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Biochemical Nutritional Testing and Therapy

Biochemical Nutritional Testing and Therapy


  Dr. Z's Triangle of Health - Biochemical-Structural-Emotional

Dr. Z uses the principles of Applied Kinesiology (AK) to perform non-invasive Biochemical Nutritional Testing.
This allows access to the biochemical nutritional part of the triangle of health.

Based on the results of this Biochemical Nutritional Testing Dr. Z will recommend specific individualized Nutrional Therapies.


The skilled health care provider can quickly determine functional imbalances such as

  • allergies (sensitivities)
  • organ dysfunction
  • candida (proliferation of common intestinal yeast)
  • hypoglycemia (blood sugar problems)
  • digestive disturbances
  • nutritional deficiencies

and can further

  • propose a protocol that is easy to monitor
  • recommend a specific individualized biochemical nutritional therapy to restorebiochemical nutritional balance in a relatively a short period of time

with the help of

  • Thorne Research nutritional supplements
  • Sanum homeopathy remedies
  • dietary and nutritional life style changes as indicated

Allergies, organ dysfunction, etc., may have their origin in structural and/or emotional imbalance as well.

How can YOU improve your health?

  • Start with the basics - DDHC
  • Your Diet, your Digestive function, Hypoglycemia/blood sugar, Candida, etc...
  • Complete Dr. Z's Self Evaluation - It is Free and Easy



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