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Mission Statement and Dedication

This web site is my expression of gratitude for having found the solution to years of personal misery and suffering through my discoveries about Functional Illness over the past 21 years.

No medical tests, no psychological counseling could reveal the true reasons behind my long-standing depression, my mood swings, my sudden and unprovoked outbursts of anger, my constant sense of impending doom.

  • I lost my marriage.
  • I could not keep any staff.
  • Nobody wanted to be around me.
  • Often I felt that I wanted to end it all.

Twentyone years ago, my mother in Germany become ill with pancreatic cancer. Traditional western allopathic medicine had nothing really to offer her. She was placed on pain medication and essentially left to die. I felt helpless and very upset. This is how my search for alternative methods of healing started.

My mother's illness gave me the impetus to ask new questions, to open different doors. She died with the knowledge that her suffering had inspired me with a new curiosity for life.

My journey started in 1990. Many small discoveries led to an emerging larger picture: Hypoglycemia, Candida and Digestive Stress are at the root of many seemingly "unexplainable" and bizarre physical and psychological symptoms.

Over the past 21 years I have been able to assist a large number of patients to regain their health and vitality. This was of course limited to people living relatively close to our physical office location.

Upon the urging of my lovely wife Victoria (I married again) I have dedicated the past years to the task of sharing these discoveries with you via the Internet.

Many thanks to my web designer Shawn and Doug at Windy Man Productions for taking this project on, for their extreme patience, delightful expertise and on-going wonderful support. They have created the visual and technical framework that allows me to express and transmit my constantly growing clinical experience.

I wish that you may find inspiration and hope in the successes of others.

Dr. Z

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