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Polyester - Depression

Polyester and Depression?

What you wear can make you depressed, crazy and ill?



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  2. I get amazing letters
  3. Dr. Z's comments - Depression, your Brain and Polyester?

    What you wear can make you depressed, crazy and ill?

    red floating triangleAt my wits' end - a sudden flash of insight?

  4. Dr. Z's own story with Polyester


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Quotes for Your Life

"People do not lack strength, they lack will."
Victor Hugo

"Great minds have purposes, others have wishes."
Washington Irving

"You will never 'find' time for anything. If you want time, you must make it."
Charles Buxton

"Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely."

"History has demonstrated that the most notable winners usually
encountered heartbreaking obstacles before they triumphed. They
won because they refused to become discouraged by their defeats"
Bertie C.Forbes

I get amazing letters (bolds and links added by Dr. Z)

My name is Josh, I'm a high school senior and I'm 18 years old. For many years I suffered trouble in school, with reading, paying attention and also with concentration. I often had anxiety, fear, I felt weak and confused and had difficulties making decisions. This all started big time in high school when I was 14 years old. In the middle of my junior year in high school it became all of a sudden much worse.

About 6 months ago, I became really depressed. There was this constant sense of hopelessness. I wanted badly to do well, but I was going nowhere. No matter how hard I tried I was running myself into the ground. I felt more and more that there was no way out, there was no hope. It was very terrible and scary.

My parents were very worried about me, and I did not know what to do. I went to see a counselor for a while but that went absolutely nowhere. I then went to see a psychiatrist who after about a 45 minute consultation prescribed Prozac which made me only worse - I felt more depressed than ever. After one week I stopped taking Prozac.

Then they put me on Abilify, which seemed to help for a while. But then I felt schizo and really strange - I was shivering on the inside even though I was not shivering on the outside. I felt terrible and weird.

Out of despair, my parents decided to take me to see Dr. Z. That was in the middle of November. Now it is the end of December. For the last 2 weeks I have not been depressed at all. My comprehension in class is so much better. I don't feel any anxiety, actually I feel regular and strong.

Here is what I learned from Dr. Z - I know how to better take care of myself, to eat better, to watch out for myself. The most remarkable thing, Dr. Z discovered about two weeks ago that I was very allergic to the Under-Armor which I had been wearing for many hours daily since the beginning of my high school years. It turned out that my under-armor was hundred percent polyester. Dr. Z told me not to wear any clothing made from polyester, including the under-armor. He also insisted that I not sleep on any pillows with polyester fill. Within just a few days I was not depressed any more. It is hard to believe that something like clothing can make you depressed. One evening I went to work out, and out of habit I put my under-armor back on. Within a short time of I noticed I was depressed again. As soon as a I took it off I started feeling better.

The strange thing is that I started wearing this under-armor underwear right around the age of 14 when I started high school. As far as I can remember many of my school problems started right then.

What can I say -- if you have troubles like me go see Dr. Z before you decide to take medications or to see a psychiatrist. I don't want other people to go through what I went through.

Josh A, Auburn California

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Dr. Z's comments - Depression and Polyester?

What you wear can make you depressed, crazy and ill?

How about that letter?

I worked with Josh for about four weeks, every other day, to no avail. I changed his diet, I had him take supplements, I had him do brain exercises.....no results.

After about three weeks I realized that his neurological presentation had actually changed. I run into this problem at times when my clients/patients are on medication(s).

When I examined Josh originally, he was taking Abilify on the recommendation of a local psychiatrist. I have known for a long time that many pharmaceutical medications change brain/nervous system function. The PDR describes all those potential side effects in detail.

I always make it clear to my patients that it is difficult if not impossible to determine in my initial examination if my observations actually describe them, or rather the side effects of the medications they are on.

Josh always reacted negatively (he lost muscle tone) to fluorescent lights - all day long he was sitting in a class room full of of fluorescent lights. Obviously not a good thing.

He also lost muscle tone when reading or trying to focus on letters. Nothing I recommended as a therapeutic intervention seemed to have any lasting effects.

Blue Arrows

red floating triangleI was truly at my wits end - a sudder flash of insight?.

The day came when I was going to tell Josh that there was no point to continue, that there was nothing else I could do for him.

He walked into my office with his shirt's top buttons open. I noticed his white underwear shirt. For some reason, maybe through divine intervention, I asked him to touch his underwear shirt.

He immediately lost muscle tone which means that his brain/nervous system did nor respond favorably. It turned out that it was made of 100% polyester. He was wearing underwear shorts made of the same material.

I found out that this type of underwear is very popular among young people, especially those who are into sports and who work out.

Because I was not familiar with this fact, I had never asked any questions about the type of underwear my patient wear. This of course changed from that day forward.

The rest is truly history.

And, needless to say, polyester is everywhere.

What you wear can make you depressed, crazy and ill!


Dr. Z's own story with polyester

A few years ago my wife Victoria and I came home for a two day Health Fair we had participated in.

It was a cold and wet evening. Our house was cold because we had not been there all weekend.

I put on a "fleece" jacket made of 100% polyester. Polyester fleece is very popular, inexpensive and readily available in most clothing stores.

Within 10 or 15 minutes I had turned into raving maniac. I started yelling at my wife and finding fault with her for no reason.

Fortunately, I was aware of my sudden bizarre mood change. I decided to walk outside in order to "cool off". From long experience I have learned that I typically get these kinds of reactions when I'm allergic to something, especially foods. There was nothing unusual I had put into my mouth.

I asked my wife Victoria to test my muscle tone...I had very little muscle tone!

As soon as I took off the fleece jacket, my muscle tone returned to normal.

At that time I failed to make the connection with the material - POLYESTER.

I thought that my reaction was simply due to my own over-sensitivity.

When I discovered the same issue with Josh, I started looking into this matter more deeply

I have not found one person, since, who does not react negatively to polyester.

What you wear can make you depressed, crazy and ill!

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Dr. Z

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