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"The doctor of the future will give No Medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the Human Frame, in Diet, and in the
Cause and Prevention of Disease.
Thomas A. Edison

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BEWOT - Brain Exercise With Oxygen Training?

YES... You Can Keep Your Brain Young

YES... You Can Keep Your Brain Vibrant

YES... You Can Keep Your Brain Healthy


Brain Exercise with Oxygen Training










  1. BEWOT – Why and How Exercise Your Brain With Oxygen?
  2. BEWOT... Anti-Aging - at its best - Fountain of Youth for your Brain
  3. Does BEWOT seem too simple?
  4. Well, BEWOT works.
  5. Your Personal Portable Oxygen Bar Concentrator

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BEWOT - Brain Exercise With Oxygen Training

WHY and HOW Exercise Your Brain with Oxygen?

Why Brain? - the answer is simple:

brain cortex controls all things

Your Brain controls ALL aspects of your human experience

- there is no exception.


brain/brainstem controls all autonomic functions

Your Brain/Brainstem controls ALL autonomic/automatic functions.

- We typically don't think about those much

- unless something goes wrong


Without a brain you have no human experience.

With a bad brain you have a bad human experience.

With a good brain you have a good human experience.


How Exercise Your Brain?

Brain Exercise with Dumbbell

HOW do you exercise your brain?

By solving crossword puzzles? Yes, that helps.

But.....there is a much more effective way



Here is your Brain Exercise Secret:

To be healthy your brain needs input/activation.

What is this input/activation?

All sensory input provides activation to the brain, such as sound, sight, taste, touch, smell, etc.

**** 80% or more of this activation comes from physical movements under gravity.

Every time you move your brain lights up.

If you don't move, or move very little, your brain slows down and becomes weaker.

The very best way to exercise your brain is through

physical movement
physical work



Why brain exercise with oxygen?

Oxygen Image
  • Your brain weighs roughly 2% of your body weight.

  • Your brain consumes approx. 20% to 30% of the oxygen you breathe.

I, Dr. Z, am 67 young. There is huge difference between a 20-year-old and a 67 year old. According to many years of clinical research from Germany, the main difference is that the 20-year-old's brain/body is better able to utilize oxygen.

This research from Germany was primarily conducted by Professor Manfred von Ardenne and published in his book Oxygen Multistep Therapy.

Here are some quotes from von Ardenne's book:

Dr. von Ardenne states that:..." the oxygen supply to the tissues, drop to 50% or less of the levels of youth….."

Dr. von Ardenne shows that many, if not most, age related health problems can be linked to oxygen deficiency. He shows that it is possible to bring your oxygen capacity back to what it was when you were younger.

By increasing your body's oxygenation you can undo years of damage done by stress and free radicals and lack of oxygen.

This process may actually slow your aging process. In some cases there is evidence that the biological clock can be turned back by several years.

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BEWOT ... Anti-Aging - at its best

Brain Exercise with Oxygen Training

Fountain of Youth for Your Brain

This process is called BEWOT, which stands for "Brain Exercise With Oxygen Training" What is it?

BEWOT - the best Anti-Aging training you can do - in the comfort of your own home.

It is simple and affordable.

Do this for at least 20-30 minutes, daily, for the rest of your life.

Do it more frequently, if you can.

You exercise while breathing Oxygen Enriched Air form your Personal Portable Oxygen Bar

You can use a

a stationary bicycle
a UBE (Upper Body Ergometer/bicycle)

light weights to do easy bicep curls
easy crunches
cross crawl exercises
and more.

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Does BEWOT seem too simple?

Do not let its simplicity fool you. By breathing Oxygen Enriched Air from your Personal Portable Oxygen Bar Concentrator while exercising several things happen:

The oxygen content of your blood increases

Your heart rate increases

More blood with higher oxygen content gets pumped throughout your body, to your brain

More oxygen gets delivered faster to your brain, your heart and all parts of your body.

By pumping that oxygen-rich blood to your cells, BEWOT creates wonderful changes in your body.

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Well, BEWOT works.

I, Dr. Z, will be 70 years young this June.

I start my day with BEWOT, without fail, for at least 30 minutes. The results are astounding. Try it – you will like it.

Remember this basic principle - All cells in your body must have sufficient oxygen in order to function optimally. Your brain and your heart depend on this more than any other part of your body.

BEWOT helps create the basis for this optimal function - Optimum Oxygenation by exercising while breathing Oxygen Enriched Air (OEA) delivered from your Personal Portable Oxygen Bar Concentrator.

Consequently, BEWOT is useful as supportive home training for many so called "old age" ailments, including

vision problems

cognitive decline


balance problems


chronic pain


high blood pressure


joint problems


mood issues

immune function problems

you name it.

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Your Personal Portable Oxygen Bar Concentrator

Personal Portable Oxygen Bar Concentrator

Personal Portable
Oxygen Bar Concentrator

Your Personal Portable Oxygen Bar Concentrator provides the HIGHEST OXYGEN OUTPUT of any non-medical personal concentrator on the market!

This new technology produces 40% oxygen enriched air at 3 LPM, which means this unit offers 100% more oxygen than the oxygen level in the air you normally breathe!

Personal Portable Oxygen Bar Headset

Air Delivery headset

Here is what some of Dr. Z's patients and friends report:

    Feeling better overall
    Deeper and more restful sleep
    Better posture
    Clearer thinking
    More stable moods
    Better concentration
    Improved blood pressure and heart rate
    More stamina

Dr. Z uses his Personal Portable Oxygen Bar Concentrator

daily while working out

multiple times throughout his busy day for a quick recharge

Recharge at the Gym

Relax at Home

Rejuvenate at Work

The best part about the Personal Portable Oxygen Bar Concentrator:

No prescription required
No tubes up your nose
No green bottle on wheels that needs to be refilled.

A client letter:

My name is Irene, I am 70 years old. I have suffered from insomnia for more than 10 years. I was always tired. I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and had heart surgery.

I have had terrible bronchitis, coughing and shortness of breath for the last 2 years that would not let up. Often I would cough up phlegm.

I also have had constant body pain, fibromyalgia for maybe 25 years. I hurt all over, sometimes more, sometimes less.

Often I had diarrhea. And then I would have periods of constipation.
I was always tired and fatigued, had bad mood swings and bouts of depression.

I found myself binge eating with terrible food cravings, especially for carbohydrates foods.

I had gone to see 3 different chiropractors in my area, 1 medical doctor, 1 homeopath and 1 naturopathic doctor. Nobody seemed to be able to get to the root of my problems.

Dr. Z had helped me many years ago. In my despair I made an appointment to see him even though it takes us several hours by car to get to his office.

2 weeks ago, Dr. Z examined me. He discovered that I had very little muscle strength and a rather low oxygen saturation. He changed my diet from a high carbohydrate diet to a high protein diet. He also recommended specific anti candida supplements and digestive support and Co Q 10.

Dr. Z further recommended that I purchase the Personal Portable Oxygen Bar indicating that it could prove useful with my breathing problems and my low oxygen levels. I have been using his machine 3 times a day without fail.

16 days later I went to see Dr. Z for a follow-up examination. What a difference - my breathing has improved by perhaps 90%, most of my fibromyalgia/body pain is gone, I can sleep much better at night and I feel much stronger. My food cravings are pretty much gone.

I don't dwell anymore on being sick. Often I actually feel inclined to want to do something rather than sit around all day and feel miserable. I am so happy. I feel like living again.

Irene P,
Central California

I am so happy that my wife is feeling better: She has no shortness of breath, she is sleeping better, her coughing has stopped and she has so much more energy. She is much happier which makes me happy.

David, Irene's husband


**** More Dr. Z's Personal Portable Oxygen Bar Testimonials

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Dr. Z's Personal Portable Oxygen Bar testimonials


I wish you well.

Thank you again for your interest and support.

Dr. Z

Peter Zeischegg, MS, DC*, DACNB
Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist

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