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I had everything wrong with me that was on Dr.Z's list of Self Evaluation symptoms. I had no energy, chronic aches and pains all over my body.

I had difficulty with motivation, depression, arthritis, hearing loss, ringing in the ears, high blood pressure, heart palpitations, light headedness, trouble sleeping, shortness of breath, excessive appetite, frequent constipation, digestive problems, bloated feeling, heartburn, anxiety attacks, nervousness, and my balance was way off.

You name it, I had it!

I am 61 years old. This went on for thirty years. Sometimes I really felt like giving up.

I met Dr.Z at the Nevada City Health Fair. I was on thirteen different medications at the time. For years I had gone from medical doctor to medical doctor - all they did is give me more medications which made me only more miserable.

I checked him out to see what he had to say about me. I went to see him at his office for an examination where he screened me for pain, muscle strength imbalance, hypoglycemia/blood sugar problems, allergies and evaluated my nutritional and digestive status.

Dr. Z was hesitant to take me on as a patient. He told me that because I had these problems for so many years that I would have to make drastic life style changes and follow his recommendations absolutey...could I do that? Well, I decided right then that I could do anything I put my mind to.

In one week, yes in just one week, in getting chiropractic adjustments, changing my diet, taking supplements and doing the home work brain exercises he gave me I am much stronger than I have been in years! I can hardly believe this myself.

The hypoglycemia diet - no carboydrates. Breakfast is hardest - I used to eat cereal with non-fat milk, dried apricots and banana every morning. Popcorn for snacks during the day.

My initial symptom score on was 128, one week later, it was 10.

My heartburn is gone, my pain is so much improved, I don't feel depressed, I have more energy, I have hope again.

Dr.Z saved my life! I heartily and highly recommend coming to see Dr.Z!!

Carol H, Grass Valley,CA.

PS - Within two weeks I decided to go off three of my medications - OxyContin, Prevacid and Glucophage.. I would love to be off all of them, eventually.

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When I first came to see Dr. Z, my health had been declining for 3 years. I was used to being able to bicycle all day long and eat whatever I wanted. Over a very short period of time, my body changed. I found that foods I routinely ate now gave me major indigestion. As time went on, I was forced to eliminate whole groups of foods from my diet. In spite of this, I watched my energy level decline, often staying home from work for a day or two at a time, so tired and queasy that I rarely moved, except between the bed and couch. I gave up cycling because I just had no energy for it. Right before I saw Dr. Z, I had an episode that lasted two weeks. I wondered where this was going.

During my first visit, I found out that most of the foods I was eating were the worst possible for my particular situation. It showed me how I had been flying blind in attempts at self-healing. In a relatively short time, we reversed the trend and began to find a new balance in my health.

In working with Dr. Z, the things that enabled me to heal were his ability to:

  • Diagnose what is upsetting my system
  • Demonstrate to me, through kinesiology, what affects my system and how it affects it
  • Address the issues on the levels of neurology, physical structure, emotions and biochemistry
  • Educate me to be aware of how things in my environment affect me
  • Provide remedies to ease the source of irritation

In his practice, Dr. Z has embraced many advances in the art of healing in an effective and practical way. I would recommend Dr. Z to anyone who has issues with their health that conventional medicine cannot address.

Bob S. - Nevada City, California

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I am 23 years now. For some time, many years in fact, before I met Dr. Z, I had been struggling in life. This means large tasks, small tasks, everyday things that I faced were seen as obstacles that took too much energy to overcome and were much easily dealt with if I just plain ignored them. Obviously, that's no way to go through life. Who wants to live like that?

The trouble with me was that I had been living like that for so long that it was how I thought life was supposed to be - it was normal to me. Having this outlook on life as the foundation for your existence automatically sets the odds against you if you are ever going to try to find true happiness and accomplishment with yourself. I lacked motivation. I procrastinated. I was lazy. And I had extreme difficulty concentrating on anything I was supposed to be doing, unless, of course, it was something that held my personal interest. But I even I had difficulty completing tasks which I liked to do.

I had taken online tests to find out if I had ADD, the results not shedding much light on my situation. Finally, it was suggested to me by my father, who is a medical doctor in this town , that I make an appointment with Dr. Z, a chiropractor.

"A chiropractor? Don't they, like, work on backs and stuff?" I said one morning over breakfast.

"Yes, but this guy is different. Just go once and see what it's like. If you find that you're not interested in continuing then fine, no bother, but if he is able to offer you some help it could be something really great."

"Dad, he's a chiropractor. My posture's fine."

Well, it turns out my posture wasn't fine, it was in fact quite bad, but living in a 5'9" world when your 6'2" will teach you nothing but how to slouch. Counter tops and sinks that were are just an inch or two out of reach became the bane of my T5 and T7 vertebrae, to be exact. Of course, I didn't realize any of this until I met with Dr. Z. It was one of the many things that he brought to my attention that changed my outlook on life.

The first day I met Dr. Z we went through a series of muscle resistance tests - something I had never done before. Dr. Z would apply pressure to my arms or legs and it was my job to resist his pressure. That day, Dr. Z made his first "diagnosis".

"You're a wimp!" he said.
"Ah, yes, well it's been lovely meeting you too," I thought.

No one had called me that since the third grade. I think it was after declining a challenge on the playground to a game of tetherball. But when Dr. Z said it, it made sense; I wasn't able to resist his pressure in either my arms or my legs. I did seem pretty wimpy.

Then we made an amazing discovery, one that has honestly changed my life since. Dr. Z noticed I had a permanent retainer in my mouth and asked me to touch it. BOOM! All of my strength came back and I was able to resist him. It turns out I am allergic to nickel. I had braces in the seventh grade and I had a permanent retainer installed ever since. Could this be why 6th grade was one of my most favorite years I can remember? I'll never know, but I do know that when I had the retainer removed, all of my strength came back and the way I carried myself, mentally and physically, began to change.

Dr. Z also found that certain muscle groups of mine had less tone than others resulting from particular areas in my brain being less active. To correct this, he recommended I do "Spins". Spins consist basically of turning in a certain direction while holding out your thumb and focusing on it. While this sounds kind of silly, it really works, and the tone quickly returned to my muscles that where lacking it.

I was also put on orthotics to help stimulate my psoas muscles and my brain. I would like to recommend to anyone who is considering orthotics to definitely get them. They make walking feel goooooood. I love my orthotics! We're getting married next June.

And just when I thought that this whole process was going to be a piece of cake, I tested positive for hypoglycemia/low blood sugar and candida. For those of you who don't know what candida is, it's a yeast that lives in our intestines that can take over our system if our body becomes unbalanced from things like stress, antibiotics and - from what I understand - even birth control pills.

I have friends on birth control pills who have yeast infections. An unbalance of candida in your body can contribute to feelings of fatigue and unhealthiness. And so I was put on candida diet which consisted of eating only meat and green vegetables while also taking dietary supplements. The whole process lasted a little over a month, and for anyone who is intimidated or not looking forward to doing the diet, I will just say that the first week is the hardest. After that, you've established a routine, and as long as you don't break the rules of the diet, it will be over in no time.

I'm glad I completed the diet, it was like a rite of passage, and I'm glad that I met Dr. Z. The whole experience of has given me a new outlook on life and enabled me to find motivation and energy within myself.

Dr. Z will show you that it is you, and only you that can take charge of your life, and the great thing about it is that he doesn't tell you how you should feel or what you should or should not do, he instead inspires you to make those decisions on your own so that you can grow and become more aware of yourself and your surroundings.

Kendall S - Nevada City, California

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Dr. Z comments:

I enjoyed tremendously working with Kendall. His parents brought him to me in November. Here is a partial list of his complaints at the age of 23:

  • easily distractible
  • difficulty focusing
  • difficulty with motivation
  • difficulty making decisions
  • stuttering or stammering
  • "noticed I was having a harder and harder time getting done with the things I needed to do"
  • difficulty gaining weight
  • belching, passing gas
  • anxiety, fear or nervousness
  • fatigue, lethargy
  • dark circles under eyes
  • headaches

The first thing that jumped out during my initial exam - global loss of muscle tone. I always test muscle tone bilaterally in arms and legs. Muscle tone is governed by the level of brain function.

In Kendall's case there was loss of muscle tone in both arms and both legs. To me that indicated that his brain was not "happy". Many of his symptoms point towards decreased brain activation.

Well, it turned out that he was very allergic to the nickel in a permanent retainer made from stainless steel wire. This retainer had been installed sometime during his high school years.

As soon as this retainer was removed, his muscle tone improved dramatically.

Like most people, Kendall was used to a diet high in carbohydrate foods. This type of typical American diet predisposes a person to hypoglycemia and blood sugar swings which in turn compromises brain function. He also tested for possible candida overgrowth problems.

I put Kendall on a hypoglycemia/candida diet, recommended supportive supplements, casted him for custom made orthotics. I worked with him chiropractically to balance muscle tone and improve his posture. At home he performed spins to improve and balance his brain function.

It has been fun to work with Kendall. He actually listened to me and followed all of my recommendations. The results are dramatic.

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I have had sinus problems for approximately 15 years.  As the years went by my sinus problems got worse and I was getting sinus infections on a monthly basis.  I would then take antibiotics to get rid of the sinus infections. Three doctors, including an allergist, told me to take Sudafed every day to prevent sinus infections.  At first it seemed to help and I had less sinus infections.  Then it was less effective.  I took Sudafed every day for 7 years

During this past year I had multiple sinus infections.  I constantly felt like I was getting a sinus infection or getting over one. The longest amount of time I would feel normal was for one week.  I didn't think there was anything I could do about it. 

Luckily, I had a friend who started seeing Dr. Z.  She had great results and I wanted what she had.  I went to see Dr. Z. and he suggested that my sinus problems were not due to "Sudafed deficiency", and he had me do the Candida/Hypoglycemia/Digestive diet.  He also had me take supplements and do exercises for my brain.  

After the first week I got the color back in my face.  Several people have commented on my coloring and how healthy I look.  It's been 9 weeks since my first visit with Dr. Z. and I have not had a sinus infection or any major sinus problems.  My husband has told me he thinks I am less moody and more "zippy."  I'm eating a much healthier diet now and have a better understanding of how foods can effect how I feel.  If I had known it would be this easy to get rid of my sinus problems I would have done this years ago. 

Another friend of mine has her first appointment with Dr. Z. in two weeks.  I encourage anyone who isn't feeling good to meet Dr. Z. and see what he can do for you.

Julie Z. - Woodland, CA.  

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For several years of suffering from dizziness, digestive problems, heartburn, chronic headaches, neck pain. For chronic recurring sinus infections I have been taking antibiotics, at least once a year. I been on Prilosec and Tagamet to combat my constant heartburn. Unfortunately, it always comes back.

I heard about Dr. Z through the local newspaper. After examinig me, Dr. Z placed me on a candida/hypoglycemia diet. I am taking all kinds of vitamins and other supplements for my digestion. He has me do spinning exercises at home, which are supposed to improve my brain function.

After 3 weeks all my digestive symptoms are gone. I have not used antacids since the start of this program. My sinuses have cleared up. My dizziness is much improved. During two weeks I had no dizziness at all. I lost 13 pounds. I have more energy, and I feel more positive about my life.
Charlene P, Grass Valley, Ca


Dear Dr. Z, here is an update:

I’ve been doing Dr. Z’s candida diet and recommended supplements (that I muscle test for) for three weeks now. We also have done one NET session.

With my seizure disorder, I take medicines that I’ve blamed for difficulty concentrating and sluggishness. During the last two weeks I’ve been able to complete a home study course for one of my nursing accreditations that I purchased over a year ago! There were 166 questions on the exam, and I was able to clearly go through them all. I’m also enjoying reading again for the first time (Harry Potter’s latest).

I was on a vegan diet heavy on dairy and wheat before I came to Dr. Z. Apparently that works for some, but I knew and felt that it was making me sicker. I am so grateful for finding Dr. Z and trying this diet that I thought I was too medically fragile to go onto. I’ve only felt better and better as time has gone on. I have cheated, and each time I’ve had heartburn or itched. A certain sign to me that this diet is right for me.

I told myself I could eat as much as I wanted to as long as it was on the diet and it is working. I’ve found recipes online that fit, and am using new herbs I’m not used to that make things interesting and fun. I don’t have a scale in the house, but my clothes are looser.

I’m now doing aerobics at home and going for long walks outside – first time in three years. I have the extra energy to want to. I gave up swimming and playing the piano back then due to neck and arm pain. I look forward to starting them again soon.

I’m falling asleep without medicine help. That is such a change. The exercises Dr. Z gives me for my brain are incredibly simple and easy – one wouldn’t think they could do anything. They do. I’ve also made changes in my home – my computer screen is now an LCD, I turn off all the electrical appliances at night so the place is ‘quiet’, I sit up straight more, Dr. Z showed me how to do my sit-ups more effectively for my body, and I’ve changed most of my soaps/toiletries so that they are without harmful chemicals.

My home ‘feels’ better. I have more energy, and feel so much better than I have in years. I was told my seizure disorder was going to get worse as I got older and there wasn’t anything anyone could do. I had a life of disability and loneliness being shut up in an apartment (to be ‘safe’) to look forward to if I listened to these people.

In three short weeks Dr. Z has helped me turn that all around…

In Gratitude,
Charlene L., RN, CCM, Nevada City, California

Managed Care Consultant, Reiki Practitioner

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Hello Dr Z.

Thank you so much for all you support, information and great customer service.

About a year ago September 2004, I was not feeling good. I was feeling weak in the afternoon, ready to take a nap. My energy level was way down and i did not sleep well at all, so I decided to see a doctor for a physical. The blood test showed that I had Hyperglycemia/diabetes. My blood sugar was 227 and it should be between 70-110, at least that what I was told.

I was prescribed medication and to follow a diet program. I was tested again 2 months later and my blood sugar had fallen to about 170,which was good but fare from normal. The doctor sent me to another doctor who prescribed even more medication. I have been taken the medicine for months with little progress, and I was getting frustrated, I felt that the medication was nothing more than a Band Aid approach to diabetes---they lower blood sugar but do not address the underlying condition. I had some diabetic neuropathy to the point that had a tingling sensation in my toes.

I read in a magazine about a product made in Germany that could help me, but was unable to find it anywhere. I surfed the Web and found Dr. Z. I sent an email and went through the on-line Self Evaluation. Dr. Z contacted me immediately and recommended dietary changes and the supplements. I have been taken them for only 3 weeks and what a difference in such a short time. My blood sugar is almost normal, my energy level has gone through the roof. I sleep like a baby and feel great.

The sensation in my feet is still there but getting better. I feel like I'm reborn. I know, I eventually will be off all medication, in the not so distant future. I will be eternally grateful to Dr. Z for helping me restore my health.

Peter E. - San Juan Capistrano , California

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I came to Dr. Z just a week ago and have enjoyed enormous improvement in just this short time. This includes diet, supplements, treatment and most dramatically, (and not a common ‘find’):

  • We were able to determine right away that my medic alert bracelet was the cause of much muscle weakness and pain.

For 20 years I have worn this bracelet to let folks know I have epilepsy, for eight years before that I wore one for penicillin allergy. For all of that time I’ve had sporadic back and neck pain, thinking it was from lifting patients. Then ten years ago, I began having wrist pain in addition to that. It grew to arm and shoulder pain.

Two years ago, it became so acute, I had to stop work. I was diagnosed with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome/Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and considered permanently disabled through Worker’s Compensation. Allopathic medicine has given up. They can offer narcotics, anti-inflammatories and surgery. Physical therapy was minimally helpful. Then my neck showed Degenerative Disc Disease with spurs and narrowing.

Then I found Dr. Z.

During his extensive examination he discovered that I had very little muscle tone. He had me take off the bracelet, and the muscle testing showed I was sensitive to the metal in the bracelet.
The next day, I had no neck or arm pain, needed no medication.

A week has passed and last night I was able to lift a bag of garbage way up into the dumpster with my right arm for the first time in two years (pain free). I’m typing on the computer without pain for the first time in ten years.

Feels like such a miracle.
A true essence of healing.

Charlene L., RN, CCM, Nevada City, California
Managed Care Consultant, Reiki Practitioner

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Dear Dr. Zeischegg,

I have had gum problems for the last 20 years. I happened to come across two articles by Dr. Thomas Rau/Paracelsus Klinik in Switzerland and ordered the products recommended here. After two weeks of the remedies (Pleo Art A drops and Pleo Leptu capsules), you kindly forwarded to me, the pockets around my teeth have vanished. I am finding it amazing that the dental medical profession is ignorant about candida infections that many of their patients have. I have also been taking Co Q100 supplements together with fish oil capsules to boost my energy.

I am very grateful for your support and will send people your way to get the professional recommendations they need to stay healthy."


Marlene C., Emerald Hills, CA


I just ordered everything.(Four Week Health Express) Thank you for that and for your incredible effectiveness and great customer service – I am honestly very grateful and amazed at how quickly you have responded to all my emails. I have never had this before and I've been dealing with many other on-line transactions and trying to get help and advice this way. Thank you for that so much
Anisa D, Tasmania, Australia


My son is nearly 16 years old. He has had acne since he was 13 years. Initially it was mild, but it became severe and "cystic" when he was 14.

For one year he was on antibiotics. Tetracycline seem to work for approximately 4 to 5 months. My son's face became worse again. He was then placed on Minocycline.
He was on and off on different antibiotics. Nothing seem to make any difference.

Then his doctor proposed that my son take Acutane. I was required to sign a release form. When I read the potential side effects, I finally said "NO MORE".

He has been off antibiotics for about 10 months. He has tried all kinds of topical creams and blue light treatment. His face looks terrible. I know this affects my son's self esteem. I really did not know where to turn or what else I could do to help him when a friend recommended Dr. Z. who had helped her son with his acne problems in some rather unconventional ways. Without much further thought I made an appointment.

The examination was very extensive. It made a lot of sense. Dr. Z explained in detail his findings: My son tested allergic to many, if not all, his favorite foods: waffle and syrup, box cereals, oatmeal squares, peanut butter and jelly on white bread, etc. He pointed out, that this type of "diet" was not useful for resolving his skin condition. He suggested that due to his past heavy and prolonged antibiotic use, there was a high probability that his intestinal flora was quite damaged and that he most likely suffered from candida overgrowth.

Dr. Z proposed a dramatic change in eating habits - no bread, no potatoes, no fruit, no fruit juice, no carbs… He recommended a set of supplements to help restore normal digestive function. He gave my son exercises to stimulate brain function. He adjusted him and started a series of Low Level Laser Therapy sessions over the affected parts of his face.

I went home in shock - as a mother how could I make this work? This required a complete rethinking of my shopping and cooking and lunch preparation.

We gave it a good try. I felt my son wanted to quit, but he also wanted to get rid of his terrible acne. Within 5 days there was a noticeable improvement. I have my shopping and cooking routine together now. To my amazement, my son is actually following all recommendations.

Two weeks have gone by. My son's skin looks 75 to 80% better. His moodiness is much improved. This already makes a tremendous difference in his social behavior. When we go shopping, my husband and I read every label in the grocery store before we buy anything. What an education.
Denise, Auburn - California

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Hi Dr. Z,

I have been on my program for one week today, its going fairly well.  I had about 3 1/2 days of withdrawl (pimples, dizziness, joint pain,back pain, constipation -that always happens to me at the onset of ketosis). I really did not want to exercise for the first 5 days, I just did not have the energy. I am over that as well. 

I feel pretty strong and my moods are even, the nutritional supplements really help with cravings I usually have on a high protein diet.  Have a great weekend!

Marie, Carmel - California


Both my husband and I are both doing really well. I have had many days in a row go by where I feel almost completely normal, a huge shift from where I was when I came in that first week in January. I will be eternally grateful to Dr. Z for helping me to restore my health.
Kathee W. - Alameda, CA


I came to see Dr. Z about 10 years ago. I am 76 now. My main problems at that time were indigestion, gas and almost constant diarrhea.

I had been married to a holistic dentist and was not interested in the traditional medical approach to healing - more and more medications. I was devoted to leading a healthy life style with good food and supplements and plenty of physical activity.

Every year, prior to seeing Dr. Z, I came down with two or three colds that would always develop into bronchitis. The bronchitis had to be treated with antibiotics. I could not find a way stop these recurring infections. I knew in my heart that this was going to kill me.

I had tried all kinds of things to stop the diarrhea. Charcoal - no help. I had local stool lab tests done. They were always negative. I tried acupuncture, Chinese herbs. No change.

Dr. Z applied all his clinical skills. He changed my diet, he adjusted my spine. My general health improved noticeably. My yearly colds and bronchial infections stopped. I felt more life energy. But my diarrhea persisted.

I was singing in a local choir, and I was terrified during the performances. When a diarrhea attack came there was no stopping it.

At one point, about 4 years ago, Dr. Z pointed out to me that my upper leg muscles were consistently weak when he tested their strength during my monthly office visits. He recommended that I wear custom made orthotics in my shoes. I did not think much of this suggestion. I did not have leg or ankle pain, plus orthotics are not inexpensive.

For about 1.5 years I refused to listen to Dr. Z. I finally gave up. Dr. Z ordered custom made orthotics for me. To my and his amazement, the diarrhea attacks stopped overnight. They have not returned since. Dr. Z was thrilled for me, but admitted that he was unable to explain this. He told me recently that because of this event he took up the study of Clinical Neurology for Chiropractors with the Carrick Institute. He was determined to find an answer. It is great to have Dr. Z as my doctor.

Renee, Grass Valley, California

P.S. I wanted to add something important. Over the past two to three years I noticed that my balance was getting worse. During my regular walks - I walk 1.5 to 3 miles three to four times a week - I felt more and more wobbly. I had to watch for curbs. During my yearly trip to the desert I would occasionally fall during my walks. For the last year and a half I have been using 2 hiking poles from REI to make me more steady. Needless to say, I was getting worried, especially looking at other people my age (I am 76) who fall and end up in the hospital with fractures or worse.

Dr. Z recently completed specialized training for the treatment of vertigo and balance disorders. He evaluated my balance with a computerized balance tester (CAPS). My initial balance score on 11/8/04 was 51% -not so good. Based on neurological testing, Dr. Z prescribed specific "home work" which includes eye exercises and sway training. By January 31, 2005 my balance score was 78%. I feel so much more steady. What a difference!

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I am 41 years old. On December 20, my regular menstrual cycle started, but the bleeding would not let up, week after week. I went to see my OBGYN who put me on birth control pills, four a day. There was no change. She suggested that maybe my thyroid was responsible. So I took raw thyroid supplements. There was no change in my bleeding. It was getting scary.

I also suffered from difficulty swallowing - it felt like having a lump in the throat. For years I had to do water enemas in order to have bowel movements - this started after colon cancer surgery in my twenties.

A friend of mine recommended that I see Dr. Z. Well, on February 18, I did that. After a thorough examination, Dr. Z recommended some very drastic changes: no coffee, no sugar, no sugar substitutes (NO Splenda!!), no carbs. I started realizing that I had been pretty much a carbohydrate addict for years. Dr. Z also put me on a regimen of supplements to support my digestive system and reduce Candida overgrowth. He also recommended spinning exercises to improve my brain's function.

After two days I started having normal bowel movements. Within four days my bleeding had totally stopped. I can now swallow without any problems. Amazing.

Tracy H, Penn Valley, Ca


I came to Dr. Z after nine months of living with extreme fatigue, dizziness, stuffy ears, rashes, hair loss and food intolerances. I was absolutely miserable, but no doctor or acupuncturist could help me. I had food tests, stool tests, and experimented with numerous herbs and supplements, but to no avail.

Dr. Z immediately put me on a protocol of Thorne supplements for candida, hypoglycemia/blood sugar and digestive problems, and a high protein, low carbohydrate diet. I began seeing results almost immediately. It took a little while (about six weeks) to really begin feeling like a normal person again, but the time it took my body to heal is sound investment in the future of my health. Because of this program I am much happier, healthier, and I am a much better mother.

Thanks Dr. Z!
Kathee W. - Alameda, CA


My 9 year old son Carl had a terrible time in school. He could not sit still and pay attention - it was like he wanted to crawl out of his skin. He used to bring lots of unfinished homework from school. It took him at least 1.5 hours to complete his homework every day. He made many mistakes. I had to sit with him to keep him on track.

I finally brought Carl to see Dr. Z. After a thorough neurological evaluation Dr. Z put him on a strict low carb diet with several supplements to aid digestion and brain function. He recommended simple daily brain balancing exercises.

Carl's initial score on the Interactive Metronome was terrible. His timing and motor coordination was quite poor which was surprising to me. He was always an active kid and played soccer.

Now, after 15 sessions with the Interactive Metronome, chiropractic work, a diet without sugar - the changes are truly remarkable:

Carl is much more confident, much calmer. He gets most of his homework done in school. At home it takes him maybe 15 minutes to finish. I do not have to sit with him
He is a quicker reader now - he finished a 120 page book in three days, which was unimaginable before. He even got 100% on a book report that was not even due yet - he used to get maybe 60-70% before. His teachers definitely noticed the sudden change.

A very happy mother in Nevada City


Dear Dr. Z

When I brought my eight year old daughter, Rachel, to you three weeks ago she was suffering from acute sinus troubles, had been prescribed 5 different antibiotics, 4 sets of prednisone. With all that medication her sinus infection was not healing.

Rachel was tired, suffering from sinus pain, head ache, muscle weakness, swollen eyes and difficulties in school. These are only some of her complaints!

After a neurological and kinesiological examination, Dr. Z recommended supplements for hypoglycemia, digestive support and candida, a low carb diet without any sugar and exercises to stimulate brain function.

I am happy to tell you that after just 3 weeks she has healed the sinus infection and all other symptoms have greatly diminished or have stopped. The diet she is on has been tough! But the results are worth it. She glows with good health.

Thanks you, Dr. Z

Cindy D, Mother- Nevada City , California


My son Grant was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 14 years old. He has since been on either Ritalin or Adderall. Allergies were also a major issue in his life, both with food and the environment. These were noticed around the age of 8. Almost year around, he was on Allegra or Zyrtec. The allergy medication helped, but his nasal passages were constantly swollen. When Grant (now 17) told me that he was depressed and had been for as long as he could remember, I had to do something different. I couldn't imagine putting any more medication in his body.

Months before, I had stumbled on to Dr. Z's web site while looking for alternatives for treating ADHD. It also addressed depression. On 10-22-04, Grant was evaluated by Dr. Z. What alarmed us most was his heart rate. Resting heart rate jumped around between 86 and 143, back and forth.

Grant and I decided to stop all of his medication immediately. He started the supplements and the Hypoglycemia/Candida Diet the next day. The first few days were the hardest. I felt like he stayed on the diet 'one meal at a time'. He wanted to quit. Coming off of sugar, refined carbohydrates and medication was rather tough, but he stayed with it. Dr. Z was there to answer questions and to encourage to continue.

On his next visit, three days later, his heart rate was normal - 73 to 76. No more jumping around. We knew that we were headed in the right direction.

Now, over three weeks later, there is amazing progress. Grant's depression is gone. The swelling has disappeared and he can now breathe out of his nose. He states that he can focus better now, than he could while on medication for ADHD. His overall appearance looks better and healthier.

Dr. Z ordered Grant orthotics and has him doing simple exercises to help with brain function. This has helped also.

We couldn't recommend Dr. Z highly enough! He has shared with us the tools to help Grant live a life free of symptoms that affected everything about him.

Tracie - Nevada City, California



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