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Over the course of the last 25 years Dr. Z has helped countless patients with such health problems as candida, hypoglycemia, digestive problems, allergies, food addictions (especially to carbohydrates). His protocol nearly always includes drastic dietary changes:

An Atkins type high protein diet is recommended with the appropriate nutritional supplements for metabolic support. Absolutely no carbohydrates for the first two weeks are permitted. In almost all cases this leads to considerable weight loss with increased sense of well being and vitality within 3 to 4 weeks on the protocol.

Because of this often people would come to his office or call to ask for this weight loss protocol. Inevitably Dr. Z would reply that the person's health and well being was his primary concern and that weight loss, if any, would come as a side effect to becoming more healthy and balanced.

As you are probably aware, many weight loss programs available out there are outright nonsense and some are truly dangerous to your health because they are based on false assumption or even total ignorance about the functioning of the human body. Many lead to an initial weight loss, often through starvation. After getting off the program there is a typical rebound effect: You end up gaining more weight than you had before. Unfortunately often more serious health consequences follow.

Dr. Z has derived the inspiration for his successful work from various sources over the last 10 years. Here are some that come to mind immediately:

  1. The work of Dr. Atkins and his "New Diet Revolution"
  2. Joan Matthew Larson, Ph.D.: "Seven Weeks to Sobriety - The Proven Program to fight Alcoholism through Nutrition"
  3. T.S. Wiley with Bent Formby, Ph.D.: "Lights Out - Sleep, Sugar and Survival"
  4. Dieter Markert: "The Turbo-Protein Diet "

The Problem

Our lives have changed drastically over the last 100 years

  1. We used to have to work hard for a living
  2. We used to go to bed when it got dark outside
  3. We used to live by actual seasons
  4. Summer and fall was the time of harvest, the time of plenty
  5. Fruits were rare past harvest time
  6. Summer and fall was the time to put on fat in preparation of winter (high carbohydrates)
  7. Winter and spring was the time of less food (hibernation)
  8. Meats and roots and some stored grain was winter staple food
  9. Sugar and fruits were rare treats


  1. We are leading more and more sedentary life styles (jobs, TV, etc.). Our muscles don't burn the energy they used to. Excess carbohydrates are deposited as fat. You gain weight!
  2. With the advent of electricity we have created permanent daylight which disrupt our normal cyclical hormone pattern. Food (carbohydrate) cravings in the evening follow. Couch potatoes tend to nibble on carbohydrate snacks (chips, pretzels, cookies,etc.) Excess carbohydrates are deposited as fat. You gain weight!
  3. We tend to live with no real sense of seasons (as to how they used to affect our lives)
  4. With modern modes of transport we have created constant harvest time
  5. We don't harvest, we just go to the grocery store
  6. All fruits and vegetables are always available, any time of the year
  7. Constant availability of carbohydrates leads to increasing fat deposits. You gain weight!
  8. Winter and spring is just like any time: it is harvest time
  9. Winter food is high carbohydrate diet, spring food is high carbohydrate diet, summer food is high carbohydrate diet, fall food is high carbohydrate diet. You gain weight all year round!
  10. Sugar is everywhere and in everything. Excess blood sugar is deposited as fat. You gain weight!
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