 days this strange blind spot was totally gone. My eyes feel more easy. I gave a bottle to my mom and to my friend Eileen.

Now, 2 months later most of my problems are gone. I am thrilled.

Mindi P., Grass Valley, Ca




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