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Steve, a 41 year old male, came to see Dr. "Z" with a long history of asthma and allergies, digestive disturbances, fatigue, insomnia and chronic knee pain. During the previous 20 months he had suffered eleven sinus infections and been sick 15 out of 20 months.

A competitive runner, he had not been able to run for eight years because of his condition. For two years he underwent a series of allergy shots that gave little or no relief. He was using Sereven and Vanceril (an inhaler) for his asthma condition on a regular basis. His concern about the side effects of these drugs and his desire for a solution prompted his visit.

The kinesiological examination revealed adrenal fatigue, hypoglycemia, Candida, abnormal digestion, allergies to almost all carbohydrates and several environmental allergies. Steve was placed on a specific diet, given supplements and treated with Chiropractic and NAET.

After 4 months on this protocol he performed the longest run in 9 years. After 5 months he reported the best breathing day in 5 years. He has been off Vanceril for nearly a month now, and is continuing to improve.

  Andrew, a 12 year old boy, had asthma and poor health from infancy. In November 97 his asthma worsened and he was given cortisone type inhalers. He proved to be hypoglycemic and allergic to many foods, especially sugar. After just two weeks on Dr. "Z"s protocol, Andrew was much improved. He is now off the inhaler, gained 10 pounds, is noticeably more robust, and is doing better in school.
  A 10 year old girl was brought by her mother for severe reactions to poison oak which made it difficult for her to be outdoors. Each summer she would contract poison oak several times. After five NAET treatments, her poison oak allergy disappeared and has not returned since.
  Mary, a 50 year old female came for chronic and extensive food allergies. She had an extremely restricted diet. After five weeks of NAET treatment, she can now eat anything that her heart desires. Kathy, a 36 year old woman was highly allergic to perfumes for over thirty years. Her throat would swell, and she would have difficulty breathing. NAET has changed all that.
  Vicky, 35, would become extremely ill when eating in restaurants, salad bars in particular. She was treated with NAET for chemicals and can now eat out without ill effect.
  Taylor, a four year old boy was very reactive to molds. He would become negative, unfriendly, uncooperative and hyperactive. After treatment with NAET, his general demeanor improved dramatically.
  Sally, a real estate agent, was allergic to dogs. Her chest would become tight and she would develop a lump in her throat. This often interfered with her job. After being desensitized with NAET, she has had no further reactions.
  Andrea, 43, suffered from chronic migraines induced by food allergies. NAET and dietary changes have eliminated her migraines.
  Cecilia, 42, suffered from what she thought was chronic vaginal yeast infection. She proved to be allergic to her cotton underwear, instead. NAET resolved her symptoms promptly.
  Warren, a 69 year old gentleman, complained about high blood pressure every morning, and episodes of high blood pressure when painting with house paint. He was desensitizes to latex and his blood pressure has remained normal while painting. Latex allergies are quite common. He turned out to be allergic to his pet dog, who had been sleeping in his bed room for years. He was desensitized to dog hair, his morning blood pressure improved.
  Judy, 53, had been suffering all her life from colds, bronchitis and pneumonia, one after the other, during each winter. Her chest would ache and she had trouble breathing. She could not attend church during the winter time, because she could not tolerate the cold building. She turned out to be allergic to cold. One single NAET treatment changed her life.

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