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Oxygen/O2 Deficiency and Your Brain

Oxygen - The "Missing Link"


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  1. Oxygen/O2 - The "Missing Link"
  2. Your brain is in charge of every aspect of your being
  3. Why do you need more oxygen NOW?
  4. Is oxygen essential for brain activity
  5. Other Oxygen Enriched Air (OEA) Benefits?
  6. Conditions that can reduce blood oxygen level
  7. What are the possible benefits of using Oxygen Enriched Air (OEA)?
  8. Thoughts on Oxygen
  9. Dr. Z's Personal Portable Oxygen O2 Bar-Concentrator

  10. Request Dr. Z's Free Report: "Why Your Brain Needs MORE OXYGEN as You Get Older


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Oxygen - The "Missing Link"

Your Personal Portable Oxygen Bar-Concentrator

Your brain and nervous system need three things for optimal function:

  • proper nutrition (protein and balanced blood sugar),
  • stimulation/activation
  • lots of oxygen.

Why Lots of Oxygen?

  • Your brain weighs roughly 2% of your body weight.
  • Your brain consumes approx. 20% of the oxygen you breathe.

1. Oxygen is critical - your brain depends on adequate oxygen more than any other part of your body.

2. As you age, you lose some of your capacity to utilize oxygen, approx. 1% per year. The older you get, the more oxygen deficiency becomes an issue.


Your Brain is in Charge of Every Aspect of Your Being

Your brain controls your:

  • thoughts
  • moods
  • memory
  • emotions
  • attention
  • vision
  • taste
  • touch
  • hearing
  • smell
  • pain perception
  • balance
  • posture
  • muscle tone
  • digestion
  • heart rate
  • blood pressure
  • breathing
  • bladder function
  • sexual function
  • hormone production
  • immune response

We could add many more.


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Why Do You Need More Oxygen NOW?

Every breath you take converts to energy.

All human cells, especially your brain/nervous system cells called neurons, need energy to do their job. All cells use blood sugar (glucose) and oxygen to create Adenosine Tri-Phosphate (ATP), the energy source that fuels cell function.

If your cells need more energy, they use more oxygen. That is why your breathing rate increases when you exercise.

If your cells do not receive enough oxygen, they produce less energy.

You derive oxygen/O2 from the air you breathe. There is plenty of evidence that our air contains less oxygen now, especially in densely populated metropolitan areas. Air pollution levels are constantly increasing.

Living at higer elevations puts you at an anutomatic disadvantage - the higher the elevation, the less the oxygen content of the air your breathe.

Most people don't breathe well. Many are shallow breathers. This seems to be more the case with our increasingly sedentary life styles and when we are chronically stressed. This leads to less oxygen transfer in the lungs with devastating consequences for our brain function.

As you age, you lose some of our capacity to utilize oxygen/O2 - this loss is estimated at 1% per year from the age of 20. The older you get, the more oxygen deficiency becomes an issue.

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Is Oxygen Essential for Brain Activity?

The brain demands at least 20% of the body's oxygen supply, when it doesn't get this supply it can lead to issues such as sleep apnea, poor concentration, forgetfulness, mood swings, restlessness, depressive thoughts and low drive.

Brain activity - Dr. Andrew Scholey, Division of Psychology, University of Northumbria: "Extra oxygen has been shown to enhance mental performance and memory recall in healthy active adults in several clinical studies". Ref. Pmid: 10604851 (pubmed - indexed for medline)

Other Oxygen Enriched Air Benefits:

More Endurence - More Energy

Fatigue has been reported by several studies as one of the most common symptoms experienced by people worldwide*.

*"Boosting Your Energy" A Special Health Report from Harvard Medical School, Harvard Health Publications, 2006

Every breath you take converts to energy. Human cells use nutrients from food and oxygento create Adenosine Tri-Phosphate (ATP), the energy source that fuels cell function. If your cells receive too little oxygen, they produce less energy. If your cells need more energy, they use more oxygen. That's why your breathing rate increases when you exercise.

Increased Mental Alertness

Unlike muscles, your brain cannot store energy. It needs a steady flow of nutrients and oxygen to function normally. Oxygen deficiency can decrease your alertness, memory and judgment.

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Conditions that can reduce blood oxygen levels include:

  • air pollution
  • smoking
  • emphysema
  • asthma
  • chronic stress
  • sedentary life style
  • living at a higher elevation
  • traveling to higher elevations
  • breathing bad air that has less than the current 20-21% oxygen .
  • most people are shallow breathers - this leads to less oxygen transfer in the lungs
  • with normal aging our capacity to utilize oxygen dramatically declines

"Insufficient oxygen means insufficient biological energy that can result in anything from mild fatigue to life threatening disease. The link between insufficient oxygen and disease has now been firmly established." Dr. W. Spencer Way, Journal of the American Association of Physicians

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What are the Possible Benefits of Using Oxygen Enriched Air?

The possible benefits are universal. The use of the Personal Portable Oxygen O2 Bar-Concentrator may be useful for supportive purposes to help alleviate the symptomatic effects of conditions such as:

. stroke
. stress
. asthma
. anemia
. anxiety
. insomnia
. depression
. chronic fatigue

. fibromyalgia/chronic pain
. cognitive decline with aging
. cardiovascular problems
. congestive heart failure
. high blood pressure
. neuropathy
. cataracts
. glaucoma

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Thoughts on Oxygen

Extra oxygen enables you to recover more quickly from exertion. It allows someone to train and then exercise again." - Dr. John Brewer, head of sports science at Lilleshall Human Performance Centre: Health and Fitness 1999.

"Oxygen can clear your head, help eliminate toxins, and give you a mind high" - Andy Davison exercise physiologist Cosmopolitan 2000.

"If you use oxygen for 20 minutes, muscles become loosened; headaches and stress seem to disappear. There is a renewed energy and a feeling of relaxation. I am confident oxygen works." -  Dr. Richard de Andrea, Sunday Herald .

"Oxygen increases alertness, improves the body's ability to burn fat and enhances physical performance." - Howard Robbins D.P.M, for The Journal.

"Dr. Parris Kidd stated that oxygen plays a pivotal role in the proper functioning of the immune system; i.e. Resistance to disease, bacteria and viruses.'

Dr. Stephen Levine stated that 'we can look at oxygen deficiency as the single greatest cause of disease.' thus the development of a shortage of oxygen in the blood could very well be the starting point for the loss of the immune system and the beginning of feared health problems such as Cancer, Leukemia, AIDS, Candida, seizures, and nerve deterioration." B. Goulet - The Magic of Aerobic Oxygen - Focus on Nutrition.

"In all serious disease states we find a concomitant low oxygen state...low oxygen in the body tissues is a sure indicator for disease... Hypoxia, or lack of oxygen in the tissues, is the fundamental cause for all degenerative disease ." Dr. Stephen Levine , renowned molecular biologist author, Oxygen Deficiency: A concomitant to all degenerative illness.

"I have Fibro-Myalgia and have suffered with this debilitating condition for more than twelve years. I saw an oxygen bar at a health event and needed to sit down and by chance tried the oxygen. After this for four days I felt so active, had no pain, no fatigue, and no exhaustion and even managed to clean my house out. I made frequent trips in my car to the tip and charity shop of which I am normally unable do. I even went out for a meal and went shopping which I've never been able to do." Carol Mason from Patmoor, Staffordshire

"I have suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis for years. One of the nasty effects of this condition, or maybe the side effects of all the medications I am taking, is that my heart is racing pretty much all the time. Nothing I do or take seems to help with that. Dr. Z recently introduced me to the Personal Portable Oxygen Bar . He showed me how to use it and allowed me to "test drive" it for a few minutes. Amazing! Within just a few minutes my heart rate went down 10 points . I decided to purchase the unit for myself and the rest of my family. I love that oxygen head set.

This morning my 89 year old mother woke up with very red and blood shot eyes. Even our caregiver commented. I hooked her up to the Oxygen Bar for 20 minutes. Her eyes looked normal afterwards. I am not sure how better air made her eyes look better, but we sure like these results . Marlene F., Penn Valley California

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Your Personal Portable Oxygen Bar-Concentrator

Light weight (15 lbs) and very portable with 10, 20 and 30 minute timer

State-of-the-art Oxygen Enriched Air Headset for elegant "oxygen-enriched" air delivery

Its unique design creates a cloud of clean, cool, fresh, Oxygen Enriched Air (OEA) that you can breathe through your mouth or through your nose.

The BEST part about this unit:

No prescription required

No tubes up your nose

No green oxygen bottle on wheels that needs to be refilled.


Personal Portable Oxygen Bar-Concentrator with Oxygen Headset

Use it anywhere!

Rejuvenate at work

Relax at home

Recharge at the gym

Your Personal Portable Oxygen Bar-Concentrator provides the HIGHEST OXYGEN OUTPUT of any non-medical personal concentrator on the market! This new technology produces 41% Oxygen Enriched Air (OEA) at 3 LPM, which means this unit offers 100% more oxygen than the oxygen level in the air you normally breathe!

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