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Help with Long-Standing Asthma

"I have had asthma since the age of 5, intermittently, throughout my life.  It exacerbated this year, to the point that I had to use an inhalator, which would leave me feeling hungover and depressed each morning.  

Thus, it was a great blessing to purchase Dr. Z's 'Personal Portable Oxygen Bar', and be free of the necessity to use medication

I no longer feel 'drugged'; rather, more energized, able to exercise, and breathe more freely.  It was money well spent!  

I also appreciate the supportive customer service offered by Dr. Z and his wife Victoria, to get my health back on track.  He has a way of making seemingly complex medical issues simple and easy to understand."

Robert H., New Mexico

More Oxygen - Better Sleep and Less Stress
  Hope for Lyme Disease?

Hi Dr Z

Here's my story:

I spent a lot of time researching O2 machines before I finally found the right one on Dr. Z's website. My wife has advanced Lyme Disease and it has effected her brain by killing off cells in her frontal lobe region.

Oxygen can help rejuvenate the cells and have a positive effect on her recovery. That's the reason why I wanted the best unit available.

I decided to try the Personal Portable Oxygen Bar myself and I noticed how much better I sleep at night. With the stress of being a care giver, I have been having a problem with sleep.

Since I started using the Personal Portable Oxygen Bar I have been getting more sleep and my stress level is down. That's why I know my wife is also getting some positive help too. Unfortunately she can't talk but by using the Personal Portable Oxygen Bar I'm confident down the road she will be able to tell me herself.

It can only help you...

Russ S from New Hampshire

Oxygen, Your Brain and Your Blood Pressure

Hi Dr. Z,
I have been using my Personal Portable Oxygen Bar for several months now. I love it and am so glad I bought it. 

I wanted to write and tell you about my experience with it. I did not buy the Personal Portable Oxygen Bar to help my blood pressure but, was excited to find that it did drop points off the BP readings.

I am finding a higher level of constant available energy to use everyday.

My thinking is sharper and clearer.....less mental fatigue.

My skin is glowing and  soft.  All and all I have found my experience with the Personal Portable Oxygen Bar to be one of a great health benefit.
With deep appreciation,

Clara,  New York


Dr. Z's comments:

I'm so thrilled that Clara discovered this truth without knowing anything about the neurological mechanism. Good for her.

Your brain literally governs all functions, without exception. Your brain governs your

  • thinking
  • moods
  • movements
  • sense of balance
  • your hearing
  • your vision
  • your taste
  • your capacity to experience touch, etc.

Your brain also governs all automatic/autonomic functions such as your

  • digestion
  • breathing rate
  • heart rate

and of course your blood pressure.

When your brain doesn't work optimally, all human functions decline.

  • Your blood pressure goes up.

That's why, statistically speaking, your blood pressure tends to increase when you get older - why, because your brain function declines.

  • High blood pressure is NOT due to medication deficiency.

  • To lower your blood pressure you must make your brain work better.

Your brain, more than any other part of your body, must have adequate oxygen to function optimally.

Oxygen and Lyme Disease

As someone who has been struggling with chronic Lyme disease for about three years now, I have had ongoing difficulties with fatigue, chills, joint pains, and clogged sinuses, among other symptoms.

I purchased Dr. Z's Personal Portable Oxygen Bar a few months ago and have found it to be an incredibly helpful addition to my overall treatment plan, both because of the way in which using the oxygen bar helps strengthen and regulate the immune system, and because the Lyme disease bacteria doesn't seem to like extra oxygen. I still have a lot more work to do to put the Lyme disease into remission, but thankfully all of my symptoms have noticeably improved since I started using the portable oxygen bar.

I had previously tried other ways of taking in extra oxygen, including hydrogen peroxide IVs and a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, but I have found that Dr. Z's Personal Portable Oxygen Bar seems, at least for me, to be the safest, most convenient and affordable, and most effective method that I've tried. I use it daily while riding an exercise bike for 15-20 minutes, and I like the fact that it has also motivated me to exercise every day!

EK, Hoboken, NJ

Dr Z,

The Personal Portable Oxygen Bar is a great and welcome addition to my home- it works really well.

I had been doing deep breathing exercises before it came (still do) and my endurance has been enhanced 100%.

Things are going AMAZINGLY well. I feel great. I am able to do one session in the a.m. for 20 minutes and I am solid for 14 hours--last session between 9:30-10:30 in the evening.

I am noticing an improvement in my eye sight and my skin is so 'glowy'. Your patience and guidance and the DVD have been a great asset. I look forward to the consult.

In all honesty, no embellishments, I feel like I am 45 again. It is wonderful.

Sorry Doc but you've got a 'lifelong' client now. Thanks again and have a blessed day/evening.

S, Colorado

I am 75 years young. I've been using Dr. Z's Personal Portable Oxygen Bar Concentrator every single day for more than a year.

I have been a patient of Dr. Z for many years. Whenever I came to Dr. Z's office he noticed that I had very poor muscle tone and strength. He told me that I could not hold any chiropractic adjustments for very long because of that.

Dr. Z would also measure my blood oxygen saturation. It was always low. I had been aware that it was always tough for me to take deep breaths. Dr. Z explained to me that my body could not work well like this, especially my heart and my brain.

In the early summer of 2007 Dr. Z introduced me to his Personal Portable Oxygen Bar Concentrator. To my amazement, my muscle strength would dramatically improve within just a few minutes on the Personal Portable Oxygen Bar. So I decided to purchase one.

In the 1990's I had suffered from multiple pulmonary embolisms. I was in intensive care for 12 days. The doctors finally decided to use a needle to extract the blood that had pooled in my lungs. It took me more than a year to get better.

Late in 2007 I developed prostate problems with passing blood in the urine. I was scheduled for a MRI. It was discovered at that time that my lung capacity was much reduced, because of the pulmonary embolisms I had suffered 10 years prior.

I sing in a choir. Sustained breathing had been always difficult for me. Since using the Personal Portable Oxygen Bar Concentrator I have noticed a definite increase in my breathing capacity.

I have suffered from seasonal allergies for decades. Whenever using the Personal Portable Oxygen Bar I notice a nearly immediate clearing of my head, my nose and my sinuses. I also use Dr. Z's QC Nasal Spray and the Pleo Muc Eye Drops.

Since using the Oxygen Bar my concentration seems much better. I have also noticed a dramatic improvement or sharpening of my senses, especially my vision and my hearing. I paint a lot. It is as if I have a new perspective in colors. My paintings used to be more neutral in color. Now, I use brighter and more vivid colors. I love it.

My skin color used to be sort of gray. Now my skin looks pink and I have rosy cheeks. Several people have recently commented on my great looks. A lady in the planning department whom I had not seen for approximately for 20 years said to me the other day, "Alan, you never change."

Thank you, Dr. Z, for sharing your Personal Portable Oxygen Bar discovery with me.

Alan R., Nevada City, California

I have been a patient of Dr. Z's on and off for more than 10 years. At 71 I am still working full time in my electrician business.

Two weeks ago I injured my back - I am not quite sure how this happened. I had terrible pain, could hardly stand and walk. Every breath hurt me. I also have right leg numbness and swelling for quite some time.

When I saw Dr. Z he noticed that I had very little what he calls muscle tone. Dr. Z explained to me that the muscle tone is what keeps my body together and is determined by the way my brain works. Without good muscle tone I would not be able to hold any chiropractic adjustments.

Dr. Z had me breathe oxygen enriched air from his Personal Portable Oxygen Bar-Concentrator for a less than 5 minutes. My muscles felt much stronger afterwards. Dr. Z told me that this was an indication that my brain was working better. I decided to purchase one Oxygen Bar and I have been using it faithfully 2 to 3 times every day.

Now, two weeks later, I have essentially no back pain. I can move and walk and breathe again without hurting. My right leg is much better. It is less stiff, less swollen. I also have much more energy.

Today, in Dr. Z's office, I noticed one other major improvement: As long as I can remember I have had bad balance problems. Whenever I close my eyes while standing I would immediately fall backwards. I tried this today - no problem at all. I closed my eyes and simply stood there. I did not lose my balance.

After so many years this is hard to believe - what breathing better air every day can do.

Clyde S, Grass Valley, California


I absolutely love my Personal Portable Oxygen Bar-Concentrator machine. I use my machine while doing yoga, and once in the morning before getting out of bed and in the evening after I get in bed. This way I get oxygenated 3 times a day.

What I have found is by using this machine, I have increased stamina during the day. I seem to be able to do household projects after I get off work, and on my days off I am able to actually have a longer day. Before I received my machine I felt a lack of energy and sluggish. I am now more mentally alert, I think faster too. My hair is growing faster and so are my nails. I also used to have angina pain, which I no longer have.

Terrie H, Jamestown, California

Dr. Z,

I can't thank you enough for transforming my life.

After just five weeks of following your protocols (Candida diet-supplements, orthotics, Personal Portable Oxygen Bar-Concentrator) my health improved significantly:

  • Chronic Knee and back pain decreased
  • Life long fatigue has been eliminated
  • Muscle tone and flexibility increased
  • An "allergic" condition disappeared
  • My weight dropped to my pre-teen level and stabilized (I struggled with excess weight most of my life)

In addition, my outlook on life is sunnier, my energy is cleaner and I bounce back from normal fatigue much faster. My work schedule is somewhat flexible and for several years I had been calling-in late to work a few days per month, due to morning fatigue. Since beginning my day with 20+ minutes of oxygen enriched air while exercising, I haven't been late once.

In short, I'm a walking miracle! Next incarnation, I'll be practicing healthy options from a young age.

Thank you, thank you!! May you live long and prosper,

Marian H, Gold River, California


I have been one of Dr Z's patients for 2 years now. I am 57. During this time I have been fortunate to have had 2 significant health improvements as a result of his recommendations as my health coach and teacher.

The 1st was what brought me to his office in the 1st place--an enduring sinus infection which he "diagnosed" as Candida-based likely due to a long antibiotic treatment regime. This condition was treated via fairly

  • drastic dietary changes
  • exercises to strengthen my overall mental aptitude and
  • dietary supplements

The resulting improvements to my health were both quick and unmistakably due to his recommended treatment regime.

Between that almost 2 year ago experience and now I've done many additional things to fine-tune my overall health and understanding of my body.

The 2nd and just recent noticeable health improvement appears to be solely due to frequent, routine use of the Personal Portable Oxygen Bar-Concentrator I purchased upon Dr Z's recommendation, combined with daily use of the Eyelights he fitted me with.

The most recent improvement has been a significant, very noticeable increase in my overall strength, endurance and mental aptitude. In our daily workout at the gym and especially in the water aerobics class, I'm like the Eveready bunny--I just keep going and going.

It is not only during our morning exercising though. The strength and endurance lasts all day and is apparent in everything I do.

  • My mental state is sharper too.
  • I feel much more 'wired' and turned on to life as it comes at me every day.
  • It is amazing to feel this good on a daily basis.

Keith M., Orangevale

I have been working with Dr. Z since Feb. 07 on many (too many to list) health issues.

In early April 07 I had my routine dental visit.  My hygenist was very concerned with the condition of my gums - periodontal disease - and insisted more frequent visits were required.  However, no real solution was offered.

I continued with Dr. Z, balancing my blood sugar, taking suggested CO Q10 supplements, and using the Personal Portable Oxygen Bar daily at home, as recommended by him as well.

I visited my hygenist early Dec. 07 and she almost danced!  My periodontal disease gum problems had completely reversed itself and improved more than 100%!  Something she unfortunately rarely sees. I explained what I had been doing with Dr. Z and she was very excited about it all.

So, it is possible to reverse a health problem!  The importance of gum health, as many know, is that is can be symptomatic of other underlying health issues.
As with all things, this takes commitment, but it all quickly becomes routine and with unexpected rewards.

With gratitude,
Melissa in Nevada

Dr. Z's Comments

What a great story! The capacity of our bodies to heal amazes me again and again... if we just allow them to.

It is useful and important to ALWAYS go back to the basics.

All cells in our body need energy to be healthy and to do their job.

To make cell energy (ATP) they need:

1. Balanced blood sugar/glucose

Hypoglycemia, Diabetes and Obesity
are rampant in our society - mainly due to the excessive consumption of sugar and other high carbohydrate foods.

2. Oxygen

  • Our air quality has been getting worse over time.
  • Most people are sedentary and shallow breathers.
  • As we age our capacity to utilize oxygen deceases, approx. 1% per year from the age of 20 on.
  • Without optimum oxygenation our cells cannot be healthy - we cannot be healthy.

3. Coenzyme Q10

CoQ10 is the enzyme reqired to make cell energy (ATP) from blood sugar/glucose and oxygen. As we age, cellular levels of Co-Q10 tend to decrease. Co-Q10 is an important factor in remaining healthy.

This this especially important for metabolically very active cells such as those in our brain, our heart and our gums/gingiva.

The fact that Melissa's gums show such drastic improvement with a relatively short period of time shows that she created the basis for their healing by

Dr. Z

Thank you for helping me on my road to total wellness.

For 9 years I have suffered with muscle weakness, neck and shoulder pain, numbness in arms when sleeping, low back pain, weight gain, lack of energy and a foggy brain. I thought it was just menopause.

Then, a year ago I developed a skin rash on my left leg and both hands, which then spread to both legs with terrible itching. Next was the indigestion all the time. Not willing to go the usual route of anti-depressants, pain killers, steroids and acid-reflux pills all which mask the symptoms and don't address the underlying cause I was introduced to Dr. Z and his work through my acupuncturist. She spoke very highly of his diagnostic work and thought he would be able to help. Well that was some of the best advice I ever received.

Dr. Z did an evaluation, discovered Candida, high blood pressure, worse on the left side, muscle weakness, and the left side of my brain not functioning properly. Dr. Z proposed a complete lifestyle change starting with diet--NO SUGAR or CARBS to help rid my body of Candida and balance my blood sugar, a number of supplements and the Personal Portable Oxygen Bar-Concentrator which I can't praise highly enough. I started seeing results almost immediately. He helped me discover my intolerance to anything with polyester in it. Polyester makes my muscles weak and my rash itch uncontrollably.

The acrylic nails created the skin rash on my hands to the point of bleeding. Now that I have eliminated these toxins from my environment and use the Personal Portable Oxygen Bar-Concentrator daily with specific exercises designed for my body and brain function, my headaches are gone, along with neck pain, indigestion, lack of energy, skin rash on hands, foggy brain and in just 5 weeks the skin rash from my legs is almost completely gone. My blood pressure is near normal.

I am removing the mercury fillings from my teeth to further eliminate toxic exposure to the body and brain. Dr. Z has taught me so much about brain function and its effect on the human body. He has given me the tools to keep myself healthy for a lifetime.

Dr. Z you are "Zzzzzz Best"
Janet N. Grass Valley, California

Dear Dr. Zeischegg:

I recently purchased a second Personal Portable Oxygen Bar-Concentrator. The benefits of this modality are powerful and exciting to experience.

My perfusion indices have increased three hundred percent, postural deficits have been reduced, and my mental clarity has significantly improved after breathing oxygen enriched air thirty minutes daily for three weeks. My wife, son, and mother-in-law have reported positive outcomes relating to endurance levels, sleep, and generalized well-being.


Dr. Richard M. , Lakeland, Florida

Dr. Z,

It's been about 2 1/2 weeks using the Personal Portable Oxygen Bar and so far, I would have to say that this is amazing! I am 70. The changes are all subtle but seem to be addressing my weak points. My osteoporosis diagnosed hip/back problem is better as relates to the level of pain and movement (I cannot walk for exercise because of the restriction and pain). I can however, swim by putting floats around my ankle and this has saved me because I love swimming but I got tired afterwards even though I was only doing 20 to 25 minutes about every 3rd day. My tiredness has gone down considerably and is especially noticeable when I do some light weight workouts which I try to alternate with the swimming. My digestion has gotten better even though it is still not as well as it could be at night when I lie down. My back/hip problem keeps me from lying flat on my back because of an injury and a congenital defect (transitional vertebrae problem with missing lower lumbar). As a result, I have had insomnia for 3 or 4 decades and I survive by using meditation (Transcendental Meditation) and the TM siddhis group program. It is very powerful and has been a life saver with some negative aspects for me due to my physiology. I have gotten 'better' sleep recently but still not real sleep. I also have an enlarged prostate and recently noticed that I do not pee as often at night but just recently. It has gone from 3 to one time recently.

Tad T, San Diego, California

Dr Z,

Here it is a week later using the Personal Portable Oxygen Bar and my doubts are disappearing so what I wrote previously has become truer and the improvements more positive. I will refer others to you as I am not interested in sales at this point and time. However, I can say that this has been the most dramatic thing that I have experienced in terms of my need. You understand, I hope, that I have been avoiding surgery for decades and it was becoming something imminent and my position at this point and time is that I will be able to postpone the date hopefully, far into the future and maybe never.

Tad T, San Diego, California

Dr. Z

Thank you so much for the O2 discovery and the added info on how to optimize usage. I carried my Personal Portable Oxygen Bar to the weight room and did a 30 minute stationary bike ride and did a light weight routine. I can tell that I have a much increased stamina and energy. I have been able to get by with a lot less sleep due to increase in energy. I don't seem to need the sleep. I still do stretching routines and have noticed that my body is releasing long held pain positions very gradually... I have a long ways to go on my chronic ills but the future looks much better. I expect to run some more tests soon to see how it looks on paper. I will give it another week first so it would be about a month since starting which needless to say, is a fantastic turnaround.

Tad T, San Diego, California

I am 74 years old. I have been a patient of Dr. Z for many years. He has helped me much to avoid or minimize age related health problems. Five days ago I purchased Dr. Z's Personal Portable Oxygen Bar. Already I have experienced several noticeable changes. On Sunday, I spent hours on my hands and knees staining our deck. When I finally came in to take a shower I felt weak and exhausted. After a 30 minute session with the oxygen bar - I actually fell asleep - I got up feeling revived. Here is another interesting observation. I play bass in a band. During our last band event, I noticed that keeping time seemed to come much easier.

My wife has had several health issues lately. She uses the Personal Portable Oxygen Bar daily. Her attitude is a lot nicer

Alan, Nevada City, California


Here is an update.

I am truly excited. I have been using the Personal Portable Oxygen Bar for about 6 weeks now. I am 74 years old and a member of a Rag Time Band. Last weekend I went to Sutter Creek for the annual Rag Time festival.

I decided to take the Personal Portable Oxygen Bar with me. It fits nicely into my carry-on bag on wheels.

We had jam sessions Friday, Saturday and Sunday, about 1 hour each. The sessions tend to be quite tiring. I remember last year I was quite exhausted.

After each session I went to my hotel room to spend 20 or 30 minutes breathing with the Oxygen Bar. I could clearly feel my energy coming back. I could just do it!

I strongly feel and believe that my senses are better, especially improvising music in our Rag Time band. I can feel the movement much better, I can anticipate the changes much more easily. This is wonderful.

Here is another thing: I feel more alive. I feel increased capacity to sense people's needs, especially those in grief.

My wife has suffered from chronic bronchitis/breathing problems. Since I purchased the Personal Portable Oxygen Bar she has faithfully done at least 3 breathing sessions a day. This has helped her tremendously. She has not used any inhalers for several weeks.

I cannot thank you enough for sharing your discovery with me. I am telling everybody about it.

Alan, Nevada City, California

Hi Dr. Z, 

I purchased my Personal Portable Oxygen 02 Bar exactly one month ago today.  I began using it as soon as I returned from my trip to Nevada City.  I love it.

I walk 4 miles everyday in one hour. The second mile is all uphill.  In the past I breathed short shallow breaths while going up hill,and by the time I reached the top it seemed as though I ran instead of walked.  After using the Personal Portable Oxygen 02 Bar for about one week I noticed that my breathing after climbing that hill is as normal as it is when I am walking on level ground. I do walk at a fast pace and have actually cut 5 minutes off of the time, because I can walk at a faster up hill and keep the pace once I get to level ground. 

I also noticed one day when taking a deep breath while sitting at work that the air reached a deeper level of my lungs.  I remember actually noticing that.  I love the Personal Portable Oxygen Bar, and promised my sister that I would bring it to her home so she can experience it.   She has COPD (Chronic Obstructed Pulmonary Disease) due to over to years of smoking, and she wants to see how her breathing improves. My brother is using his Personal Portable Oxygen Bar every day too and has noticed great expansion in his lungs.  Thank you very much

Midge, San Marcos California

As a patient of Dr. Z for a few months I have been taught many things about the brain; including the nourishment and exercise it requires. Following Dr. Z's recommended regime of diet, supplements and brain exercise, I am now a healthy and happier person!

A lighter weight person, a stronger person and person receiving compliments on my appearance. In addition to being noticed as a trimmer and more fit person I have been told I look younger (a nice feeling at age 72).

I attribute my rosy cheeks and healthy glow to daily use of my Personal Portable Oxygen Bar from Dr. Z.

I reside at an oxygen starving elevation of 4800 feet and enjoy my frequent visits into the Sierra and about Lake Tahoe at elevations of 8000 feet. My in-home oxygen bar is a large plus keeping the oxygen levels in my blood and brain at a high level.

I thank Dr. Z for the improved living provided my wife and me.

Jack - From nearby Nevada


I am 68 years old. My goal is to keep my mental and physical capacity young and alive as much as possible while I am getting older. I worked with Dr. Z intensely last winter to help me with that. About a month ago he introduced me to his Personal Portable Oxygen Bar. It made total sense to me that sufficient oxygen is very important for good body and brain health. I have been using the oxygen bar daily since, sometimes several times. What a difference! I feel good in every way. I feel more alive, have more interest in things and more energy in general.

One thing really stands out. I had never given my breathing a second thought. Now I am so much more aware of it. I start my day with meditating and reading while breathing oxygen enriched air form the neat headset. Life is good.

Frank M, Nevada City, California

My name is Irene, I am 70 years old. I have suffered from insomnia for more than 10 years. I was always tired. I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and had heart surgery.

I have had terrible bronchitis, coughing and shortness of breath for the last 2 years that would not let up. Often I would cough up phlegm.

I also have had constant body pain, fibromyalgia for maybe 25 years. I hurt all over, sometimes more, sometimes less.

Often I had diarrhea. And then I would have periods of constipation.
I was always tired and fatigued, had bad mood swings and bouts of depression.

I found myself binge eating with terrible food cravings, especially for carbohydrates foods.

I had gone to see 3 different chiropractors in my area, 1 medical doctor, 1 homeopath and 1 naturopathic doctor. Nobody seemed to be able to get to the root of my problems.

Dr. Z had helped me many years ago. In my despair I made an appointment to see him even though it takes us several hours by car to get to his office.

2 weeks ago, Dr. Z examined me. He discovered that I had very little muscle strength and a rather low oxygen saturation. He changed my diet from a high carbohydrate diet to a high protein diet. He also recommended specific anti candida supplements and digestive support and Co Q 10.

Dr. Z further recommended that I purchase the Personal Portable Oxygen Bar indicating that it could prove useful with my breathing problems and my low oxygen levels. I have been using his machine 3 times a day without fail.

16 days later I went to see Dr. Z for a follow-up examination. What a difference - my breathing has improved by perhaps 90%, most of my fibromyalgia/body pain is gone, I can sleep much better at night and I feel much stronger. My food cravings are pretty much gone.

I don't dwell anymore on being sick. Often I actually feel inclined to want to do something rather than sit around all day and feel miserable. I am so happy. I feel like living again.

Irene P, Central California

I am so happy that my wife is feeling better: She has no shortness of breath, she is sleeping better, her coughing has stopped and she has so much more energy. She is much happier which makes me happy.

David, Irene's husband

I purchased the Personal Portable Oxygen Bar nearly 2 months ago. I must admit that I have not used it consistently every day. But on the days that I use the Oxygen Bar the difference is striking: My energy tends to stay up throughout the day, compared with the typical energy let down I experience later in the day. I find myself breathing better and more easily. I also notice more clarity in thinking. My entire system appears more energized. Thank you for introducing me to this great little machine.

Tom M, Mount Shasta California

I ran across Dr. Zs' website last fall, while suffering in the middle of the night with severe acid reflux, and looking for some type of alternative medical help. It had become worse over a period of six months and I ended up in a hospital away from home being treated for a heart attack. But it was my second ulcer instead. I was unable to take the medication I was given because of the side effects.

My husband read a testimonial on Dr. Zs' website of a story nearly identical to mine and asked if I thought we should visit Dr. Z. His office is about 100 miles from where we live.

I had a host of other complaints as well. Severe mood swings, bone crushing fatigue, insomnia, chronic sinus infections and allergies. Along with chronic back and neck pain.

I first met with Dr. Z the second week of Feb. '07 and was given a complete going over. I was asked to do a special diet for a short period of time along with supplements for Candida and Detox. It was a challenge and I stuck pretty close to home during this time to manage the program. It is overwhelming at first but not impossible.

I am thrilled to say that I am symptom free now, four months later!!! Also, my husband decided to join me on the journey and feels great and has dropped 20lbs.

We have also been using Dr. Z's Personal Portable Oxygen Bar at home and have been pleasantly surprised by the benefits. We are at a high altitude and we seemed to need the extra boost.

There are many facets of treatment with Dr. Z to help with your recovery, a special one being the sweet and grounding presence of his lovely wife Victoria.

I would sincerely encourage anyone to meet with Dr. Z for an evaluation. I am very grateful for his expertise and caring heart.

Melissa in Nevada


Hi Dr. Z

I am writing you to tell you what effects I have felt since using the new Personal Portable Oxygen Bar for the past 3 weeks or so. The changes are subtle but I have noticed that I feel like I have more air in my lungs these days. I feel like I can breathe deeper. On your recommendation I work out while using the oxygen bar. What a difference - when I was walking on the treadmill tonight I actually felt like running. Usually I walk fast but I think the feeling of extra lung capacity gives me more energy when I am exercising. I have been using it for about 10 to 20 minutes twice a day. I notice when I use it later in the day when I am a little tired that my brain fog clears up.

My 16 year old daughter Sabrina has been using it about 10 to 20 minutes once or twice a day. She has had problems with acne for probably 4 years. She has tried virtually everything. Nothing had any lasting effect. She became very frustrated and tried to hide her acne with heavy make up.

To me her skin looks at least 60% better. She uses much less make up. Needless to say, Sabrina is very happy. I am so thrilled to see her feel better about herself.

I am glad that we got the unit.

Linda B, Grass Valley California


I have been using Dr. Z's Personal Portable Oxygen Bar now for several weeks. I work from home so I'm able to use it every hour or so while sitting in front of the computer.

I will tell you this - I feel better at the end of a long day. I no longer feel like I'm pooped. Instead, I feel good and ready to do some work around the house.

My wife has asthma and has also been using it, mostly at night in front of TV. She is also reporting feeling better - and most importantly she is breathing much better. Her sleep quality is immensely improved.

Thanks Dr. Z
Shawn M, Nevada City, Ca


I have suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis for years. One of the nasty effects of this condition, or maybe the side effects of all the medications I am taking, is that my heart is racing pretty much all the time. Nothing I do or take seems to help with that.

Dr. Z recently introduced me to the Personal Portable Oxygen Bar. He showed me how to use it and allowed me to "test drive" it for a few minutes.

Amazing! Within less than a minute my heart rate went down 10 points. I decided to purchase Dr. Z's Personal Portable Oxygen Bar for myself and the rest of my family. I love that head set.

This morning my 89 year old mother woke up with very red and blood shot eyes. Even our caregiver commented. I hooked her up to the oxygen bar for 20 minutes. Her eyes looked normal afterwards. I am not sure how better air made her her eyes look better, but we sure like these results.

Marlene F., Penn Valley California


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