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Weight Loss Page 1, The Solution



Dr. Z's Weight Loss Express - The Problem part 2

The food we eat and drink

  • Good health must be the primary concern
  • Most people eat too many carbohydrates, for details read the hypoglycemia section
  • Sugar consumption has been and is still skyrocketing
  • Alcoholic beverages are just "fermented sugar water"
  • Carbohydrates (glucose) are used to provide energy to the body (muscles, brain, nervous system)
  • The liver and muscles can store small amounts of glucose (glycogen)
  • Carbohydrates-especially simple sugars-are absorbed rapidly from the intestines into the blood stream and cause nearly instant rise in blood sugar levels
  • In response to high blood sugar levels the pancreas produce high levels of insulin
  • High insulin levels lead to rapid lowering of blood sugar levels
  • This leads to a strong sense of hunger and hypoglycemia symptoms
  • This typically leads to further carbohydrate craving and ingestion
  • This again leads to high levels of blood sugar
  • High blood sugar levels cause the pancreas to release high levels of insulin
  • The yo-yo effect continues and escalates
  • Insulin is called the "storage hormone"
  • All excess blood sugar is stored as fat in the fat cells of the body
  • Weight gain and obesity follows: You gain weight!

Insulin, hunger, blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes

  • Eating sugar and high carbohydrate meals causes high blood sugar levels
  • High blood sugar levels cause the pancreas to release high amounts of insulin
  • High insulin blood levels cause blood sugar levels to drop fast and often below normal
  • High insulin levels lead to increased sense of hunger
  • Increased hunger leads to more eating
  • This leads to further high insulin level
  • Continuous high insulin levels lead to insulin resistance of the cell receptors
  • Insulin resistance keeps the blood sugar from entering the cells
  • The cells are deprived of energy - fatigue is the result
  • Blood sugar remains in the blood - blood sugar level rise and remain high
  • Blood fat (triglycerides and cholesterol) levels rise
  • Fat and cholesterol deposits occur in the blood vessels
  • This eventually leads to high blood pressure and damage to the blood vessels
  • Heart problems follow
  • Continues high insulin levels lead to the failure of the pancreas
  • Diabetes follows

Protein and Fats

  • Protein is the true key of life (enzymes, neurotransmitters, hormones, muscles, bones, blood, etc.)
  • The body can convert protein into glucose to make energy available
  • The body cannot convert carbohydrates into protein
  • You can exist and do well on a high protein diet with little or no carbohydrates
  • You cannot exist on a diet with very little or no protein for very long
  • Fat in moderation is important for good health
  • Fat slows down intestinal absorption of food

Digestive problems and "empty" foods

  • It is our clinical experience that the digestive system and proper nutrition is the key to optimum health
  • A well functioning digestive system is essential for proper nutrition and elimination
  • Many people suffer from undiagnosed or wrongly treated digestive disturbances
  • Any diet without proper digestive function is at best useless
  • Most of our foods are grown on mineral deficient soils
  • Most of our modern processed foods are devoid of essential vitamins and minerals

Why most Fad Diets don't work!

  • Fad diets often rely on simply reducing caloric intake
  • The body interprets this as starvation
  • Hunger produces stress
  • Stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol are released to maintain proper glucose levels
  • Stress hormones increase blood pressure and cause irritability, panic attacks, etc.
  • Stress hormones initiate muscle protein break down to make glucose available for energy
  • This leads to loss of muscle mass, not fat loss
  • Damage to heart muscle and other muscles may follow
  • Blood sugar levels rise in response to the protein break down
  • High insulin levels follow
  • Increased sense of hunger follows with more stress
  • The vicious cycle continues
  • Thyroid hormone is the fire of metabolism. In response to a starvation diet the body desperately reduces thyroid hormone production in order to slow down metabolism (similar to hibernation)
  • No fat, or very little, is lost - only water and muscle mass
  • At the end of such a fad diet you may actually gain more weight faster because of the reduced metabolism


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