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   Ascorbic Acid Caps

Ascorbic Acid capsules contain only pure, crystalline Vitamin C, without added corn starch, magnesium stearate, or other diluents or lubricants typically used by other companies.

Ascorbic Acid has been shown to increase "reduced glutathione" levels in patients with Vitamin C deficiency. This may be significant because "reduced glutathione" defiency is present in many chronic illnesses.

Ascorbic Acid may be useful as an antioxidant as supportive therapy in heavy metal toxicity (particularly mercury), as well as nutritional supportive therapy for immune function problems, and as supportive therapy to help alleviate the symptomatic effects of infectious processes (when taken to bowel tolerance).

There is evidence that it may counteract the free radical damage to the body's tissues and DNA caused by smoking cigarettes. We recommend it as an addition to our Quit Smoking protocol.

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