Dr. Z's Personal Portable Oxygen O2 Bar Testimonials


Oxygen/O2 - the Missing Link
Why Dr. Z is very excited.

Your brain is in charge of every aspect your being – mental and physical.

Your brain relies on three things to be happy:

1. Proper nutrition
2. Stimulation
3. Oxygen/O2

Oxygen/O2 is critical - your brain depends on adequate oxygen/O2 more than any other part of your body. As you age, this becomes more and more an issue. Flood your body with more oxygen!

This is what some of Dr. Z's clients and friends report who have been using their Personal Portable Oxygen Bar:

Feeling better overall
Deeper and more restful sleep
Better posture

Clearer thinking
More stable moods
Improved blood pressure and heart rate
More stamina

The best part about this unit:

No prescription required
No tubes up your nose
No green oxygen/O2 bottle on wheels that needs to be refilled.

"Oxygen/O2" Bar Headset

Your Personal Portable Oxygen/O2 Bar provides the HIGHEST OXYGEN/O2 OUTPUT of any non-medical personal concentrator on the market!

This new technology produces 40% oxygen enriched air at 3 LPM, which means this unit offers 100% more oxygen than the oxygen/O2 level in the air you normally breathe!

Recharge at the Gym

Relax at Home

Rejuvenate at Work

Your Personal Portable Oxygen/O2 Bar filters dust and delivers 40% (+/- 2%) oxygen/O2 enriched air at 3 LPM (liters per minute) with quiet operation, sleek design and is user-friendly. This unit provides the highest oxygen output of any non-medical personal oxygen/O2 concentrator.

  • Light weight and portable (15 Lbs) with 10, 20 and 30 minute timer
  • State-of-the-art oxygen/O2 headset for elegant "oxygen-enriched" air delivery
  • 5 nose hoses should you prefer them
  • FREE additional air intake filter
  • FREE protective cover
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, from date of shipping, less $50.00 handling - no refunds with international orders
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Extended Warranty available
  • Listed by Underwriters Laboratory (UL), Canadian Standards Association (CSA) & CE approved.

Your Personal Portable Oxygen/O2
Bar Concentrator

The air we breathe contains roughly 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen/O2, .9% argon with the balance being other gases.

The Personal Portable Oxygen Bar separates oxygen from the air using Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Technology. The process centers around a molecular sieve.

As air is introduced, it passes through the sieve and nitrogen is adsorbed. The remaining oxygen (41%) is piped to a buffer or surge tank, and oxygen is released.

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