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   Pleo Reb Capsules 4X

Pleo Reb 4X Capsules, known in Germany as Rebas 4X by Sanum/PleoSanum, homeopathic supportive remedy for to help strengthen the immune system.

The anatomist, J. C. Peyer (1653-1712) of Basel, described for the first time collections of lymphatic tissue in the small intestine; later on they were named Peyer's Patches. These belong to the portion of the immune-system which, located within the intestinal wall, houses 70-80 % of the defensive cells of the entire immune-system.

Due to its structure and form, including a large surface, the intestine is exposed to an enormous number of antigens. They are mainly orally absorbed substances, such as food particles and decomposition products, parasitary and viral substances, toxins and enzymes. Peyer's Patches act as an immunologic place of contact for the particles which have penetrated into the interior milieu due to insufficient protection through the intestinal mucous membrane or by absorption. These antigens may cause local and systemic reactions.

They are mostly taken up in the subepithelial macrophages in Peyer's Patches and subsequently excreted through the mesenteric lymph nodes. Occasionally, the immunologic defensive mechanisms fail or cause damages through over-reaction. The disturbed defense system facilitates infections, defective regulation, and auto- and hyper-immune reactions.

Pleo Reb 4X is a remedy for the strengthening of the humoral defense and the re-creation of a well functioning immune system. Immunological tests have proven its excellent stimulation of T-lymphocytes, and this activity of Rebas is comparable to the activity of isolated thymus-fractions.

German health care practitioners report that Rebas 4X may be useful as supportive therapy to help alleviate the symptomatic presentation of

  • chronic and recurrent inflammations
  • gastro-intestinal diseases
  • chronic hepatitis
  • tonsillitis


1) there is no scientific evidence that the product works

2) the productís claims are based only on theories of homeopathy from the 1700s that are not accepted by most modern medical experts.

20 capsules
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  Known in Germany as: Rebas Capsules 4X


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