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May 25, 2011


Ask Dr. Z

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease."
Thomas A. Edison


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  1. Why Brain? - the answer is simple:
  2. Why and how Exercise Your Brain?
  3. Why Brain Exercise with Oxygen?
  4. Why Brain Exercise With Oxygen Training


Weight Training Exercise Cuts Your Cancer Risk by up to 40 Percent?

Here is an exciting research article published on May 1, 2009.

"Muscular Strength and Adiposity as Predictors of Adulthood Cancer Mortality in Men"

Here are some quotes from the abstract:

"Background: We examined the associations between muscular strength, markers of overall and central adiposity, and cancer mortality in men.

Methods: A prospective cohort study including 8,677 men ages 20 to 82 years followed from 1980 to 2003. Participants were enrolled in The Aerobics Centre Longitudinal Study, the Cooper Institute in Dallas, Texas. Muscular strength was quantified by combining 1-repetition maximal measures for leg and bench presses. Adiposity was assessed by body mass index (BMI), percent body fat, and waist circumference......

Results: Cancer death rates per 10,000 person-years adjusted for age and examination year were 17.5, 11.0, and 10.3 across incremental thirds of muscular strength (P = 0.001)……

………… Conclusions: Higher levels of muscular strength are associated with lower cancer mortality risk in men, independent of clinically established measures of overall and central adiposity, and other potential confounders"
End of quotes

Source: Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention 18, 1468, May 1, 2009. Published Online First April 14, 2009;
doi: 10.1158/1055-9965.EPI-08-1075
© 2009 American Association for Cancer Research

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Dr. Z.'s comments:

It appears from this article that weight training/resistance training five times a week, not so much aerobic exercise, can reduce cancer mortality rate in males by up to 40%.
You do not need fancy equipment in order to do those types of exercises. You can use your own body weight with squats, lunges, sit ups, reverse sit ups etc.

Simple inexpensive hand weights and/or wrist weights will do the job for biceps curls, triceps extension exercises, bench presses, shoulder abduction, etc.

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"Oxygen Multistep Therapy" useful for cancer and age-related degenerative diseases

the following are quotes from one of my most favorite books:
Oxygen Multistep Therapy, Physiological and Technical Foundations,
Manfred von Ardenne

Beginning of quotes: (bolds added by Dr. Z.)
"From the view of pathophysiology the new possibility of increasing more or less permanently the arterial partial oxygen pressure in older (and often also in sick people), and of simultaneously reducing the venous partial oxygen pressure, means the opening of the natural causal prophylaxis and therapy for the many oxygen deficiency diseases and complaints of old age.

Clinical 5- year results with oxygen multi step immunostimulation have shown that a significant drop in the probability of metastasis in cancer can be achieved with the course on which we have embarked, and that when the procedures is repeated once a year, even the concrete, simple solution of a general cancer prophylaxis emerges.

An accumulation of reports of good and very good treatment results can be noted for the indications:
renormalization of the oxygen loading of the blood in the lung functionally degenerated by old age or severe stress, early stage of cataract, glaucoma, loss of field of vision, impaired focus, angina pectoris, arrhythmia, prophylaxis and rehabilitation for heart diseases, edema, peripheral circulation disorders, especially in the lower extremities, circulation disorders, dizziness in old age, senile diabetes, hypotonia, Menière's Disease, adjuvant therapy in hypertension, general acceleration of rehabilitation, lasting increase in physical performance capacity, defense stimulation, especially after classical cancer treatments, improved quality of life in cancer patients

Individual reports of interesting results, which challenge us to further inquiry, have been received for the following indications:
Memory weakness, conditions of confusion, side effects of drugs taken over a long period of time, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, amelioration of migraine, amelioration of damage to liver and kidneys, amelioration of asthma, rheumatic symptom complex, acceleration of wound healing.

End of Quotes

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Dr. Z.'s comments:
Prof. von Ardenne's clinical procedures essentially consist of having the patient breathe oxygen enriched air while exercising. His clinical five year results "have shown that a significant drop in the probability of metastasis in cancer can be achieved with the course on which we have embarked, and that when the procedures is repeated once a year, even the concrete, simple solution of a general cancer prophylaxis emerges."

Dr. Z's BEWOT - Brain Exercise With Oxygen Training

There is plenty of evidence in the medical literature that regular exercise is useful for your brain, your heart, your blood pressure, for diabetes, or depression, you name it.

If specifically weight training/resistance training can reduce cancer mortality rate by up to 40%..................

If Oxygen Multistep Therapy conducted by Prof. von Ardenne in Germany since the 60s has shown a significant drop in the probability of metastasis in cancer, if repeated at least once a year….

How about combining daily light weight training and breathing oxygen enriched air into one daily program which I have coined BEWOT - Brain Exercise With Oxygen Training.

Here are some quotes from my BEWOT article:

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BEWOT TMBrain Exercise With Oxygen Training

  • WHY and HOW Exercise Your Brain with Oxygen?

Why BRAIN? - the answer is simple:

Your Brain controls ALL aspects of your human experience - there is no exception, your

  • thoughts, moods, memory, emotions, attention, vision, taste, touch, hearing, smell, pain, perception, balance, posture, muscle tone, digestion, heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, bladder function, sexual function, hormone production, immune response....we could add many more.
  • Without a brain you have no human experience.
  • With a bad brain you have a bad human experience.
  • With a good brain you have a good human experience.

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Why and how EXERCISE Your Brain?

To be healthy your brain needs input/activation.

What is this input/activation?

All sensory input provides activation to the brain, such as sound, sight, taste, touch, smell, etc.

80% or more of this activation comes from movements/motor function. Every time you move your brain lights up. If you don't move, or move very little, your brain slows down and becomes weaker.

Physical movement/exercise/dance is of the essence to keep your brain happy and healthy.

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Why Brain Exercise with OXYGEN?

  • Your brain weighs roughly 2% of your body weight.
  • Your brain consumes approx. 20% of the oxygen you breathe.

I, Dr. Z, am 65. There is huge difference between a 20-year-old and a 65 year old. According to many years of clinical research from Germany, the main difference is that the 20-year-old's brain/body is better able to utilize oxygen

This research from Germany was primarily conducted by Professor Manfred von Ardenne and published in his book Oxygen Multistep Therapy.

Here are some quotes from von Ardenne's book:

Dr. von Ardenne states that:..." the oxygen supply to the tissues, drop to 50% or less of the levels of youth….."

Dr. von Ardenne shows that many, if not most, age related health problems, including cancer, can be linked to oxygen deficiency. He shows that it is possible to bring your oxygen capacity back to what it was when you were younger.

By increasing your body's oxygenation you can undo years of damage done by stress and free radicals and lack of oxygen. This process may actually slow your aging process. In some cases there is evidence that the biological clock can be turned back by several years.

Brain Exercise with Oxygen Training is the fountain of youth for your brain.

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Why Brain Exercise With Oxygen Training

For lasting results repetition is of the essence. Learning a new skill requires training, requires repetition, requires discipline.

Your brain responds to changes with repetition, with training. Think about learning how to type: you have to repeat the drills over and over again until one day, your brain response becomes automatic. You don't have to think about which finger to move.

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Dr. Z

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