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My name is Rachel. I am 39. For more than 5 years I suffered from heart burn and digestive problems. I've used Tums and Mylanta on-and-off over the years. Often I experienced chest pain and heart racing, especially when exercising. I was craving and binge eating carbs.

3 1/2 years ago I developed a rash on the eyelids that was quite bothersome. My 1st move was to go to see an eye doctor. He put me on thyroid medication because my left eye was somewhat protruding. My left eye protrusion got better, but not my rash.

Then I went to see an allergist who performed all kinds of skin tests. He found nothing - what a waste of time and money.

Then I went to a regular family physician who declared that I would have to live with it.

I was determined not to leave it at this. I decided to try something different. Several years back I had met Dr. Z at a local Home and Garden Show. My sister had gone to see him many years ago. I called and made an appointment.

Dr. Z' s examination was unorthodox and different from what you see in the typical medical setting: He tested my

On the next visit, Dr. Z proposed a number of supplements and dramatic changes in my diet for at least 6 weeks - - no sugar and no carbs. This was just before Christmas. Even though this could be tough to change my behavior that much, I somehow knew already that I had to do this. He also prescribed specific exercises to balance my brain function.

Within 2 weeks my health was much improved. All my digestive problems are gone. I've not had chest pain or increased heart rate since starting a program. I no longer wear polyester. I have removed all polyester from my bedding including the polyester fill in my pillow. I do sleep much better.

The rash on my eyelids is gone.

I have learned a lot during the past 2 months. There are many different outside influences that affect me, not just the foods I eat - the type of fabric my clothing is made of, electro-magnetic fields from cell phones and wire less home phones. Today I found out that my own long standing posture habits - the way I hold the telephone to my ear - keeps misaligning my upper neck.

I recommend to anyone with any type of symptom that does not resolve, go see Dr. Z.

Rachel O, Grass Valley, California

Another note: My ten-year-old daughter is very athletic. A year and half ago she started complaining of chest pain and difficulty breathing while exercising or running. She also reported frequent headaches and neck pain for which she would take Motrin.

This was getting worse and worse. We tried first a regular doctor. He took chest x-rays which were negative. He then wanted to do a stress test. I did not pursue this option. I was afraid that this might turn out to be asthma related.

After my good results with Dr. Z, I decided to bring my daughter to him. During the initial examination Dr. Z discovered that she had several food allergies and was allergic to polyester. He also noticed that there was substantial stress in her upper neck, her thoracic spine and her rib cage.

It turned out that this was due to a long-standing postural behavior - my daughter is left handed. Whenever she writes she would lean her upper body and neck to the right so she could see her own handwriting.

Dr. Z recommended a diet higher in protein and several supplements. He adjusted her neck, her mid-back and several ribs during several office visits. He asked my daughter and me to start paying attention to her posture while writing and make corrections whenever necessary.

I am ecstatic to report that within one week my daughter could run again without pain and trouble breathing. Her headaches are gone, her posture is much improved.

She is no longer moody and crabby when she gets home from school. Until I met Dr. Z I had no idea that the high carb foods she had been eating could cause her bad moods.

Rachel O.

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Dr. Z's Comments

As you can see in our clients' comments, we have helped countless people through our on-line Self Evaluation with basic nutritional issues such as:

  • the foods they are eating and drinking
  • digestive problems - heartburn - gas - etc.
  • blood sugar imbalance- hypoglycemia - diabetes
  • past use of antibiotics and resulting candida problems

From Rachel's letter it should be obvious that there are many things that I cannot assist you unless you come here for a face to face evaluation.

  • In my clinical setting the first and most important step is the examination which allows me to gather information about your neurological, structural and biochemical situation.
  • This information allows me to develop a diagnostic impression which leads to specific recommendations.
  • My main job is then to monitor how you respond to these recommendations - and if necessary - make changes to these recommendations.

This - in my mind - constitutes intelligent health care.

Take the case of Rachel's daughter: She had suffered chest pain, difficulty breathing, recurring head aches and neck pain for approx. 1.5 years, getting worse.

  • How was the pain treated? With Motrin.
  • Did that resolve her problems? was actually getting worse!

During my examination I noticed distinct misalignments of the upper neck, the mid back and the rib cage.

My main question:

  • Why would a 10 year old girl present with such chronic issue?

On subsequent office visits I observed her posture while writing as a left-handed person - There was the answer!


Dear Dr. Z

I am writing you to let you know of my progress. Only a month of following your diet suggestions and the supplements and I have gotten rid of carb/sugar cravings (they were extremely strong before).

But most importantly I got rid of mood swings!! I just feel much more even now.

Just to remind you I am a psychologist and when I felt down I wondered why I felt that way and only addressed it from a psychological level. Never knew sugars and carbs can affect me that much!! Now I know.

And since I am eating so healthy my 3,5 year old son has been following my foot steps voluntarily! Yesterday we went to a burger place, and he left the buns out and only ate the meat!! (he saw me do that, talk about role modeling) and he told his friend "too much sugar is bad for the tummy!"

Thanks so much for your help

Karol N, Marina Del Rey, California

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Hi Doctor Z.,

Almost 3 years ago I went to the hospital thinking I was having a heart attack, after 4 days of testing they concluded I did not have a heart problem.

They concluded I was having acid reflux which can mimic a heart attack. I was referred to a specialist that deals with digestion problems and he diagnosed me as having GERD. He prescribed Prevacid which I took for 2 years and then switched to Prilosec OTC and during that time tried everything under the sun (antacids and even natural ingredients like vinegar, honey, orange peel, skim milk etc.).

During that time I got very little relief from the constant burning in my esophagus from anything I did. So, I decided to look further on the internet for a natural cure for GERD and through a search engine I found you Doc Z...

I took your online questionnaire and you recommended a month long protocol addressing the following conditions:

which you believe I have based on the info I provided.

I received your recommended protocol on Monday 01/22/2007 and started it immediately. And after 4 days of use the constant pain was 99% gone. The pain I now have on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the worst, I have a 0 to 0.5.

My tongue had a white coating on it before treatment and now is nice and pink (a white coated tongue I think is a sign of Candida infection). I believe the problem I had was an overgrowth of Candida which does not go away without proper nutrition and treatment.

And as of today 01/29/07 I have not taken Prilosec OTC or any other heartburn meds since 01/26/07.

Thanks Doc Z. I'm now getting the relief I've been searching for.

Raymond F G. Jr, Ohio

Dr. Z's comments

I am so delighted with Raymond's rapid response. It does not always work that way.

Healing takes time and often your patience.

  • Many people assume doctor means healer
  • The word doctor actually means teacher

This is exactly what I consider my role to be: I attempt to teach my local patients and on-line clients a new view of reality.

I ask you to create the foundation so your body can heal itself.

I ask you to make certain specific life style changes over a certain period of time, so you can experience for yourself what these changes will do for your sense of well-being.

If you can come here for a face to face evaluation, I also teach you how to balance your brain function. This is vital, because your brain literally governs ALL aspects of human expression and function.

It is only in this way that you can develop new powers of discernment - once you have experienced a new truth, nobody can take that away from you.

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Upon your recommendation I have been using Pleo Muc Eye Drops twice daily since last March, approximately 10 months now. About a month ago I noticed my vision being not quite right. I went to see my eye doctor who discovered that my vision had actually improved from 5.0 to 4.0, roughly 20%.

He was quite surprised and recommended that get a blood test to rule out diabetes – he suggested that diabetes at times may improve vision for a short time. The blood test came back negative for diabetes. Thank you for the recommendation.

Keith M, Orangevale California

Dr.Z's comments:

This has happened a few times over the past 20 years. My first and most memorable experience was with Emma G. who had been a faithful patient of mine for probably twelve years. At one point I decided to move my office from downtown Grass Vally to our home office four miles out of town. Because of transportation problems and her advanced age she was umable to keep up her personal appointments.

She had been on Pleo Muc Eye Drops for several years. On day she called me - she was in her mid nineties - to tell me that her prescription had to be decreased twice over the course of the prior two years. Her eye doctor had never witnessed anything similar in his entire career.


My name is Josh, I'm a high school senior and I'm 18 years old. For many years I suffered trouble in school, with reading, paying attention and also with concentration. I often had anxiety, fear, I felt weak and confused and had difficulties making decisions. This all started big time in high school when I was 14 years old. In the middle of my junior year in high school it became all of a sudden much worse.

About 6 months ago, I became really depressed. There was this constant sense of hopelessness. I wanted badly to do well, but I was going nowhere. No matter how hard I tried I was running myself into the ground. I felt more and more that there was no way out, there was no hope. It was very terrible and scary.

My parents were very worried about me, and I did not know what to do. I went to see a counselor for a while but that went absolutely nowhere. I then went to see a psychiatrist who after about a 45 minute consultation prescribed Prozac which made me only worse - I felt more depressed than ever. After one week I stopped taking Prozac.

Then they put me on Abilify, which seemed to help for a while. But then I felt schizo and really strange - I was shivering on the inside even though I was not shivering on the outside. I felt terrible and weird. .

Out of despair, my parents decided to take me to see Dr. Z. That was in the middle of November. Now it is the end of December. For the last 2 weeks I have not been depressed at all. My comprehension in class is so much better. I don't feel any anxiety, actually I feel regular and strong.

Here is what I learned from Dr. Z - I know how to better take care of myself, to eat better, to watch out for myself. The most remarkable thing, Dr. Z discovered about two weeks ago that I was very allergic to the under-armor which I had been wearing for many hours daily since the beginning of my high school years. It turned out that my under-armor was hundred percent polyester. Dr. Z told me not to wear any clothing made from polyester, including the under-armor. He also insisted that I not sleep on any pillows with polyester fill. Within just a few days I was not depressed any more. It is hard to believe that something like clothing can make you depressed. One evening I went to work out, and out of habit I put my under-armor back on. Within a short time of I noticed I was depressed again. As soon as a I took it off I started feeling better.

The strange thing is that I started wearing this under-armor underwear right around the age of 14 when I started high school. As far as I can remember many of my school problems started right then.

What can I say -- if you have troubles like me go see Dr. Z before you decide to take medications or to see a psychiatrist. I don't want other people to go through what I went through.

Josh A, Auburn California

Dr. Z's comments - Depression and Polyester?

How about that?

I worked with Josh for about four weeks, every other day, to no avail. I changed his diet, I had him take supplements, I had him do brain results.

After about three weeks I realized that his neurological presentation had actually changed. I run into this problem at at times when my clients/patients are on medication(s).

When I examined Josh originally, he was taking Abilify on the recommendation of a local psychiatrist. I have known for a long time that many pharmaceutical medications change brain/nervous system function. The PDR describes all those potential side effects in detail.

I always make it clear to my patients that it is difficult if not impossible to determine in my intial examination if my observations actually describe them, or rather the side effects of the medications they are on.

Josh always reacted negatively to fluorescent lights - all day long he was sitting in a class room full of of fluorescent lights. Obviously not a good thing.

He also lost muscle to when reading or trying to focus on letters. Nothing I recommended as a therapeutic intervention seemed to have any lasting effects.

I was truly at my wits end. One day - sort of by accident - I noticed his under wear shirt. I asked him to touch it. He immediately lost muscle tone which means that his brain/nervous system did nor respond favorably. It turned out that it was made of 100% polyester. He was wearing underwear shorts made of the same material.

I found out that this type of underwear is very popular among young people, especially those who are into sports and who work out.

Because I did not know this, I never asked any questions about the type of underwear in my patient history. This is of course going to change.

The rest is truly history.

I have not found one person, since, who does not react negatively to polyester.

And, needless to say, polyester is everywhere.

I will write more about this in future newsletters. I will also tell you my story from about one year ago when I was wearing a "fleece" jacket made of 100% polyester. At that time I thought it was simply my own over sensitivity - but may be this is much more wide spread.


Hi, my name is Joe, I am 49 and this is my story. Last summer I went rafting in the Little Salmon River in Idaho. This near death experience convinced me to get into better physical shape. As I started to exercise I realized that my right arm was going to be a problem. Raising my elbow above my shoulder meant a pinching pain and forget trying to lift anything heavier than a couple of pounds.

I tried physical therapy, but my shoulder wasn't strong enough to even do the simplest exercises! A shot of cortisone helped for about a month, then the weakness and pain returned. I was down to my last option, orthopedic surgery. Even the possibility of having my arm permanently "frozen" sounded better than having chronic pain and having a useless wing.

About this time my wife convinced me to try a visit to Dr. Z in Nevada City who had helped her and some of her friends. Though skeptical I was willing to try anything, even this hippie Voodoo stuff. Though I did not see the connections between diet and my shoulder problems I started the candida regimen and took my supplements as directed.

I also began the brain exercises (spins) Dr. Z recommended. I reluctantly eliminated sugar in the form of candy and soda from my diet. Before I knew it I was exercising without pain and not having the typical mood swings I had come to believe were part of my "personality" and stress.

Today, a few months later, I play racquet ball for over an hour twice a week, I sleep like a child, and my body is steadily getting stronger day by day. My shoulder is practically healed. Thanks to Dr. Z, I am ready to return to the Little Salmon River and take on those rapids that humbled me last summer.

Joe Z. - Woodland, CA.

Dr. Z's Comment:

I never once "treated Joe's shoulder. Why?

The shoulder was not the problem.


For quite some time I have not been feeling well. My left arm felt numb and uncomfortable, especially driving and typing. I felt bloated, had little energy. My left ankle has hurt for years. I injured my left knee working with a personal trainer who insisted that I do low squats.

I had headaches often, my neck hurt constantly, my nose was always stuffy and I ate a lot, mostly carbs. I also have had this strange area in my right lower eye where I could not see anything.

I am 34. I did not like to feel this way. I found Dr. Z on the internet. Amazing! He was right in this area.

During my first appointment Dr. Z determined that I was allergic to many things - most foods I was used to eating and to most of my make up, my fluoride toothpaste and even my toilet paper.

Dr. Z put me on his hypoglycemia and candida diet and recommended several supplements. I cheated very little because I was determined to get better. He adjusts my spine. He also has me do spins to balance my brain. Looks funny, but it seems to work.

He insisted that I wear custom orthotics. I love these orthotics. Within two weeks my left knee pain is nearly totally gone and my left ankle feels much more stable.

And then my right eye. I had already considered seeing an eye doctor. Dr. Z recommended that I use Pleo Muc Eye Drops daily, in the morning and in the evening. I love these drops. Within 2 days this strange blind spot was totally gone. My eyes feel more easy. I gave a bottle to my mom and to my friend Eileen.

Now, 2 months later most of my problems are gone. I am thrilled.

Mindi P., Grass Valley, Ca




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