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Leah ... feels almost Human - 5 Days into the Program

Hi Dr. Z

Well I have been on the the Four Week Health Express - cleanse for 5 days.  I am/was a smoker/drinker/midnight toker and I have done none of that business this past week with no craving what so ever, surprisingly.  I wake up for work at 6:30am M-F and didn't go to bed before midnight always.  My eyes have been closed before 11pm all week.  I am almost starting to feel human.

I do like reading the testimonials, I get so much from them.  I was going to comment on the amount of oil/butter in Mrs. Z's Candida Cookbook recipes.  It is way more than I am used to, but I read that high fat is part and parcel with the high protein diet.

My 11 year daughter has been enjoying the meals also which means I don't have to make more meals, which in a bonus.

I know the challenge has just begun.  I look forward to further results.

Thank you,

Leah, British Columbia


Hi Dr. Z!

My name is Krista and I am 38 years old.  I believe that I have been suffering from Candida all of my life.  It has taken me this long to put all of the pieces together and get the help that I need, but I am on the road to recovery.  Dr. Z's instructions and products have been instrumental in my journey. 

Growing up, as far back in my earliest memories, I was sick.  I suffered from sore throats and often strep throat, ear infections, and an entire litany of strange illnesses.  I remember every family trip and vacation by which illness I had and how severe the strep throat was at that time.  I was given antibiotics routinely, sometimes even monthly as a child.  My illnesses continued into my teenage years, where the thrush, yeast infections and migraines came into play.  I had severe sinus infections and polyps form in my sinuses, which were removed a number of times by surgery and more antibiotics.  I was given every headache medication and/or shot that was available to try to control the migraines, but nothing seemed to help.  High school is a blur because of all of the drugs I was given. 

When I was eighteen, I was given a book called Fit For Life.  It more or less said that we should all follow vegetarian diets and live on fresh juices and foods.  I tried that at the time and actually began to feel a lot better.  I now know that this was not the best choice for me, but what it did was start me on the road to "natural living".  I was vegan for a year and had my first child at the tender age of twenty.  At that point, I started craving meat and went back to an animal based diet, but I kept reading and learning as much as I couuld about herbs, natural remedies and cleansing.  I had another child at the age of twenty-two and was determined not to give them antibiotics, as I had learned that they can cause many problems.  Over the years, I saw different doctors in the naturopathic field and tried a lot of different therapies, but I guess I never realized that I had this huge underlying problem with the yeast that would be with me until I made some drastic changes in my life.

I have always used homeopathic remedies for my children's illnesses with great success.  My doctor told me years ago that every good mother keeps Pleo-Not in her medicine cabinet at all times.  That was very good advice.  I did just that and my children never needed medication and always bounced back from their illnesses very quickly. 

The doctor that I got it from for many years stopped carrying it, so I went online on a quest to find it for my newest edition, Orion, who is now two years old.  I found Dr. Z when I searched Pleo-Not Drops and began purchasing them from him

I have been doing so for about a year and finally decided to take his Self Evaluation online.  Of course, I kind of knew what it would say, but seeing it in print in front of me really cemented the fact that I have to beat it or I will continue suffering for the rest of my life.  I have been having trouble with low blood sugar issues all of my adult life, but just over the last few months it had gotten really really bad. 

So five weeks ago, I decided to take the plunge.  I ordered the recommended products and did as much research as I could on dietary information so that I would be armed with plenty of recipes. 

I went cold turkey. 

  • No sugar of any kind. 
  • No grains. 
  • Pretty much just meat, green and white vegetables, nuts, seeds, eggs, oils and butter.

The first few days were hell.  The headache was terrible and I really couldn't muster up much strength to do even normal daily activities.  I went through horrible cravings and withdrawals for a week or two.  Whenever I felt like I was going to cave, I gave myself a pep talk and told myself that I could do this and I would feel so much better in the long run

I am the only one in my family on the diet right now, so I am still surrounded by all the "normal" foods that are found in most pantries.  Somehow, some way, I have been able to fight through the rough patches.  I feel like I have been afflicted with this my entire life and it probably won't go away without a fight.  I am taking the supplements and staying strict with my diet for a full six weeks.  I will most probably slowly add a few more foods in after that point, but my goal is to stay away from sugar and flour and most grains and dairy indefinitely.  

  • I feel AMAZING now! 
  • I have lost eleven pounds
  • my aches and pains have all but disappeared
  • I sleep like a rock now.

My hormones have leveled out and my period came and went with no warning

My mood has lifted from a pretty deep depression into a much healthier, lighter mood.  

The blood sugar control is much better
and I would say close to normal. 

I even wake up with a start in the morning and have a clear head and energy to boot.  I'm sure there are probably other benefits that I have not thought to mention.  It has been worth the struggle and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Stay to course and God bless you

Krista F, Missouri



Pat - 48 Years Old - Takes Action and Wins Big Time

Dr. Z - Your website is great.

I'm a 48 year old female who started feeling bad over the last few years. My energy seemed to be fading, I was gaining weight, I had many headaches, stomach problems, PMS and thought I was hypoglycemic (mood swings and feeling faint if I didn't eat in a few hours). So I went to my Dr. for a physical. The only thing she could tell me was that I had a vitamin D defiency and to take Vitamin D supplements. She wanted to give me a pill for each of my other symptoms but I declined. I wanted to know why I was feeling bad; I didn't want to take a pill to hide my symptoms.

After doing research on the internet I found that most of my problems may be from a Candida yeast infection. I did the online test and scored very high. Finally I had a possible reason for my symptoms.

After many searches for Candida I ended up on Dr. Z's website. I took the on-line Self Evaluation and Dr. Z sent me comprehensive results and a plan for feeling better.

  • I was very hesitant because of the cost and the very strict diet.
  • I was used to eating many carbs and sweets and foods that I may be allergic to.

    A few months prior I had already given up all fake sugar (equal, sweet-n-low, splenda).

I decided to give Dr. Z a try and I'm really glad I did. I ordered his Self Evaluation/Candida Kit and a few more supplements and began his eating plan.

I'm not going to lie -- the diet was really hard. But every week it got easier for me.

Five weeks later

  • I'm 15 lbs lighter
  • no more blood sugar problems
  • no digestion problems
  • headaches are better
  • and my energy has returned.

    A big plus is that I'm sleeping much better (used to wake up during the night).

I just ordered the Personal Portable Oxygen Bar and can't wait to receive it. Dr. Z has been a blessing to me and I would definitely recommend his website.

Thank you Dr. Z

Pat M., Hamilton Sqaure, New Jersey


Elisabeth - 42 years old - There is HOPE - It is Never Too Late!

Thank you Dr. Z  

This is an update after working with you for one week.

I don’t know where to start. I had a lot of different health Issues. Just to mention some of them:

Chronic Fatigue, Allergies, Rashes, Bloating, Depression, Hypoglycemia, Food Craving, Overweight, and arthritis pain in my shoulder.

I felt like an old women at the age of 41, with no power. Everything in life was too much to handle for me. After my blood work came back from my doctor telling me that my Calcium in the Blood is high and they are not sure where it comes from I had enough. I had ordered Sanum/PleSanum Products from Dr. Z on-line before so he was not new to me. I researched more on his website and decided to make an appointment.

Dr. Z right away told me that he is not a Healer, he is here to educate me and show me tools to help me heal. I was totally ok with that, it is my life anyhow. He also asked me what I think about my self, regarding strength; I told him that I consider myself strong!  I was proven totally wrong, I was everywhere weak.

After my initial meeting with Dr. Z, I went home and did exactly as I was told.

Here are some examples:

- got rid of all my polyester clothing, bedding etc.
- changed my diet completely, zero sugar, to eating Protein and Vegetable and Salads

- took the recommended supplements, especially for digestion and Candida
- did not use any of my cosmetics no more
- changed to non-bleached toilet paper etc.
- decided to purchased the Personal Portable Oxygen Bar

- started doing daily EWOT, Exercise With Oxygen Training, with deep breathing
- did my daily prescribed brain exercises such as spinning

On Dr. Z's Self Scoring Test I started out at 99 and dropped down in the first week to a score of 12.

Simply amazing.
I feel like a new person. My mood swings are a lot better, my depression is almost gone. It feels great to know that I have no mental problems.

I had a lot of problems with my health and I m taking care of myself now. My pain in the shoulder is almost gone completely; also my rash and bloating are gone completely. The brain fogs are lightening up a lot.   I lost a couple of pounds and will be losing some more. I had weight problems pretty much all my life.
Thank you so much for everything, what a great improvement in just one week. I'm very grateful for you and your wife’s help.

Elisabeth A, Fairfield, California


Two weeks on Dr. Z's Self Evaluation Protocol

Hi Dr. Z,    

Just wanted to check in and let you know how I am doing on your Self Evaluation Candida/Hypoglycemia protocol. I just finished up my second week and am starting my third week today.

I still had some fatigue after finishing my menstrual period this past weekend. That caused me some concern. I knew fatigue could be a possible side-effect. But that lasted only 2 or 3 days after my period ended, and then my energy started to emerge.

I had an absolutely wonderful day yesterday ... lots of energy, very little mucus ... it felt so good.

Like I had said in one of my earlier reports, May is usually my worse month for allergies. I usually have to go on Prednisone (since nothing else helped). This year, I am amazed that I am not experiencing this.

The only symptoms I am experiencing seems to be 'reversal symptoms' ...

  • being able to cough up old mucus in my chest
  • minimal allergy symptoms
  • minimal gas
  • better digestion
  • and more energy

I have lost another 1 1/2 - 2 pounds. I've become a little better at drinking water, but still need to improve on that. I have cut down on overeating with the nuts, but I still have moments that I overdo (I think it's when I experience a craving or tiredness ... otherwise I am fine).

I finished the Pleo 3X suppositories on day 10, and will start the Lactobacillus Sporogenes after completing the 3rd week.

I was just wondering what happens after the fourth week. I know that I can start incorporating foods slowly, but do you have any other specific guidelines? Also, from what I have read off your web site, am I correct in my understanding that I need to stay on the Formula SF 722 and the Lactobacillus Sporogenes indefinitely? The reason I am asking is because I want to make sure that I don't run out of the supplements that I will need.

I saw my update report in your latest newsletter. I hope that it may help to encourage others, who are suffering with this condition, to try your candida support program. Thank you, for honoring my request of leaving out my last name and location.

Until next week,

Denise, East Coast


Nine weeks on Dr. Z's Self Evaluation Protocol

I'm doing just fine. I noticed that the supplements are helping my digestion. It's slow, but there has already been a definite improvement. Just saw my Primary Care Physician yesterday, and my cholesterol went down from 261 to 187!

My PCP was floored. At my last visit with him (3 months ago), he wanted to put me on cholesterol-lowering drugs, but I refused. I already had my mind made up that I would refuse taking these drugs, again, when I saw him yesterday. I never expected to have my cholesterol go down that quickly. It has always been borderline high (221), but had just recently gone up to 261. When we reviewed the test results, we both were stunned. I must tell you that he was not only excited, but also bewildered. He said he could never have gotten that good of results with the cholesterol-lowering drug that he would have given me. I just started working with this Doctor in February. Previously, I had a Doctor who didn't want to learn or work with me.

This new Doctor is more open to new ideas. When I said to him: "Now aren't you glad that you took me on as a patient?" He at first shook his head "no", but then replied: "You are going to change the whole way that we practice medicine."

I guess you can imagine how he felt. Here he spends all this money and all this time going to medical school, only to have someone like me come into his practice and make suggestions as to what I want to try and ask him if he will work with me and monitor my results. He is starting to read books that I have suggested to him, and keeps asking me to pass all along all my research information. My next thing is to share with him what I have learned about digestion. I am taking it slowly, since I don't want to overwhelm the guy. He knows all about the supplements that I am taking. It's going to take time, but I think we will have another 'convert'.

I am slowly decreasing my steroid inhalers ... very slowly. The congestion and mucus is getting less, but if I try to go without them, I still wind up in trouble. So, I think, slowly is the best way for me to proceed.

I have been trying to convince my boyfriend to use some of your supplements. Currently, he is on a Rx med for Gerd. I keep telling him that the med is stopping production of the hydrochloric acid, which is exactly opposite of what needs to be done. He would listen, but would still continue to take his med.

I can see his health deteriorating right before my eyes. He never had allergies, and now he is reacting to things worse than me. He's also breaking out with sores all over his body. Well, after I had the dramatic effect on my cholesterol, he decided to try it my way. He is going to wean himself off of the Rx med, watch his diet carefully, and once the Gerd symptoms calm down, he is going to try the Betain with Pepsin, and the Dipan-9. I am going to try to convince him to take the test on your web site. But I have to go slowly with him, too. People have been so ingrained to listen to medical doctors without questioning them. I used to be like that, but after they kept me on Prednisone for so long, I started questioning their practices. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find a lot of information, until I got a computer and was able to search the web. The Internet has been a godsent for me.

I was planning on writing to you after 8 weeks, since that was when you said that we needed to revisit my status. I know that corrections won't happen overnight, especially with how serious my problems are. But I am pleased with the changes that I am seeing already. My doctor is going to check my thyroid function in another 6 weeks to see if the Iodine & Tyrosine has had any effect.

I have passed along your web site to people in the online support groups that I belong to. What they do with the information is up to them. Like they say ... "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink". Sometimes you just have to get to the point of being 'sick and tired' of being 'sick and tired' ... if you know what I mean.

Thanks again for all you help. I'll keep you posted as to my progress ... probably after my next bloodwork which will be in 6 weeks.

Denise, East Coast


Hi Dr. Z
just ordered everything.(Four Week Health Express) Thank you for that and for your incredible effectiveness and great customer service – I am honestly very grateful and amazed at how quickly you have responded to all my emails. I have never had this before and I've been dealing with many other on-line transactions and trying to get help and advice this way.
Thank you for that so much.

Anisa D, Tasmania, Australia

I have finished the 4 Week Health Express kit and feel remarkably better. Here are some examples:

  • Indigestion is virtually gone
  • Candida symptoms I didn't know I had were gone within 5-6 days (vaginal odor)
  • Joint pain diminished within the first week and movement is free & easy now.
    I have had only 1 headache in 4 weeks and this was early on so it could be attributed to detox.
  • I sleep better and feel refreshed upon waking.
  • I no longer get shaky before eating or feel the need to nap afterward.

Changes I made to my diet were eliminating all processed flour products, all dairy products (except butter) and elimination of condiments containing vinegar. I have missed my fruit, however.

J. D., Enumclaw, Washington


My husband and I have been on the candida/hypoglycemia program for 7 days and we are both absolutely amazed at the difference we feel already and in such a short time.

When I wake up in the morning, I am now feeling rested and ready for the day. No longer do we get the “afternoon sleepies” and are sleeping much better at night. Increased energy levels are amazing.

I have not had the body aches and the lethargy/depression seem to have abated. Added benefit is we have both lost around 4 lbs in a week. We have been sticking to the diet pretty rigorously.

We did have one blip, which really brought home how bad refined sugar is. We went to a wedding Sunday and did well with the food, but broke down and had a piece of cake. We both had horrendous headaches the rest of the day into the evening and felt terrible. Lesson learned!

When I started the program, I figured a lot of the claims were hype, but if it worked half as well as claimed, I would be happy. Well, it works absolutely as well as stated on your website testimonials and we are now true converts.

Deb C, Glendora, California


Dear Dr. Z

I am writing you to let you know of my progress. Only a month of following your diet suggestions and the supplements and I have gotten rid of carb/sugar cravings (they were extremely strong before).

But most importantly I got rid of mood swings!! I just feel much more even now.

Just to remind you I am a psychologist and when I felt down I wondered why I felt that way and only addressed it from a psychological level. Never knew sugars and carbs can affect me that much!! Now I know.

And since I am eating so healthy my 3,5 year old son has been following my foot steps voluntarily! Yesterday we went to a burger place, and he left the buns out and only ate the meat!! (he saw me do that, talk about role modeling) and he told his friend "too much sugar is bad for the tummy!"

Thanks so much for your help

Karol N, Marina Del Rey, California


Hi Doctor Z.,

Almost 3 years ago I went to the hospital thinking I was having a heart attack, after 4 days of testing they concluded I did not have a heart problem.

They concluded I was having acid reflux which can mimic a heart attack. I was referred to a specialist that deals with digestion problems and he diagnosed me as having GERD. He prescribed Prevacid which I took for 2 years and then switched to Prilosec OTC and during that time tried everything under the sun (antacids and even natural ingredients like vinegar, honey, orange peel, skim milk etc.).

During that time I got very little relief from the constant burning in my esophagus from anything I did. So, I decided to look further on the internet for a natural cure for GERD and through a search engine I found you Doc Z...

I took your online questionnaire and you recommended a month long protocol addressing the following conditions:

which you believe I have based on the info I provided.

I received your recommended protocol on Monday and started it immediately. And after 4 days of use the constant pain was 99% gone. The pain I now have on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the worst, I have a 0 to 0.5.

My tongue had a white coating on it before treatment and now is nice and pink (a white coated tongue I think is a sign of Candida infection). I believe the problem I had was an overgrowth of Candida which does not go away without proper nutrition and treatment.

And as of today I have not taken Prilosec OTC or any other heartburn meds for 5 days.

Thanks Doc Z. I'm now getting the relief I've been searching for.

Raymond F G. Jr, Ohio

Dear Dr. Z

I want to thank you for the study you have done on Hypoglycemia, and for the treatment you recommend.

I was in very bad physical condition when I got in contact with you. I did not want go anywhere or see anyone. I felt as if I was in another world most of the time. My nerves were very bad and I was weak and shaky quite a bit of the time.

Thank God and you for the diet you put me on for a month and for the supplements. With the cleansing, the supplements, and eating right, I now have my life back. I am still on Medipro.
Lewis S, Indian Trail, North Carolina


I have actually had days and partial days of feeling so much better since I started this regimen last Thursday that it was a no brainer to just follow course.

Thanks for all of the time you've taken to respond!
Irene B, Maryland

A validating "Thank You" from a loyal customer

Just a thank you (with a little history), I wanted to thank you for your products and information you have made available to the public. Not only do you provide good details, you have also made yourself available as a physician.

Such a rare quality to see such personal responses from the actual person! I started some of your product blends approximately 3 weeks ago....due to some strange health concerns, I went searching for something to assist my own practices. I was diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 at the age of 2.

Currently, I am 29 years old and took responsibility for my own health.
Although blood tests (A1c) show I am in great control, one concern was the
size of the thyroid. Ultrasounds did not show any problems and lab results
(T3, T7, T4, TSH) were within healthy ranges
. In addition, my endocrinologist could find nothing in the way of "wrong" and for all intensive purposes I am in "great health".

Needless to say, there are so many changes the body goes through in addition
to the 7 year cycle and lately I have been experiencing more. Strange
anomalies such as

  • hypoglycemia
  • inability to digest carbohydrates
  • afternoon fatigue
  • unexplained weight gain

and various bodily functions were beginning to affect me and no test or doctor could pinpoint anything out of the ordinary. The herbs I had been taking were also not reacting like they used to.... I was pretty fed up and needed some help.

When I found your website, I instantly got the impression that I needed to pay attention (I am real big on intuition). I went through the Self Evaluation and purchased the products advised.

After 3 weeks of following the suggested regime and combining that with my own dietary needs, I have not felt this good in months.

Digestion is about back to normal, my weight is normalizing (almost back to 110), my moods are not as volatile and the most wonderful is the Thyroid Complex effects. Thyroid problems run in my family so I may have been heading towards Hashimoto's or hypothyroidism.

Perhaps with your blends I can save the gland from being removed, getting
worse or affecting my digestion like it has.....I sure do feel better now!

Kind of a long method to say thank you....I hope my history and results from
your blends is decent validation to the service you have provided to us.

Much appreciated and thank you again,
Maralina D


I started on 9/1 and have completed a week+. Some days I've only been able to have the supplements or the drinks twice due to travel schedule inconvenience, but always at least twice and I've been very strict on the diet end.

Feel great, lost about 5 pounds already. Thanks.
Ray R, Encino, California

Hello Dr Z:

Two weeks into the Self Evaluation program. I still get a little edgy and lethargic- many days I don't have enough of energy to do my work; graphic design/sign design-and I lose interest in everything- but I don't get 'brain dead' tired, and the depression , the real bad stuff, has evaporated. I feel my life is being restored and that you have been placed in my life through my faith in Jesus Christ.

When I quit drinking in '87, I quit smoking 2 months later. I was in AA program for months and found out about a doctor in Connecticut who then diagnosed me, after a glucose tolerance test, with Low Blood Sugar/Hypoglycemia.

When he suggested I quit most of what I liked to eat, I flat out refused to follow his recovery program. All it costs me was $1,200. and 15 years of misery.

I am following your outline vigorously, and really like the foods that I'm eating, even the straight olive oil on salads- except that I've been having one coffee at 10:30 every day. Next week, I intend to drink one every other day, etc.

My countenance looks much better, and is holding. If it and the absence of depression stays like this for another three weeks, I'll know it's the program you prescribed. I say this because I've had a lifetime of 180 degree shifts in facial countenance that did not necessarily correlate with many different types of depression. Nor did it correlate to improved diet and exercise. Countenance shifts have been a lifetime debilitation greater than psychotic depression. Devastating to not know how you will look, let alone feel, from week to week. From day to day. That knocks alot of dominos down.

  • Chronic eczema is clearing up.
  • Itchy scalp gone too.
  • Mucus starting to clear up.
  • Haven't taken a Xanax in over a week.

Your working for God whether you know it or not!

Tom B, Bakersfield, Ca

P.S. - Thanks for giving me more personal attention than any doctor I've seen in the past ten years!


Dear Dr. Z,

I have ordered Betaine HCL and Pepsin, Lactobacillus Sporogenes, Medipro, Formula SF722, Dipan and the Pure Ascorbic Acid.

From only taking these products for only a few days I have already seen quite a few improvements.   I know I could probably be better with the diet plan that came with it, however, now I am at 114 (from 118), but, I do follow pretty good.  I am a little worried of losing too much weight.

The improvements I have seen are feeling an overall betterness, my dark circles are starting to lighten up ( a problem I have had for years), my digestive system has improved probably at least 25-30% and even the appearance of my tongue is about 45% better (used to be white). 

I am amazed what these products have done.  I am more amazed that a doctor I have never met, especially over the internet, seems to know more than the several doctors that I have seen (including nutritionists).

The main purpose of this note is to tell you Thank You!  

I am so very much appreciative and amazed.  I will definitely recommend your site and products to my friends and family. 


Albuquerque, New Mexico

My name is Alene.

I have followed your program for the past 4 weeks for the candida/yeast infection. I've seen great improvement in my health.

I'm able to basically walk again. My knees were so bad I couldn't walk up and down the stairs or sit in a chair. They are now 100% better.

I've seen improvement in my hands, I have strength back into my hands that I can open jars and a full grip. My skin rash on the lower part of my body has gone away. It has cleared up some of the eczema, but I still have itching in the rectal area. It is better, but not completely gone.

Pocatello, Idaho

Hello Dr Z,

I am concluding my fifth week on the Candida protocol. I don't want the candida to return. So what do you recommend I eat and drink to prevent that? Please be specific. I do drink wine and beer occasionally. Should I not do that at all when I go back to regular eating?

It is interesting that I have had few sugar cravings. Just want to eat something crunchy like the nuts.

I really love fruit! In fact I have two pear trees, an apple tree, blue and blackberries bushes in my yard.

By the way I have lost 13 pounds since I started the protocol. Have been walking 3 to 6 miles per day. Sure that is helping. I will continue with the Medipro and the fat loss protocol.

How can I be sure I get that discount for multiple bottles of Medipro? May start my husband on it too! There is no place for indicating that on the website.

I have sent others to your website!!

Thank you again for your help!!

Brenda R. Seattle, Washington

Hi Dr. Z

30 days are up. I will continue using medipro and adding food groups into my diet.

Many of my complaints have disappeared. I am thrilled with my progress.
I have lost 8.5 lbs. and my body fat went from 30% down to 25.5%

Unless you direct me otherwise, I will continue with the diabenil, the lactobacillus and the Betaine HCL. I stopped taking the ascorbic acid and my hives have calmed down.

I will also take the Multivitamins. Do I need to take so much of the SF722?

I feel much better and was relieved to know that even though I drank before I had no problem quitting. It must have been a sugar thing.

My best to you and Victoria.

I will check in with you in another 30 days.

T S, San Diego, CT

Dr Z,

I am in the 3rd week of your anti candida diet and supplements. I am losing weight, feel better more energy and better mental function, but not 100% yet.

Thanks for your help

David R. Cookeville, Tennessee

Dear Dr. Z,

I am starting to feel much better, more energetic, not feeling the need to sleep as much.  I observed the other day that after taking the supplements an organ in my lower left abdomen (pancreas?) was throbbing and beating significantly. 

I am beginning to feel more sexual.  My head is clearing, not so much brain-fog

The depression is not anywhere near as severe and I must say that I've been feeling happier the last couple days and not so lost in gloom and sadness and worry

I'm feeling really clear-headed and good right now.

Thank You,

Shane L. Burlington, Vermont


I am a 51 year old airline pilot and have been in excellent health (at least what is generally accepted as “normal”) for most of my life.

About ten years ago, however, I started experiencing nerve pain in my right upper shoulder with sharp burning pain in my right forearm and numbness in my fingers. After many visits to doctors (neurologists and chiropractors) I finally tried prolotherapy treatment, which helped for a few years. But the problem returned and I've had to have acupuncture to keep the pain under control.

In the last year I've had many more problems – lower back pain that disrupts my sleep, aches in joints, mouth sores, painful cracks on my heels, ankle and jaw clacking, numbness in left foot, poor memory and fuzzy thinking, mood swings, groin itching, extreme fatigue, sleep apnea.

I have purchased Thorne supplements from Dr. Z for the last couple of years, and after looking at Dr. Z's website my wife suggested that I fill out the online Self Evaluation. I had been thinking that perhaps one of my problems could be candida. Sure enough, the evaluation suggested that I follow the candida program so I decided to give it a try. I ordered the candida supplements and began to follow Dr. Z's diet guidelines.

Within a few days I had no fuzzy thinking, no mouth sores, no joint pain. I was feeling great and lost seven pounds in the first week. The diet is simple, but not easy, and you must be motivated.

A few weeks later I decided to travel to see Dr. Z and hoped that he could get to the bottom of all my other problems. After a thorough examination, he explained that all my problems could be caused by imbalance in brain function, and that my prolotherapy and acupuncture treatments might be just band aids.

My wife was able to sit in on my appointments with him and she was amazed at my improvement in only a couple of days with Dr. Z. I was fitted for custom orthotics for my flat feet (they'll improve my body alignment and balance) and given instructions for spinning exercises to stimulate my brain. We also discussed products I've been using, such as deodorant, lotion, soap, toilet paper, etc., that are weakening my body and we tested ones that are right for me. I have also changed my drinking water to spring water and added chlorine filters to my shower. These are just a few of the issues we discussed.

I have just completed thirty days of my candida diet/program. I no longer have sugar cravings like I used to and my nagging small physical symptoms have all disappeared. My wife says my moods are much improved.

I just received my custom orthotics yesterday and have only been able to wear them for three hours, but I can really tell a huge difference in my posture. It's amazing to “feel” what normal is. I will report back again when I've worn them for a month or so.

  • I must also let you know that our 18 year-old son with cystic acne agreed to begin the candida diet with me and my wife. He once saw a dermatologist two years ago who wanted to force Accutane on him, but when my wife read the fine print warnings she refused.

He has been a heavy cereal eater with sullen moods.

Within one week we were stunned to see an entire new personality in him.

He was chatty with us, happy, smiling, energetic. WOW. Incredible!

He has continued on the diet so far, with a few lapses here and there, but overall it's such a thrilling improvement in our family. His face is better with no new outbreaks.

Thanks Dr. Z for your insight, knowledge, and help! My trip to see Dr. Z was well worth the effort and time.

Mike M. , Captain, US Airways, Tucson, AZ


Hallo Dr. Z.

I received your Four Week Health Express package on August 1st. I have had a few very stressful weeks and had no time to write. I own and operate an Adult Foster Care Home and am working almost around the clock since one of my employees quit last week.

Over all I am doing a lot better even though I did not take the MediPro. It’s tough to get that mix to dissolve well. I noticed that I do not have enough of the Diabenil and was wondering if that was on purpose or a possible glitch in shipping.

I noticed that my bowels have improved and I could not have kept my schedule with my previous eating habits.

The increase in energy is amazing!

I slipped a few times and had a peanut butter cookie. Strangely my heart burn came back almost immediately.

There is a lot of good in this diet, I lost 6 pounds. It is tough to find foods to eat though without eating the same thing over and over.

Thanks for caring!!
Gabriele, Michigan


I have suffered from asthma and allergies all my life, having been frequently sick and always low-energy in childhood and into early adulthood. I took lots regular asthma medications, allergy shots, and frequently got ill enough to need antibiotics.

My diet was very poor in childhood - lots of sweets and sodas as often as I could manage to have them.

I had a blood test done which revealed allergies to a tremendous number of foods- so many that the lab re-ran the test several times to be sure the results were accurate as they had not seen anyone, apparently, with so many reactions.

By avoiding the foods identified as problems by the blood test, I saw significant improvement over a few months, but had to deal with a very restricted diet, and a lot of inconsistency in terms of how well I felt. After some time, avoiding the offending foods was not working well. I tried many natural remedies with no results of any kind.

I came across Dr. Z's web site while searching for natural health care for allergies on the web. I took the Self Evaluation quiz, and interacted with Dr. Z. by email, and eventually bought the recommended products, and received the dietary information.

It was difficult for me to follow Dr. Z's advice as strictly as I would have liked to, as I had allergic reactions to some of the supplements he recommended - a problem I have faced many times - being allergic to the proposed allergy treatment. But Dr. Z. gave me ongoing guidance and eventually I was able to settle on several supplements which I could tolerate and which he felt would help me.

After a month or so, I could feel that my persistent sinus congestion and post-nasal drip had reduced noticeably. I also noticed that I was having fewer allergic skin irritations. Over time this continued to improve. While I also continue to take a maintenance dose of asthma medicine, I have found that taking very small amounts is sufficient, and that my use of a short-term "rescue" inhaler has gone from rare to never. I am also having a much easier spring in terms of allergies than I had last year.

Overall, my progress is significant. At the same time, I remain allergic to many foods, and have far to go in restoring my health.

Dr. Z. has been very helpful and very available. My experience has confirmed for me that his approach to diet makes a difference. When I was eating a "healthy" diet, it was mostly carbohydrates, and I was not feeling well despite the food being both healthy and on my list of foods to which I am not allergic. The new diet resonates very well with me, and I hope that over time things will continue to progress!

Steve W., Chicago Illinois


Finding my way back to good health – My 3 week experience, to date, under Dr. Z's care.

Up until the fall of 2004, I was a mostly healthy 54-year-old male. Nothing really serious. Although there were the typical occasional sore throats, a head cold or 2 and occasional visits to medical doctors once or twice each year, usually due to bronchitis, I felt pretty good over all. Being a type A personality, I was always internally driven and was blessed with a body full of energy and stamina equal to many of my younger peers. I attributed my condition to good German hereditary genes, a well-balanced diet, a good marriage, and a good attitude toward life.

But in the fall of 2004, something happened to my body. What the cause was, I don't really know. It could have been my age finally catching up with me. Or maybe it was the stress of my job or some other factor. Regardless, the result was the same—my first sinus infection.

The journey over the next 18 months was at times pretty miserable and was laced with bouts that sapped my energy. This experience included six (6) separate rounds of varying antibiotics, one MRI / some additional testing, and more visits to my medical doctor and a couple specialists than I had had in all the previous 5 years It never really got completely better but it really did not get much worse either. It just lingered on. That was the status quote until I took a flying trip back east. On the return flight home the pressure in my ears would not equalize. While most all of us who have flown at one time or another have experienced this at one time or another, this was a whole new experience because the ears would not clear. 6 weeks later, many more trips to numerous medical doctors and specialists and numerous prescription drugs that caused a lot more harmful side effects than any good they did, caused me to look beyond the only ‘health care system' that I had every known. In my case the medical establishment had simply run out of things to do or pills to prescribe for either the short-term ear or longer-term chronic sinusitis problems that had taken over my body. I was out of easy options. The previous ‘see the doctor / take some pills / feel better' did not work anymore for me .

Fortunately my older brother recommended visiting a non-medical health practitioner, out of the mainstream of medicine, whom he had know for 15+ years. I had heard of “Dr. Z” many years back. However, until I was out of medical options, I did not have enough good reasons to make the 50-mile drive up to Grass Valley.

3 weeks ago, being a somewhat desperate male, I made the trip. It was certainly a different sort of ‘office visit' than any I'd ever had with either a medical doctor or a chiropractor. I've since come to know that the chiropractic profession, with which I had little prior experience, looks beyond body alignment and adjustments to the body as a whole.

Dr. Z's advanced training specialty as a Chiropractic Neurologist takes his profession to a whole new level. I was to discover that the muscle strength / reflex testing and sensitivity testing to foods and things in my environment was all about how happy (or not so happy) state of my brain. His evaluation showed that my body was not strong; my brain not very happy. Dr. Z's simple 70-item test—that you can score yourself from 0 (best) to 280 (very, very bad)—put me at an 88 the day of my first visit. Considering that Dr. Z goal is for his patients to score routinely at or below 10, I knew my body, and particularly my brain controlling my body, was not at all happy with me.

A part of his diagnosis was that excessive use of antibiotics, as well as many, many food allergies were drastically affecting my previous reasonably healthy state of existence. He surmised that one of the primary problems was an unhealthy imbalance of candida yeast in my digestive tract. It was thriving after repeated use of antibiotics had killed off the good bacteria.

The prescribed cure was a

  • pretty radical but do-able nearly complete change of diet for the next 4-6 weeks,
  • Plus a hand-full of dietary supplements tailored to my condition.
  • Additionally there was a 10 minutes a day ‘deep breathing while spinning' exercise prescribed to stimulate my brain and regain ‘balance' to my being.

Considering the poor state of my health, I was pretty desperate and willing to try about anything that would give positive results. So, with a list of what little I could eat--and what mostly I could not eat--along with 9 bottles of dietary supplements and some suggestive cooking instructions from Dr. Z's wife and office manager, Victoria, I was off to try this new way of eating.

I also immediately stopped taking the 2 prescriptive medications that had been prescribed to help open up my enflamed Eustachian tubes causing my ear problems. They were not effective anyway.

The results were pretty remarkable by any standard. They were also amazingly quick in my case. On day 4 of my new diet , after having had very impaired hearing in one or both ears for over 6 weeks, I yawned wide and my ears cleared naturally for the first time. Remarkable! Now 3 weeks later, my ears totally back to normal. They ‘pop open' normally when I swallow or yawn making the trip to Dr.Z's home office at the 3400 ft elevation. What a relief!

Additionally, I noticed within 1 week that my previously persistent post-nasal drip due to my sinus condition was virtually gone. At my one-week check-up exam, my muscle tone response was vastly improved. My self-evaluation test score also dropped radically from the original 88 to 28. I was on the road to health recovery. Due to the strict diet change, I had also lost about 7 un-wanted pounds in these 7 days.

My attitude and outlook on life improved vastly within that first week. A clear indicator was the fact that I started to whistle again--something I had stopped doing for months due to my state of mind and body. Over the next week, my ears continued to become naturally more open and easier to clear in general. I also noticed I was breathing easier and deeper. No more Albuterol inhaler use for me any more now! In just 2 weeks, my sinus condition had amazingly returned to normal—a state of well-being I'd not felt for a long, long time. My 2-week check-up revealed better yet balance throughout my mind and body. Re-testing once again using his 70-item self-scoring evaluation, my score dropped from 28 to 9 along with a total weight loss of about 12 pounds. I was now ‘in the zone' (below 10) and feeling like ‘the old me' again.

Now just 3 weeks into this mostly dietary change with supplements, I provide this testimonial that following Dr. Z's recommendations has absolutely made a night-to-day difference to my health and my life. It is pretty apparent that detoxifying my body thru diet change and prescribed supplements is helping reset my ‘inner health clock'. While I do hope to get back to enjoying many of the things I ate and drank previously, I know I'll be much more aware of what my body is telling me when I re-introduce new foods. One unhealthy experience like this is one too many! As Dr. Zs own testimonial so simply states “It is my calling to help people.” I believe this man can make a difference in your life as he did to himself and now to me too.

Keith M. Orangevale, Calif


Hello Dr Z.

Thank you so much for all you support, information and great customer service.

About a year ago, I was not feeling good. I was feeling weak in the afternoon, ready to take a nap. My energy level was way down and i did not sleep well at all, so I decided to see a doctor for a physical. The blood test showed that I had Hyperglycemia/diabetes. My blood sugar was 227 and it should be between 70-110, at least that what I was told.

I was prescribed medication and to follow a diet program. I was tested again 2 months later and my blood sugar had fallen to about 170, which was good but fare from normal. The doctor sent me to another doctor who prescribed even more medication. I have been taken the medicine for months with little progress, and I was getting frustrated, I felt that the medication was nothing more than a Band Aid approach to diabetes---they lower blood sugar but do not address the underlying condition. I had some diabetic neuropathy to the point that had a tingling sensation in my toes.

I read in a magazine about a product made in Germany that could help me, but was unable to find it anywhere. I surfed the Web and found Dr. Z. I sent an email and went through the on-line Self Evaluation. Dr. Z contacted me immediately and recommended dietary changes and the supplements. I have been taken them for only 3 weeks and what a difference in such a short time. My blood sugar is almost normal, my energy level has gone through the roof. I sleep like a baby and feel great.

The sensation in my feet is still there but getting better. I feel like I'm reborn. I know, I eventually will be off all medication, in the not so distant future. I will be eternally grateful to Dr. Z for helping me restore my health.

Peter E. - San Juan Capistrano , California

Hi Dr. Z,

I have been on my program for one week today, its going fairly well.  I had about 3 1/2 days of withdrawl (pimples, dizziness, joint pain,back pain, constipation -that always happens to me at the onset of ketosis). I really did not want to exercise for the first 5 days, I just did not have the energy. I am over that as well. 

I feel pretty strong and my moods are even, the nutritional supplements really help with cravings I usually have on a high protein diet.  Have a great weekend!

Marie, Carmel - California


I came to Dr. Z after nine months of living with extreme fatigue, dizziness, stuffy ears, rashes, hair loss and food intolerances. I was absolutely miserable, but no doctor or acupuncturist could help me. I had food tests, stool tests, and experimented with numerous herbs and supplements, but to no avail.

Dr. Z immediately put me on a protocol of Thorne supplements for candida, hypoglycemia/blood sugar and digestive problems, and a high protein, low carbohydrate diet.

I began seeing results almost immediately. It took a little while (about six weeks) to really begin feeling like a normal person again, but the time it took my body to heal is sound investment in the future of my health. Because of this program I am much happier, healthier, and I am a much better mother.

Thanks Dr. Z!
Kathee W. - Alameda, CA


An update

Both my husband and I are both doing really well. I have had many days in a row go by where I feel almost completely normal, a huge shift from where I was when I came in that first week in January. I will be eternally grateful to Dr. Z for helping me to restore my health.
Kathee W. - Alameda, CA


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