Dr. Z's Personal Portable Oxygen O2 Bar Testimonials


Q: Why do I need more oxygen?
A: Your brain is in charge of every aspect your being – mental and physical.

1. Oxygen/O2 is critical. Your brain depends on adequate oxygen more than any other part of your body.
2. You derive oxygen/O2 from the air you breathe.
3. Our air is much worse now and polluted.
4. Most people don't breathe well.
5. As you age, you lose some of our capacity to utilze oxygen/O2, approx. 1% per year.
6. The older you get, the more oxygen deficiency becomes an issue.
7. Flood your body with more oxygen by using your Personal Portable Oxygen/O2 Bar.

Oxygen/O2 - The Missing Link

Your Personal Portable Oxygen/O2 Bar

Q: What possible benefits may I expect from my Personal Portable Oxygen Bar?

Because your brain controls ALL aspects of who you are, benefits are possible in any area of your life experience, such as
• Increases energy, stamina, concentration and alertness
• Promotes relaxation and good sleep
• Eases headaches, hangovers & benefits smokers
• Rejuvenates athletes, especially while training at higher elevations
• Lessens the effects of altitude sickness
• Promotes wellness in polluted city environments
• Revitalizes airline travelers

The use of the Personal Portable Oxygen O2 Bar may also be very useful as supportive home therapy in conditions such as:

• stroke
• anemia
• asthma
• insomnia
• depression
• chronic fatigue
• fibromyalgia/chronic pain
• cognitive decline with aging
• cardiovascular problems
• congestive heart failure
• high blood pressure
• neuropathy
• cataracts
• glaucoma

Q: Is my Personal Portable Oxygen/O2 Bar satisfaction guaranteed?
A: Yes, you have a 30 day (from date of shipping) money back guarantee. Simply go to the Contact Us page and email a request for a Return Merchandise Authorization number, and send your Personal Portable Oxygen Bar back to us for a refund less $50.00 handling - no refunds with international orders

Q: What are your shipping charges?
A: Your Personal Portable Oxygen Bar is offered with a 5% Discount PLUS save $25.00 with FREE shipping by UPS Ground in the continental United States. For Express shipping, please contact us.

Q: What if I live outside the continental United States?
A: Use the "Contact Us" page or call us toll free at 877-847-8648 for a
shipping quote.

Q: Is your ordering process secure?
A: Yes

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