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Dr. z's Candida Kit

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A simple and healthy way to shed your unwanted pounds, keep them off, and stay in total control. The most effective way to obtain your ideal weight is to combine the proper diet and exercise with nutritional and supplement support designed to:

  • enhance metabolism
  • burn fat
  • reduce carbohydrate sugar cravings
  • increase cellular energy production

Proper supplement support assists in optimizing weight, and enhances muscle and body function which results in a number of other benefits.  Dr. Z’s Weight Loss Support includes:

  • Relora Plus – to help reduce stress-related eating habits
  • Compulsive Eating Formula – provides homeopathic support for habitual eating disorders
  • Ascorbic Acid – detoxification aid
  • Mediclear Plus – rice and pea protein and nutrients to support detoxification and the body’s normal inflammatory response
  • VegaLite – vegetable based protein powder low in sugar, calories, and fat
  • Detailed Instructions – with your order you will receive detailed instructions as to how, when and for how long to take the nutritional supplements contained in Dr. Z's Weight Loss Support.
Relora Plus
60 Capsules
Compulsive Eating Formula
2 fl oz
Ascorbic Acid Caps
250 Capsules
MediClear Plus
32.4 oz
VegaLite-Choc 34.3 oz
34.3 oz
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Please contact us at 866-453-2021 if you would prefer VegaLite Vanilla

If pregnant, consult your health-care practitioner before using these products.

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