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Dr. Z's on-line Self Evaluation is unique and new to the Internet.

  • The process involves answering basic questions about your health
  • All questions are multiple choice - you just click on your answer
  • The form is quite extensive and may take you between 10-15 minutes to complete.

Once you have completed answering all questions, you will be presented with suggestions as to what functional disturbances might cause your symptoms.

Your personalized Dr. Z Four Week Health Express is available for purchase on-line. This protocol is based on Dr. Z's extensive clinical experience and determined by how you have answered the questions.

Your Dr. Z Four Week Health Express contains:

  • Thorne Research nutritional supplements specific for your needs
  • Sanum homeopathic remedies when indicated
  • recommended dosages (when and how to take them)
  • instructions for essential dietary changes
  • I understand that although Peter Zeischegg MS, DC, DACNB (Dr. Z) is a chiropractor licensed to practice in California, he is NOT MY DOCTOR. In other words: interacting with this website and/or the Self Evaluation Form does not establish a doctor-patient relationship of any kind.
  • Answering health question on the Self Evaluation Form does not and cannot imply a diagnosis of any kind. The suggestions found on this web site are based on typical symptom patterns that tend to occur with certain functional disturbances. This may or may not pertain to my specific circumstances.
  • The products mentioned here and any recommended dosages are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. No guarantees of any kind are or can be implied. I understand that when I provide answers to specific health questions and review the subsequent recommendations, any decisions I make are my own. I understand that it is my sole responsibility to seek the advice of a licensed healthcare provider to address my specific needs.
  • The Self Evaluation form cannot be used to monitor changes in health over time. It is intended to give initial, one time, feedback about typical symptom patterns that tend to occur with certain functional disturbances.
  • I agree to hold Dr. Peter Zeischegg, the web page designers, Thorne Research, Pleomorphic Products (Sanum USA) and any other listed supplement manufacturers harmless.
  • I agree to be included on Dr. Z's mailing list for his newsletter and/or health product updates. Dr. Z does not share this information with anyone outside his organization.
  • I understand and I agree to the above terms.

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