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My husband and I have been on the candida/hypoglycemia program for 7 days and we are both absolutely amazed at the difference we feel already and in such a short time.

When I wake up in the morning, I am now feeling rested and ready for the day. No longer do we get the “afternoon sleepies” and are sleeping much better at night. Increased energy levels are amazing.

I have not had the body aches and the lethargy/depression seem to have abated. Added benefit is we have both lost around 4 lbs in a week. We have been sticking to the diet pretty rigorously.

We did have one blip, which really brought home how bad refined sugar is. We went to a wedding Sunday and did well with the food, but broke down and had a piece of cake. We both had horrendous headaches the rest of the day into the evening and felt terrible. Lesson learned!

When I started the program, I figured a lot of the claims were hype, but if it worked half as well as claimed, I would be happy. Well, it works absolutely as well as stated on your website testimonials and we are now true converts.
Deb C, Glendora, California

Dear Dr. Z

I want to thank you for the study you have done on Hypoglycemia, and for
the treatment you recommend.

I was in very bad physical condition when I got in contact with you. I did not want go anywhere or see anyone. I felt as if I was in another world most of the time. My nerves were very bad and I was weak and shaky quite a bit of the time.

Thank God and you for the diet you put me on for a month and for the supplements. With the cleansing, the supplements, and eating right, I now have my life back. I am still on Medipro.
Lewis S, Indian Trail, North Carolina

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I have actually had days and partial days of feeling so much better since I started this regimen last Thursday that it was a no brainer to just follow course.

Thanks for all of the time you've taken to respond!
Irene B, Maryland

I started on 9/1 and have completed a week+. Some days I've only been able to have the supplements or the drinks twice due to travel schedule inconvenience, but always at least twice and I've been very strict on the diet end. Feel great, lost about 5 pounds already. Thanks.
Ray R, Encino, California

Dear Dr. Z,

I have ordered Betaine HCL and Pepsin, Lactobacillus Sporogenes, Medipro, Formula SF722, Dipan and the Pure Ascorbic Acid.

From only taking these products for only a few days I have already seen quite a few improvements.   I know I could probably be better with the diet plan that came with it, however, now I am at 114 (from 118), but, I do follow pretty good.  I am a little worried of losing too much weight.

The improvements I have seen are feeling an overall betterness, my dark circles are starting to lighten up ( a problem I have had for years), my digestive system has improved probably at least 25-30% and even the appearance of my tongue is about 45% better (used to be white). 

I am amazed what these products have done.  I am more amazed that a doctor I have never met, especially over the internet, seems to know more than the several doctors that I have seen (including nutritionists).

The main purpose of this note is to tell you Thank You!   I am so very much appreciative and amazed.  I will definitely recommend your site and products to my friends and family. 


Albuquerque, New Mexico

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I'm 55 years old. 40 years ago I had surgery of my left knee. I've had knee pain ever since. I have been contemplating knee replacement surgery because the pain has become relentless and kept me up at night.

Since childhood I've had problems with my feet. I've suffered from depression since my teenager years. Asthma started when I was 21 years old. Low back pain has been my constant companion.

Over the years I went to different chiropractors for chronic low back pain. Nothing was ever solved. Within a few days the same symptoms returned.

I was really sick of being sick. I finally made an appointment with Dr. Z.
I spend 1.5 hours with him. He changed my diet, put me on a regimen of supplements, taped both of my ankles, ordered custom made orthotics.

I must admit that initially I resented having to take all those pills and submit to a really boring diet for candida and hypoglycemia - I was a chocolate addict, I used to have bagels, peanut butter and jelly, plus three 2-3 cups of coffee every morning for breakfast .

To my utter amazement, within a few days my knee pain disappeared completely. I walk faster, with more confidence, not just in a self protective mode.

I've not used an inhaler since I started on Dr. Z's program.

The depression lifted nearly immediately. I find that I need less sleep, I wake up refreshed at 5:00 in the morning.

My food cravings have all but vanished.
Lee M, Nevada City, California

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My name is Alene.

I have followed your program for the past 4 weeks for the candida or the yeast infection. I've seen great improvement in my health.

I'm able to basically walk again. My knees were so bad I couldn't walk up and down the stairs or sit in a chair. They are now 100% better.

I've seen improvement in my hands, I have strength back into my hands that I can open jars and a full grip. My skin rash on the lower part of my body has gone away. It has cleared up some of the eczema, but I still have itching in the rectal area. It is better, but not completely gone.

Pocatello, Idaho

Dr Z,

I am in the 3rd week of your anti candida diet and supplements. I am losing weight, feel better more energy and better mental function, but not 100% yet.

Thanks for your help

David R. Cookeville, Tennessee

Dear Dr. Z,

I am starting to feel much better, more energetic, not feeling the need to sleep as much.  I observed the other day that after taking the supplements an organ in my lower left abdomen (pancreas?) was throbbing and beating significantly. 

I am beginning to feel more sexual.  My head is clearing, not so much brain-fog

The depression is not anywhere near as severe and I must say that I've been feeling happier the last couple days and not so lost in gloom and sadness and worry

I'm feeling really clear-headed and good right now. 

Thank You,

Shane L. Burlington, Vermont

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Dear Dr. Z,

I wanted to let you know that it has been about 5 weeks since my first appointment with you and I have been very happy with the results thus far. 

I have lost 15 lbs without even really trying. My acupuncturist remarked that my skin was noticeably improved.

My energy level is better, I am not over eating. Digestion and elimination are improved and my food cravings have essentially been eliminated

I feel that my memory has actually been slightly improved which is interesting because it was slowly getting worse with each passing month. 

Then of course there are the intangibles which I cannot really put my finger on but there is a general return to normalcy or the way that I used to feel many years ago


Tom M, Visalia, California

Hi Dr. Z

I am 45 years old. I came to you on the recommendation of my wife, because you have helped our son quite a bit.

For approximately 1.5 years I have been suffering from recurring panic attacks and anxiety. Along with those came heart palpitations and sweats. I suffered a nervous breakdown a while back.

I could not handle the extra pressure and stress at work very well. I often suffered from unbearable twitches. Every other day I had to go home because of that.

Also, it was difficult for me to be around a lot of people. I could not tolerate fluorescent lights in stores and shopping malls. I also had severe heartburn for several years. Medications did not really seem to alleviate my condition. I took many.

Well, you recommended a number of supplements and put me on a strict hypoglycemia and candida diet which I faithfully followed. I figured anything was easy compared with the troubles I had gone through.

You also prescribed custom made orthotics. As you explained they could alter feedback to my brain, thus change my brain function. You demonstrated that through a change in muscle tone in my thigh muscles. You told me that the brain governs all human functions including muscle tone, and you indicated that orthotics might well change my emotional status, not just biomechanical imbalance.

Amazingly, within two weeks I experienced major changes. The heartburn is gone. The anxiety and panic attacks have vanished. I feel more comfortable in a crowd. Fluorescent lights do not seem to bother me any more. I feel more relaxed. I am more of a father and a husband.

When we tell our friends and family about this change without medications, hardly anybody believes us.

Thank you for all your help and concern.

Bill B., Grass Valley, Ca

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I'm 30 years old. For the last 15 years I've suffered from chronic fatigue, sluggishness, chronic cough, mood swings, depression, lack of ambition, and chronic low back and hip pain. My brother-in-law recommended strongly that I see Dr. Z.

Dr. Z discovered that I was allergic to many foods, that my digestion was not working properly, that I had candida, and hypoglycemia. Dr. Z placed me on a nutritional protocol that included drastic dietary changes and various supplements. He also ordered custom made orthotics.

I must say that the first week was not fun. I wanted to quit badly and go back to my old ways, but I hung in there.

Within two weeks my life was changed. Many people around me thought I was pregnant because I exuded so much glowing life energy. I have a lot of energy which is constant. My cough is gone, I lost ten pounds.

Since wearing the orthotics I have no more low back and hip pain.

I feel truly good about myself. I am a better parent and wife. I've so much more patience now.

Kristen F. El Nido, CA

Just wanted to let you know that I am still experiencing much success with the Medipro and supplements. I continue to use the Medipro shakes twice daily and have lost 26 pounds and have had very infrequent hypoglycemic "episodes." I feel much better and walk 30 minutes daily. Several people have asked me how I've lost weight and I've given them your web address - I hope they give it a try.

Thanks again for providing me with an alternative other than "just living with it."

Christi, Caledonia, MS

I just wanted to say that I am so glad that I found your information on the internet. I have finished the recommended protocol for Hypoglycemia and will continue to use the Medipro. I am still taking the protocol for the Candida/ Digestive issue.

But, I feel wonderful! I have soooooo... much energy now. I feel like a new person!
I can't believe I have been battling with myself all these years and all I needed to do was eat correctly. I have been passing your information on to a lot of people also. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Suzanne S., Wisconsin

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Dr. Z, I finished the 4th week of the protocol this week, and wanted to update you on my progress.As per our last conversation, I started the program on Sept 23, 2003, when I was sure that I was not pregnant. My youngest is still nursing and, as I had predicted, did not seem to mind the SF722. My muscle and joint pain is very much improved, I have a lot more energy, and I've probably lost about 20 pounds. ....Thank you so much for your help.

Wanda H., Texas

I am 55 years old. Since 1978, that is 28 years, I've suffered from pain in my right arm, wrist, hand and shoulder. I have not been able to sleep on my right side at night.

For many years I've been despondent, depressed without any obvious external reasons, out of sorts, tired and cranky. At times I would get even suicidal. Also I have suffered from chronic bowel problems. Headaches were a daily occurrence. I started to call them my "normal" headaches. Every morning I used to wake up tired and sore. It felt as if I had been run over by a truck. I was thinking that some of the symptoms may have been menopausal in nature. I was reading a lot, and I talked to many different people. I went to see an herbalist. I bought more and more supplements that I thought might be helpful. But whatever I tried, nothing gave me any true and lasting relief. A few weeks ago I bought a Serotonin/Dopamine homeopathic remedy on Dr. Z's website. I read some of his on-line articles, and I liked what I read. I discovered that he was only a few hours away by car. One day I decided to make an appointment Dr. Z's initial examination happened exactly one week ago. He discovered that my brain function was diminished on the left side. His kinesiological testing revealed several food allergies, a tendency towards hypoglycemia, possible candida overgrowth in my intestines and possible food poisoning. He pointed out that I would benefit from custom made orthotics to support weak arches in my feet. His recommendations included drastic dietary changes with no carbohydrates for the first two weeks and several nutritional supplements to enhance the function of my digestive system, and Medipro, a high protein drink mix.

Well now, one week later, I can report a dramatic improvement. The diet is somewhat boring. However, my moods are much elevated and have stabilized. I don't recall a single mood swing during the past several days. I get a good night's sleep now. I can even sleep on my right side for several hours at a time. When I wake up in the morning I feel actually refreshed. There's a noticeable improvement with my headaches, probably 60%. My outlook on life has much improved. I'm more fun to be around.

Renee D., Northern California

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So far I have dropped approximately 12 pounds since starting your 4 week program and seemingly doing well. I am also applying the "modified" Atkins diet per my GP.

Regards, Jeff ,W
aterford, Ca

I'm 73 years old. Since about 1994 I have suffered from chronic and continuous diarrhea. I went from doctor to doctor. There was no agreement on the diagnosis. Because of the diarrhea I kept losing weight, a total of 40 lbs.

I was chronically fatigued, suffered from nearly constant headaches, neck and back pain. Finally I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. In 2001 I underwent an operation. A section of my small intestine was removed. Initially I appeared to do better. Within two months the diarrhea reappeared along with all the other symptoms.

I have been all kinds of medications, including antibiotics, to no avail. Often I was so weak that I had to be in a wheelchair. Upon the repeated urging of a longtime friend who has been a patient of Dr. Z's for many years, I finally made an appointment with Dr. Z. After a thorough examination Dr. Z put me on a very limited diet and a number of supplements to combat digestive insufficiency, candida and hypoglycemia.

To my amazement, within 48 hours my diarrhea was gone. Seven weeks later my diarrhea still gone! Most of my pain is gone, I have more energy, I feel more alert. Above all, I have hope to get well again.Thank you so much, Dr. Z

Marilyn, Penn Valley, Ca

Just checking in to tell you I started the protocol on Friday the 30th, this is one week now. Whether the diet or the supplements, I haven't had a hypoglycemic episode since. I'm drinking the medipro in the morning and late afternoon as a snack. I seem to be doing good so far.


Christi , Caledonia, MS

Hello Dr. Z,

I've been on the protocol for 4 weeks now with great results - I have not had a hypoglycemic episode since I began the protocol.

Thanks so much. I've been to several physicians and was told that I would have to live with the problem. I'm glad I didn't accept that and found your website!

Christi, Caledonia, MS

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Hello Dr Z,

I am concluding my fifth week on the Candida protocol. I don't want the candida to return. So what do you recommend I eat and drink to prevent that? Please be specific. I do drink wine and beer occasionally. Should I not do that at all when I go back to regular eating?

It is interesting that I have had few sugar cravings. Just want to eat something crunchy like the nuts.

I really love fruit! In fact I have two pear trees, an apple tree, blue and blackberries bushes in my yard.

By the way I have lost 13 pounds since I started the protocol. Have been walking 3 to 6 miles per day. Sure that is helping. I will continue with the Medipro and the fat loss protocol.

How can I be sure I get that discount for multiple bottles of Medipro? May start my husband on it too! There is no place for indicating that on the website.

I have sent others to your website!!

Thank you again for your help!!

Brenda R. Seattle, Washington

Hi Dr. Z

30 days are up. I will continue using medipro and adding food groups into my diet.

Many of my complaints have disappeared. I am thrilled with my progress.
I have lost 8.5 lbs. and my body fat went from 30% down to 25.5%

Unless you direct me otherwise, I will continue with the diabenil, the lactobacillus
and the pepsin. I stopped taking the ascorbic acid and my hives have calmed down.
I will also take the Multivitamins. Do I need to take so much of the SF722?(castor oil)

I feel much better and was relieved to know that even though I drank before I had no problem quitting. It musta been a sugar thing.

My best to you and Victoria.

I will check in with you in another 30 days.

T S, San Diego, CT

Hello Dr Z:

Two weeks into the program. I still get a little edgy and lethargic- many days I don't have enough of energy to do my work; graphic design/sign design-and I lose interest in everything- but I don't get 'brain dead' tired, and the depression , the real bad stuff, has evaporated. I feel my life is being restored and that you have been placed in my life through my faith in Jesus Christ.
When I quit drinking in '87, I quit smoking 2 months later. I was in AA program for months and found out about a doctor in Conn. who then diagnosed me, after glucose test, w/ LBS. When he suggested I quit most of what I liked to eat, I flat out refused to follow his recovery program. All it costs me was $1,200. and 15 years of misery.
I am following your outline vigorously, and really like the foods that I'm eating, even the straight olive oil on salads- except that I've been having one coffee at 10:30 every day. Next week, I intend to drink one every other day, etc.

My countenance looks much better, and is holding. If it and the absence of depression stays like this for another three weeks, I'll know it's the program you prescribed. I say this because I've had a lifetime of 180 degree shifts in facial countenance that did not necessarily correlate with many different types of depression. Nor did it correlate to improved diet and exercise. Countenance shifts have been a lifetime debilitation greater than psychotic depression. Devastating to not know how you will look, let alone feel, from week to week. From day to day. That knocks alot of dominos down.
Chronic eczema is clearing up. Itchy scalp gone too. Mucus starting to clear up. Haven't taken a Xanax in over a week.
Your working for God whether you know it or not!

Tom B, Bakersfield, Ca

Dr Z.

Thanks for giving me more personal attention than
any doctor I've seen in the past ten years!

Tom B, Bakersfield, Ca

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For more than 20 years I have suffered from food allergies, digestive problems and relentless diarrhea. Over the course of the past years I could eat less and less foods. I became depressed, had no life energy, felt tired and listless all the time, suffered recurring headaches. I craved food, especially sugar and other carbohydrates. My life seemed to be slipping away. I lost 35 pounds.In my despair I went on a six month "candida diet". Of course I was not very strict. Nothing changed, things actually became worse.Upon the recommendation of my hairdresser I went to see Dr. Z. Dr. Z made a rather radical diet and lifestyle change proposal that was to last for four weeks. I thought to myself: "I can do anything for four weeks". I took his recommended supplements, ate differently, cut out all carbohydrates, drank only bottled water...Within one month I felt a dramatic improvement. After eight weeks I had my life again. I truly felt like myself again .I can eat pretty much anything now. I have tons of energy. Instead of being depressed, I am "up" and optimistic. I can focus on my life now .Thank yo so much.

A. G. Auburn, California

I have finished the 4 week express kit and feel remarkably better. Here are some examples: Indigestion is virtually gone.
Candida symptoms I didn't know I had were gone within 5-6 days (vaginal odor)
Joint pain diminished within the first week and movement is free & easy now.
I have had only 1 headache in 4 weeks and this was early on so it could be attributed to detox.
I sleep better and feel refreshed upon waking.
I no longer get shaky before eating or feel the need to nap afterward .Changes I made to my diet were eliminating all processed flour products, all dairy products (except butter) and elimination of condiments containing vinegar. I have missed my fruit, however.

J. D., Enumclaw, Washington

Excellent website. I am not surprised at my "diagnosis". Just only surprised at how your web site did in 10 minutes what 11 doctors could not do in 3 years.

After years of problems and a fleet of doctors I was finally diagnosed with Hypoglycemia, Systemic Candida, & Chronic Epstein Barre. I went misdiagnosed for years & every new Doctor would insist on doing an HIV test & when the results were negative would simply say that they did not’t know what was wrong, but agreed there was something. My immune system was completely disabled, chronic reoccurring infections sick with colds, flues, & stomach bugs that seemed to just rotate through my body but never go away, chronic bladder infections, rectal bleeding, constipation for 12+ days at a time, biweekly yeast infections, even a staph infection of the skin. About four years ago I was suffering from some serious health problems. Went from Doctor to doctor who insisted there was a definite problem, but after all tests came back negative they would give up. I was actually tested for HIV 7 x in 18 months always at a new doctor's request despite my low risk classification. This was always the last resort to blame my obvious immune deficiency on something. ( I was also tested for other less know immune disorders…always negative.) I finally found a doctor with a different approach to medicine. He sat spoke to me asked lots of strange, what seemed unrelated questions & then sent for three Blood Tests. To my surprise one week later all three tests came back positive. I underwent treatment & have found a new world of improved health.

Now I am starting to see a decline in health, stumbled across the web site below & took the free health evaluation. To my surprise this site "diagnosed" me with three conditions, two of which I already knew I had. (Not only that it gives a complete description of each disorder & other problems it may cause (i.e. systemic candida causes migraines, endometriosis & cysts three things that I suffer from.) I once got really drunk off of half a drink…that’s not drunk but a hypoglycemic episode…interesting! This website did in 10 minutes what eleven doctors could not do in three years.

You may not be sick, but are there little annoying things that are bothering you? Check it out! It’s worth the 10 minutes!

Athena J., Pembroke, Ma

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After five days on Dr. Z's protocol...

Hi Dr.Z,

Just wanted to let you know how I am doing. Started the Candida protocol last Friday, along with the diet. I am experiencing

  • less mucusless allergy symptoms (even though this is my worst month for allergy symptoms)I have been able to cough up mucus (previously chest always had some congestion but I was unable to release it)my bowels are OK ... though the color is weird ... light green with some cream color digestion is fine ... no gas, some bloating but that's because I am having my period right now I have been doing fine with the diet but am getting tired of just eating celery or nuts for a snack can't believe it but I resort to taking the Medipro for a snack ... the taste was unbearable at the start (and it still isn't great), but I look forward to the energy that it gives me. I had severe headaches not on the first day, but the second, third, and fourth days were rough ... this surprised me since I am not a coffee drinker am giving off this horrible odor when I perspire. This is something new. All I can attribute it to is that it is a good sign of detox ... correct?I must admit that I have not been good about getting almost 3 quarts of water into me a day (my weight was about 142.5 at the start of this protocol). The closest I come is about 1 1/2 to 2 quarts. I will make a conscious effort to drink more I experienced severe fatigue Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday of this week when I started my period. This is not a new symptom. It started about 4 months ago. I am approaching 50 and just started to have some hormonal problems. I have been doing some research and talking with my local doctors and will be starting on some progesterone soon.
  • I have lost about 2 and 1/2 pounds since Friday

This protocol hasn't been as bad as I thought ... the first 3 or 4 days were the hardest

Any comments or suggestions are most welcomed. Any other things that I should be aware of?

Until next week,

Denise B. /East Coast

Just wanted to check in and let you know how I am doing on your Candida/Four Week Health Express protocol.

I just finished up my second week and am starting my third week today.

I still had some fatigue after finishing my menstrual period this past weekend. That caused me some concern. I knew fatigue could be a possible side-effect. But that lasted only 2 or 3 days after my period ended, and then my energy started to emerge. I had an absolutely wonderful day yesterday ... lots of energy, very little mucus ... it felt so good. Like I had said in one of my earlier reports, May is usually my worse month for allergies. I usually have to go on Prednisone (since nothing else helped). This year, I am amazed that I am not experiencing this. The only symptoms I am experiencing seems to be 'reversal symptoms' ... being able to cough up old mucus in my chest, minimal allergy symptoms, minimal gas, better digestion, and more energy.

I have lost another 1 1/2 - 2 pounds. I've become a little better at drinking water, but still need to improve on that. I have cut down on overeating with the nuts, but I still have moments that I overdo (I think it's when I experience a craving or tiredness ... otherwise I am fine).

I finished the Pleo 3X suppositories on day 10, and will start the Lactobacillus Sporogenes after completing the 3rd week.

I was just wondering what happens after the fourth week. I know that I can start incorporating foods slowly, but do you have any other specific guidelines? Also, from what I have read off your web site, am I correct in my understanding that I need to stay on the SF 722 and the Lactobacillus Sporogenes indefinitely? The reason I am asking is because I want to make sure that I don't run out of the supplements that I will need.

I saw my update report in your latest newsletter. I hope that it may help to encourage others, who are suffering with this condition, to try your candida support program. Thank you, for honoring my request of leaving out my last name and location.

Until next week,


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My name is Ray F. and I spoke with you about 6 weeks ago regarding my Candida. I did your recommended protocol and have gotten excellent results. In the meantime, my stomach gaseousness and cramping on the left side has improved about 80%. That was my primary symptom.
Thanks so much!


To: "Dr. Peter Zeischegg" <>
Subject: A validating thank you from a loyal customer

Just a thank you (with a little history), I wanted to thank you for your products and information you have made available to the public. Not only do you provide good details, you have also made yourself available as a physician.

Such a rare quality to see such personal responses from the actual person! I started some of your product blends approximately 3 weeks ago....due to some strange health concerns, I went searching for something to assist my own practices. I was diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 at the age of 2.

Currently, I am 29 years old and took responsibility for my own health.
Although blood tests (A1c) show I am in great control, one concern was the
size of the thyroid. Ultrasounds did not show any problems and lab results
(T3, T7, T4, TSH) were within healthy ranges
. In addition, my endocrinologist could find nothing in the way of "wrong" and for all intensive purposes, I am in "great health".

Needless to say, there are so many changes the body goes through in addition
to the 7 year cycle and lately I have been experiencing more. Strange
anomalies such as hypoglycemia, inability to digest carbohydrates, afternoon
fatigue, unexplained weight gain
and various bodily functions were beginning
to affect me and no test or doctor could pinpoint anything out of the
. The herbs I had been taking were also not reacting like they used
too.... I was pretty fed up and needed some help. When I found your website, I instantly got the impression that I needed to pay attention (I am real big on intuition). I went through the health evaluation and purchased most of the products advised.

After 3 weeks of following the suggested regime and combining that with my own dietary needs, I have not felt this good in months. Digestion is about back to normal, my weight is normalizing (almost back to 110), my moods are not as volatile and the most wonderful is the Thyroid Complex effects. Thyroid problems run in my family so I may have been heading towards Hashimoto's or hypothyroidism.
Perhaps with your blends I can save the gland from being removed, getting
worse or affecting my digestion like it has.....I sure do feel better now!

Kind of a long method to say thank you....I hope my history and results from
your blends is decent validation to the service you have provided to us.

Much appreciated and thank you again,

Maralina Dvorak

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I am 76 years old! Before I saw Dr. Z I suffered for many years from frequent asthma attacks. These attacks occurred often daily, especially when I was under stress or if I ate the "wrong foods". I also suffered from many digestive problems such as nausea, constipation, bloating, heart burn. Nervousness, depression, and constant serious fatigue were my constant companions. I had daily headaches, chronic sinus problems, night sweats. I also suffered from compulsive eating and food cravings, water retention and excess weight. I further had chronic and long standing insomnia. Dr. Z placed me on a hypoglycemia/candida diet, gave me recommended supplements for digestive and thyroid support, gave me chiropractic care and prescribed orthotics for my feet. My asthma disappeared nearly instantaneously.

The insomnia disappeared after Dr. Z suggested a possible cause: as an experiment he asked me to unplug all electrical devices in my bedroom at night. Sure enough, I slept like a baby. It appears that I am sensitive to electromagnetic fields. As long as I take the recommended thyroid support supplements my energy is great. My digestive problems have vanished, my headaches are much improved, my depression is gone. After Dr. Z desensitized me to grasses, weeds, and pollen my sinus stress is vastly improved. I am happy to report that I lost 14 pounds over a period of six weeks.

Dawn B.
Nevada City, CA

I have not been well for more than a year. I suffered from uncontrollable mood swings and severe and constant fatigue. My headaches were frequent and debilitating, and kept me from functioning. My neck was really stiff and very tender. I also suffered from frequent brain fog, heart palpitations, primarily when lying in bed at night. I also had severe bloating and frequent diarrhea attacks. I was craving sweets and spicy foods. I also suffered from frequent urination: I had to be up at least once at night, often more. I tried different doctors, but there was no real improvement. During the month before I went to see Dr. Z I had what appeared to be an infection in my right ear. I couldn't hear in that ear. No matter what I did this condition did not clear up. Within one month on Dr. Z's protocol most of my symptoms have disappeared. My energy is much improved, so is my mental status. Within two weeks my hearing was 100% restored. My digestive stress is resolved, I have no mood swings as long as I stay on the high protein diet. My hair feels thicker, its texture appears stronger. I have had no heart palpitations at all. My neck feels free and wonderful. I feel like a new person. Thank you!

Norma E.
Nevada City, CA

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 For several years now I've been under extreme amount of emotional stress. In addition, I've suffered from digestive problems, anxiety, anger, and irritability, fatigue, restlessness, lots of arthritis pain, hip pain, poor concentration, and excessive weight. I also had considerable swelling and pain in my right knee stemming from an automobile accident. Several months ago my right hand was shredded by a dog. I underwent surgery. Since then I have had loss of mobility, swelling, and pain in my right hand and arm. After just two weeks on your protocol and several low level laser treatments most of my pain is gone. I lost 6 ½ pounds, I have lots of energy, my mood swings are much improved. My hip pain is gone, and my right knee swelling is much improved. It appears that I can handle external stress much more easily. I feel more like myself again.

Honore S.
Grass Valley, CA

I had been suffering for 10 years on and off with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and osteonecrosis of my jaw (chronic low grade infection that was destroying my jaw bone). Over the span of my illness I gained 70 pounds. I was constantly hungry, craving carbohydrates. Since I was 10 years old I've been acutely aware of being hungry all of the time, even after a full meal. I was on anti-depressants for five years because I suffered from short term memory problems, chronic pain, and anxiety. Dr. Z placed me on his strict hypoglycemia/candida/digestion regimen. After one week of feeling terrible and weak I started to feel better. I experienced for the first time in my life that I was off the carbo hunger roller coaster, and that I was in control of what I was eating. I lost 33 pounds in 3.5 months. My fibromyalgia has improved 80 per cent. I am going off my anti-depressants, and I am doing fine. My outlook on my life has improved substantially. This is a diet I want to stay on forever.

Lisa W. Chico, California

I just wanted to write to thank you for curing my chronic heartburn and indigestion that I have suffered with for over 25 years. Going on your hypoglycemia/candida/digestion plan has been the best thing I've ever done for myself. Extra benefits that I have derived from this new eating plan combined with the supplements are a definite increase in energy and a loss of 35 pounds. Thank you again for all of your good advice.

Clyde S. Grass Valley, Ca

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Our son Andrew is 12 years old. Andrew had had asthma and poor health from infancy. Then last year Andrew developed such a bad case of asthma that we had to take him to a nearby clinic. His blood oxygen level was so low that the doctor gave him two rounds of a very strong inhaler and was considering sending him to the emergency room. Andrew did improve and we were given a course of treatment to contain the asthma for the future, which included cortisone type inhalers. We really didn't want Andrew to be dependent on these heavy duty chemicals and so we came to Dr. Z, who had been highly recommended to us by a friend. We discovered that Andrew was hypoglycemic, and that many of his allergies and poor stamina and weepiness could be caused by the hypoglycemia. After just two weeks on Dr. Z's program, Andrew was tremendously improved and we were thrilled. During the last two months, Andrew has used his inhaler only once and he has gained ten pounds and is noticeably more robust. His energy levels have evened out and he is doing better in school. Thank you, Dr. Z. .

Suzanne S, Nevada City, Ca

Thank you so much for being there for me. After suffering from middle back pain for over 10 years, frequent mood swings, mental fog and low energy, joint pain, allergies and bloat, I have finally found the solution! Your program has really made the difference. I feel better than I have in years!

Mark O. Camptonville, Ca

I would like to thank you for introducing me to a dietary method of healing my skin rash and allergies. When I came to you, my body was in a very depleted condition. I had a skin rash all over my body, and I had severe allergies to many foods and various pollens and chemicals. After five years of suffering under the care of three different dermatologists, my condition was worse than ever. All three of them used the same approach: various forms of steroids to treat the symptoms, but no treatment of the causes. You placed me on a high protein/ Candida diet for a total of four weeks. In addition, you gave me vitamin and nutritional supplements for my body's particular needs. Within three weeks after starting the diet, my skin rash was completely gone. Thanks again for all you've done to help me. I would not hesitate to recommend you to others who have chronic health problems.

Chuck P., Grass Valley, California

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How wonderful it is to wake up feeling well. How wonderful it is to have energy again - to experience a whole day without feeling exhausted!! In the early months of 1996, I had three bouts of a virus which left me totally worn out. My physician said I would eventually get over it. Many months later, I learned that I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I would fall into bed exhausted after doing minimal housework, going into town shopping, having dinner out with friends, or even talking on the telephone!I read many articles and references about CFS - and I tried several so-called cures - nothing helped my exhaustion. Dr. Z recommended supplements and a diet, which I have religiously followed. After just 3 weeks, I was feeling so much better. After 6 weeks I did not just feel good - I felt great.

Naomi B., Alta Sierra, Ca

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