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Don't Feel Good? - Don't Know Why?

  • Have you been from one doctor to another doctor,... ?
  • Have you been told:
    "It is all in your head! You just have to live with it."
  • Find out what might be causing your problems!!
  • Find out How YOU Can Take Charge, TODAY


Dr. Z's Self Evaluation is unique and new to the Internet.

  • The process involves answering basic questions about your health
  • All questions are multiple choice - you just click on your answer
  • The form is quite extensive and may take you between 10-15 minutes to complete.

Once you have completed answering all questions, you will be presented with suggestions as to what functional disturbances might cause your symptoms.

Your personalized Dr. Z Four Week Health Express is available for purchase on-line. This protocol is based on Dr. Z's extensive clinical experience and determined by how you have answered the questions.

Your Dr. Z Four Week Health Express contains:

  • Thorne Research nutritional supplements specific for your needs
  • Sanum/PleoSanum homeopathic remedies when indicated
  • recommended dosages (when and how to take them)
  • instructions for essential dietary changes
"Excellent website. I am not surprised at my "diagnosis". Just only surprised at how your website did in 10 minutes what 11 doctors could not do in 3 years...."
Athena J., Pembroke, Ma
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