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"The doctor of the future will give No Medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the Human Frame, in Diet, and in the Cause and Prevention of Disease."
Thomas A. Edison

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Dr. Z's - My Own Weight Loss Experience

For more than 25 years I have been recommending an Atkins type high protein diet to combat Candida, hypoglycemia, food allergies and digestive problems. During the initial intense nutritional protocol most of my patients, and on-line clients, lose a considerable amount of weight. However, some of my clients - when they return to a more “normal” diet with the typical higher carbohydrate content - would plateau or even regain some weight.

In the past I have refused to make weight loss a primary issue in my clinical work, because health and a balanced body was my main goal. One of my patients, Lorraine M. had experienced the exact situation described above. She lost 6 lb. during the initial 4 week nutritional protocol. And then she stopped losing weight. She convinced me to try a liquid, high protein diet using the ingredients I was already using clinically.

As usual I decided to be my own guinea pig. I embarked on this liquid protein diet (description follows) on May 6th. By May 11th ( that is 5 days) I had lost close to ten pounds. The following weekend I was sitting mostly in my car and I regained two pounds.

During the next week I had Mediclear Plus for breakfast and lunch. In the evening I had a regular dinner with my family. By May 19th I had lost a total of 12 pounds, and by May 23rd an additional pound. That is a total of 13 pounds in two weeks and 2 days.

I have to admit that I was impressed. I had not been at this weight for 15 years! The process was easy.

  • The sense of hunger disappeared after two days.
  • My energy levels increased dramatically.
  • I felt overall younger.
  • I worked out in the gym and did lots of hard work in the garden without any noticeable fatigue.

I was so excited about this process that I added the weight loss protocol to my clinical work and our web site.

We named it Dr. Z’s Weight Loss Express.

There you can find a detailed description

  • why our current dietary habits do not work for most people
  • and why this high protein diet approach is actually good for your overall health.

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A Weight Loss Express Testimonial

I found myself last summer, not overweight, but wanting to lose the 5 to 10 pounds I had put on over the winter months. I was eating very little and working out rigorously, but still not losing those stubborn pounds.

I was aware that Thorne Research had come out with new weight loss support supplements and decided to try them. My starting weight was 124 lbs. At the beginning of August I started taking Appestacin and Satiecin. After muscle testing with Dr. Z showed I needed Iodine & Tyrosine, I started taking that as well. I have lived inland for decades and only use sea salt that has no iodine added.

I lost a few pounds and noticed my cravings for carbohydrate foods were diminished. I started having the VegaLite protein powder for lunch. It was satisfying and kept me going until dinner.

I continued losing weight slowly, even over the holiday season, and by early January had lost 12 pounds.

It is now the middle of February, and I have maintained my new weight, even though I usually gain weight this time of year. I am still mostly using the VegaLite for lunch, and at dinner I take my time eating a very low carbohydrate dinner, enjoying conversation with my family between bites.

It is now Feb. I am down to 112 pounds and have stayed there for over a month. This never happens for me in the winter months…I usually put weight on as I crave the carbs in the colder months. But this year is different!

I continue to take the Appestacin, Satiecin, and Iodine & Tyrosine on a regular basis and work out at least three times a week at the gym and walk in between.

I feel great; I look great, thanks Dr. Z for your Weight Loss Express!



Why We Gain Weight and Develop Brain Problems

Here are some highlights :

  • All cells in your body require cell energy (ATP) to function.
  • ATP is made from oxygen and glucose/ blood sugar.
  • Your Brain uses most of that energy.
  • Your body can derive glucose from carbohydrate foods (grains, fruits, sugar, etc.) and fat and protein
  • Your body cannot make protein (foundation of life: muscles, hormones, enzymes, etc.) from carbohydrates

  • ** All excess carbohydrates are stored as FAT for later use

  • We used to have to work hard for a living!
  • We used to live by the seasons: summer and fall was harvest time
  • Sugar and sweets were rare treats
  • Summer and fall was the time of plenty - we would eat a lot of carbs to put on fat for the lean times of winter and spring
  • Winter was the time of meat and roots

  • Now we have permanent harvest time: carbohydrates in any form are available any time.

  • Most of us eat too many carbs all year round.

  • Sugar is everywhere and in everything! Just read the labels.

  • ** All excess carbohydrates are stored as FAT...we gain weight all year round!

  • We are leading more and more sedentary life styles (jobs, TV, computers, etc.). Our muscles don't burn the energy they used to. Excess carbs are deposited as fat. We gain weight!


  • High carbohydrate meals cause a rapid rise in blood sugar
  • High blood sugar levels cause the pancreas to release high levels of insulin
  • High insulin levels cause a rapid drop in blood sugar levels, often to below normal levels
  • Low blood sugar levels cause hunger and classic hypoglycemia symptoms with further carb cravings.
  • Your brain requires balanced blood sugar for it to function properly.
  • Hypoglycemia - your brain can't work properly.

Insulin Resistance

  • Insulin is called the storage hormone: it stores all excess glucose as fat...we gain weight.
  • The Yo Yo continues: the more carbs we eat, the more we crave them, the more we gain weight
  • Continuous high carb diets exhaust the pancreas: this can lead to insulin resistance and diabetes
  • Insulin resistance means that insulin is unable to move the glucose out of the blood into the cells
  • Your cells can’t make energy. Fatigue follows. Abnormal high blood sugar levels (diabetes) follow. Your brain can't work.
  • Insulin resistance means - your brain can't work properly.


  • Diabetes - exhausted pancreas may fail to produce insulin which also leads to high blood sugar levels (diabetes)
  • Diabetes leads to all kinds of terrible neurological and circulatory problems
  • Diabetes means - your brain can't work properly.

High carb diets and lack of exercise

  • High carb diets and lack of exercise cause high blood levels of triglycerides (fats) and cholesterol
  • High blood pressure and heart disease often follow.

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Dr. Z's Weight Loss Express - Highlights

A simple and healthy way to shed your unwanted pounds, keep them off, and stay in total control. The most effective way to obtain your ideal weight is to combine the proper diet and exercise with nutritional and supplement support designed to:

  • enhance metabolism
  • burn fat
  • reduce carbohydrate sugar cravings
  • increase cellular energy production

Proper supplement support assists in optimizing weight, and enhances muscle and body function which results in a number of other benefits. Dr. Z’s Weight Loss Support includes:

  • Appestacin – to help control appetite with raspberry ketones
  • Satiecin – to maintain a healthy metabolism
  • Compulsive Eating Formula – provides homeopathic support for habitual eating disorders
  • Ascorbic Acid – detoxification aid
  • Mediclear Plus – rice and pea protein and nutrients to support detoxification and the body’s normal inflammatory response
  • VegaLite – vegetable based protein powder low in sugar, calories, and fat
  • Detailed Instructions – with your order you will receive detailed instructions as to how, when and for how long to take the nutritional supplements contained in Dr. Z's Weight Loss Express.
60 Capsules
60 Capsules
Compulsive Eating Formula
2 fl oz
Ascorbic Acid Caps
250 Capsules
MediClear Plus
32.4 oz
34.3 oz
List Retail Total
Save 10% Order Now and Pay Only


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Bull's Eye Order Dr. Z's Weight Loss Express - SAVE 10%

A simple and healthy way to

  • shed your unwanted pounds
  • keep them off
  • and stay in total control

Discover why we gain weight, why most diet fads do not work and may actually harm you.

With your order you will receive detailed instructions as to

  • how
  • when and
  • for how long

to take the nutritional supplements contained in Dr. Z's Weight Loss Support.

**** Order Dr. Z's Weight Loss Express NOW

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I wish you well.

Thank you again for your interest and support.

Dr. Z

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